She’s free!

I don’t know why I keep referring to my car as a she. Maybe cause it is her pretty blue color? Maybe it’s her nasty temperament or maybe it’s cause I am surrounded by guys both at work and at home. But yes, she is free. It was not an easy task and I am sure everyone who helped us paid the price today. We had about 10 people out there at one point helping us.

We started on Friday morning and it took us till Sunday late afternoon to finally free her. First on Friday after Cory’s uncle came over and replaced the battery he also brought an ice pick. We attempted to break up as much ice as we could and got the front tires loose. He said not to worry about the back as they were not that bad and would pop loose. I didn’t agree but kept my mouth shut.

I got in the car and Cory and his uncle got behind it and turned it on and put it in drive while they pushed. It would not budge at all. At first the front tires were not even spinning. After a few tries one of the front tires started spinning but the car was not budging at all still.

After that Cory’s uncle tried some orange snow traction boards that he brought with him, he tried to wedge them under the tires and was pushing as I was trying to drive. Again I was a little leery of this, had the car broke loose and drove forward I was not sure I could stop before running him over but he kept saying it was okay. So I decided to just go with the flow. Nothing happened.

Next he got the jack out of the trunk of my car and jacked up the drivers side front and put some sand under the tire, then he did the same to the passengers side. I tried again and car still would not budge. By then she was digging in a bit in the front as both front tires were spinning but the back tires still looked frozen into the ground to me. I mentioned it and again told to not worry about it lol. Next they tried pushing and she was still stubbornly staying right where she was. I think I mentioned the back tires a few more times and kept being told it was fine. So again I shut my mouth. Eventually I gave up and then we all gave up.

It was Cory’s birthday so we were all going going to his sisters for pizza and ice cream. While there we were given a bag of salt. Saturday Cory and I tried a few more times ourselves in the morning. With him pushing and me trying to steer her out, I had borrowed my landlords ice pick and decided to try freeing up the back tires a bit more. All we were doing is digging her down deeper and we got some rain the night before that froze. So we were back to being frozen in. Saturday afternoon I salted the hell out of all four tires and in front of the car and underneath as much as I could. We tried in the evening again and could not get it out.

Sunday morning I slept in while Cory went out with his parents, when he came home he mentioned it looked like the salt had done something. I went to look and it basically seemed like it turned the ice to snow and the car was sinking. I leaned on it and it sunk some! So I went up to get the ice pick from the landlord again and while there he told me to use buckets of hot water.

So I got a bucket, filled it with water and started pouring around the tires, under the car, around the car and in front and behind the car. After about 10 heavy buckets later, what resulted was a mess of snow, pools of water and ice that stubbornly refused to melt. At this point the car had sunk so low that there was barely enough room to slide your hand flat, palm down between the car and that ice under it, only under the four wheels had melted, the car was basically sitting on top of the ice. It was a mess.

So while we were out there contemplating what to do and cursing ourselves and everyone else who had come up with a brilliantly stupid idea that we had tried and quite obviously failed at and trying to decide if we should just give up and wait till spring our neighbor and landlord both came out to help. Our neighbor had the idea of jacking each wheel up one at a time and putting a board underneath it so that the car tires was resting on 4 boards. We reluctantly agreed and Cory and our neighbor went to get the boards.

While they were doing this the landlord from the building next door came out with his wife and asked if they could help and another neighbor came out to help. We jacked up the car, one tire at a time, starting just with the front two and put boards under covering the hole the tires had sunk into and placing the car tires on the boards. I then turned the car on and slowly proceeded to try and drive out. One board shot backwards hitting the rear tire and the other broke in half and spit out the side and the car dropped about 7 inches (2 inches was the board and the hole which was about 5). Let me tell you that was a sickening feeling that drop. I almost threw up!

So his next idea was to jack the car up again and put salt in the holes. He did this and I handed him the keys this time. I was tired of trying and getting seriously frustrated, if it was up to me the car would have stayed there till the whole parking lot thawed in the spring! I was done. So he took the keys, turned the car on and hit the gas and thump, the car fell again and salt came flying out the back and sides. At this point I was just pissed. Not at him but at the situation and the car and the fact that it had dug down even more.

While he was in the car though he noticed something I did not. The traction control kicked in. I had no idea it would make a difference, last car I had did not have it. He said he thought it may be part of the issue and asked how to shut it off. I couldn’t tell him. I grabbed the user manual and sent Cory in to get my iPhone so I could Google it.

I found it in the user manual just as Cory was coming back out with my iPhone. You have to go through the Sync menu. So we shut it off. I climbed in the drivers seat and Cory and him got behind the car. This time I noticed a huge difference. I could turn the tires! I though it was the snow and ice stopping them, it was not, it was the traction control kicking in. They pushed and rocked the car and boom, she popped free and flew across the parking lot, I turned the wheel hard right to avoid a parked car and slid nicely into a parking spot that had just been plowed and Cory and the guy went face first into the snow, salt, sand, water and ice that was under the car! But she was free and that was all any of us cared once they both got up and dusted off and realized they were okay.

