All I want for Christmas…

With Christmas a month away I decided to do a “wish” list. The top five things I want for Christmas, in no particular order.

A digital SLR camera

D3S_0680-1200Apple iPad

Bread maker

Nintendo 3DS


Bluetooth speakers

beatspillNot sure if you can get the beats pill character here but I love him too!

I had to think long and hard for the 5th one. I was gonna say a baby but figured I’d be pushing my luck, still went with something cute. Who knew I would have such a hard time coming up with five things…

What do you want?

It’s about time

After a lot of looking around I finally picked out our Christmas present and put $100 down on it and put it on lay away. My parents asked me a while ago what we wanted for Christmas and I really couldn’t come up with anything. So Mom asked what we needed and what we really really need is a new mattress and boxspring.

Ours are old hand me down’s from Cory’s parents that if I remember correctly are as old as us. It’s just not healthy and Cory can’t even sleep in the bed anymore. He starts out some nights in bed but after 2-3 hours of snoring, moving around and trying to get comfortable he heads to the couch. We have not slept a whole night in the bed together in months.

The side I sleep on has a huge hole in it where the coils have just given away and the side he is on has a huge uncomfortable lump that is right where his back is. It is so uncomfortable to sleep on. So it has been a long time overdue. Mom and Dad are giving us $300 towards the set. I was initially going to just get a mattress because it’s so expensive to get a set but Nothin Fancy Furniture have queen size pillow top mattresses on for $299 and this weekend they are having a no tax event.

I called Kent and Home Depot to find out how much it would cost to have some boards cut to go across the frame and a piece of plywood and believe it or not it was like $120. A new boxspring is $150 so I figured I might as well go that route. So Mom and Dad esentially are buying us the mattress and I am buying the boxspring.

I am so happy! I can’t wait to get it home… now to figure that part out and how to get the old one out of here…

Dropping the ball

Somehow I really dropped the ball yesterday. I am not sure why but I thought I had posted. However I didn’t. Who am I kidding anyways? I can’t blog everyday, I never have been able to for very long.

Yesterday I think it was because I went to the dentist and wasn’t feeling the greatest when I got home. Only one more appointment for all my dental work to be done. Yesterday he filled my tooth that I had the root canal on, the molar that broke. He sort of rebuilt it, it’s in the back and I don’t really care what it looks like as long as it functions.

I am a bit sore today. I also had 3 more fillings on that side done. Took a while for the freezing to wear off again. My appointment was at 1 pm I was out by 2:15-2:30 pm but my whole right side of my face was still frozen when I went to bed.

This morning it was out but sore. That combined with another cold and the loss of my voice again I ended up just doing emails at work today. I missed Monday and Tuesday because I could not talk or breath again. My asthma is back and so is my cough. If you add in yesterday it was a really short week for me and I spent most of it and last weekend in bed.

It was during one of those days in bed that I decided to try doing a blog post every day, not that that lasted all the long. Cory is gone away for the weekend and wont be back till Sunday so I have a weekend to myself. Just me and the cat. Who I am about to kill if he attacks me one more time…

A skill I don’t have

What’s one skill you’ve wanted but don’t have?

When I was in school I always loved art class with the exception of freehand drawing. I could draw pretty well if I was looking at something and drawing it. Like an image or a bowl of fruit, or your typical high school or college art school subjects. However if the teacher would tell us to use our imagination and draw something free hand without looking at it I had a really hard time with that.

I don’t think it had anything to do with not having much of an imagination. I have always preferred reading a book to watching a movie for that reason, because I was free to imagine things how I wanted to imagine them. I have always had a pretty vivid imagination. I can come up with stories pretty easily and I am able to imagine things fairly easily. However when it came to putting something down on paper I always got stuck. I could write the words with no issue. But to draw something to go along with it. I just can not seem to do that.

If I was told to draw something specific like a butterfly. I could easily imagine it in my mind, right down to the colors, the size and all the little details but getting that onto paper I was never very good at that. Not because I can’t draw. I can but it has to be something right there in front of me. If I was sitting staring at a lion. I could draw it perfectly.

If I was told to imagine a lion and draw it.  Again, I can imagine it. I just can not translate that into something recognizable on paper. Since I could copy cat pretty well it was always something that annoyed me, something that eluded me and something that I really wished I could do as easily as some of the other kids in art class. I always admired people who could free hand draw anything that popped into their minds without agonizing over it.

NaBloPoMo November 2014 – Day #19

Benefiting from the kindness of strangers

Tell us about one time that you benefited from the kindness of strangers.

A few years ago my ex-boyfriend and I used to work for a delivery company as a second job to make some money. Delivering pizza’s KFC, Chinese food, etc. We started a few months before Christmas as we both needed a little spending money for Christmas and both had cars. We convinced our families it would be okay as we would always be doing it together. We each had cell phones and in between calls would hang out together in a parking lots or near one of the KFC’s we delivered for.

We had a lot of fun at first and the tips were great. His car broke down at one point and he came with me and we just split everything. We realized we could really do it either way though the people we worked for preferred us each in our own car so that they could have us both working at the same time. I was actually pretty good at it and became pretty quick.

I was delivering one day from a Chinese restaurant not to far from where I would move in a few months (though I did not know that then) and it was snowing heavily. I had a few great runs and had made about $100 in tips that night so I wanted to keep going. My ex did not and headed to a party. I was going to call him in an hour or 2 and join him.

A little while later it was still snowing heavily and the snow had accumulated quite a bit on the roads. I had decided I was about to call it a night and my boss called me and asked me to do one more delivery close by. I said yes because I had been to the house before and they were big tippers. I was on my way when my car slid in the snow and I hit a curb hard. I got out and checked out the car and realized I had a flat. So I called my boss to see if they could have someone come do the delivery. They sent someone out and in the meantime I called a tow truck.

The person who had gotten the delivery from me swung back around to see if I needed any help and I said that a tow was on the way (they had just called me to let me know they would be there in about 5-10 minutes), so they left. In the meantime it was getting really cold and was snowing even more. I called my (ex)boyfriend but he had his phone off (apparently he had gone to a party and his phone died). The people I was supposed to have delivered the Chinese food to got a bit worried that I might still be out there as the replacement driver told them what happened and him and his wife decided to get in their jeep and see if I was still out there. I was.

They showed up and he actually changed the tire for me as I had a spare in the car while his wife took me to get a coffee at Tim Hortons and he called us when he was done. I was a little hesitant to leave the car with him but he had gotten everything out of the car he would need before she took me to Tim’s and he handed me my keys. So I had them on me the whole time.

These were people I had only delivered to twice myself and my boyfriend had once or twice. At the time we did not even know each others names. But they had been ordering from the Chinese food place for years and knew that they now had a young women delivering for them through a 3rd party delivery company and when they heard that I had hit a curb and was out in the snow waiting for a tow they decided they did not want to just take a chance on the tow actually showing up (which they did not) and decided to come check it out for themselves and make sure I was safe.

I am so glad they did cause my parents lived more then 2 hours away, my ex-boyfriends phone was dead and my boss couldn’t have cared less and I sent the only person away that checked on me before them because the tow truck called to say they were nearby and on their way. When I called they tow truck back they said they got a more urgent call and tried to call me, though there was no calls on my phone.

Instead 2 strangers that did not know me from a hole in the ground felt unsettled that I was out there waiting for someone who may or may not show up and decided to take things into their own hands and ensure that I got home safe.

NaBloPoMo November 2014 – Day #18