So we took the car on a victory Tim’s drive and let her run a bit and warm up and get everything moving. Today she is buried under 15cm of snow again, or was till an hour ago when Cory cleaned her off and moved her a few spots down to a spot that was clear.

She’s not goin’ no where…

Managed to get a battery and get it in the car today. Half the battle done. Cory’s uncle showed us how to put it in. Car starts but she still will not move. There was about 5 inches thick of ice encasing the tires. We managed to chip a lot of it away, jacked up the cars front tires one at a time and get sand under her but she WILL NOT MOVE! It doesn’t even looks so bad in the picture above but it still will not move…

We tried for the whole afternoon and that car was solidly in there. We chipped and chopped and dug and nothing. Even the sand is not giving it enough traction. Tried pushing and it’s just not going anywhere. Cursed all season tires. Next time I am listening to myself and no one else. Winter in Nova Scotia means snow and ice now apparently, and snow and ice require snow tires. End of story.

We drove all over the city trying to get salt or more sand and every store just laughed at us. Shook their heads and said “We have it on order, but no guarantees, it’s Nova Scotia ya know.” Next person that says that to me is gonna get punched. I mean it. I’m so fucking over this hell hole of a city.

We did manage to get our hands on a bag of salt, but I am not at liberty to say how. Lets just say we stumbled on a stash that would make us rich and we were told we could have a bag but can’t say how we got it. So maybe tomorrow we might be able to get her out. But I have no hopes, no expectations. I just want to bury my head under the blankets and hibernate. I said it once and I will say it again. The groundhogs have the right idea.

I have had enough of winter!

I really have. I am sick and tired of snow. I usually love the winter but this year there has been to much snow, too much rain, too much ice to do anything. We have been stuck without a car for 3 weeks, even longer if you count the days we couldn’t get it out of the driveway or up the street. I have just had it. My drive way is a skating rink! There is 5 + inches of ice covering every little bit. There is not a store in Halifax with salt, sand or anything. Haligonians are getting inventive and you know what that means? Accidents and mishaps. The are calling it the mini ice age and it is starting to feel like it!

I don’t want spring. I want summer and I want it now. Do you hear me mother nature? Now! Please, please please, now! I am tired of falling, freezing, getting soaked, almost getting hit by cars or slipping under moving ones because you have to walk on the roads cause the side walks are too dangerous. I mean walking on side walks that give the local ice skating rink a run for their money. I shouldn’t have to feel like I need a helmet, ice skates and knee and elbow pads to just leave the apartment. Not to mention it being -33 C one day and +3 C the next! It’s frigging crazy. I feel like burrowing into my blankets and refusing to come out until the winter is gone. I am so so close! I think groundhogs have the right idea.

Snow, snow and more snow.

This picture was taken today at the Windsor Street exchange which is a major exchange in Halifax that has about 7 streets going into it. Thought it was kinda funny. We’ve had so much snow we have 15 to 20 foot snow banks in parking lots and 5 to 6 feet snow banks along the sides of the roads, walking down a sidewalk feels weird cause you can’t see anything.

Storm drains all over the city are buried. Might as well completely forget about fire hydrants, they can not be found. City’s pleading with people to help them dig them out but wont tell us where they are as they say it is a safety issue, to me not knowing where they are is a bigger safety risk. In the last 2 weeks we have had 42 cm (28 fell on the same day) and 13.4 mm of rain.

The problem is since Feb 1st we’ve had 97.1 cms of snow in total. Most of which is still on the ground, all the rain has done is freeze into layers of ice on top of it. There is no where for any of the rain to go as the storm drains are all covered so certain roads have become lakes and ponds. Of course people are dumb and think they can drive through it and are getting stuck. Not fun.

How many days till spring??

What was he thinking?

As more information becomes available about the guy that worked with us that planned the failed massacre plot at the mall on Valentines Day, the more disconcerting and confusing it’s becoming. Co-workers are starting to speak out to the media and more information is being dug up on social media showing his intent to open fire on his co-workers at my work. If you have no idea what I am talking about reading this post explains more.

A co-worker of mine alleges that he talked to her about shooting up the workplace. There is an article in the paper about it from yesterday and another co-worker of mine sent me a link to it on Facebook. But I have questions, questions I hope will be answered soon in one way, and in another way I wonder if maybe we are better off not knowing.

If he opened up to her or mentioned to her about opening fire at our work, why did it take her a week to go to the media with it? I wonder if she was the one who tipped off the police… If not did she just think it was a joke? Another question I would have is when was this supposed to have happened? The plan for the mall was for Saturday the 14th of February and he was arrested on early Friday morning the 13th at 2am picking up the girl that was accused along with him.

Apparently he quit work on Thursday the 12th. So when would have have done it? Why did he quit on Thursday? What would have been the point in quitting? Especially if you planned on opening fire on your work place the next day or day after. Were we really less then 7 hours away from him actually doing it on Friday? They arrested him at 2am, most people are at work by 9am… was it really that close? Would we really have been in that position in a few more hours? My boyfriends mom works with me, my ex-boyfriend works with me, both of them on the same floor of the building as he was on. I am one floor below. We go back and forth all the time. He would have had access to both floors. Was the mall the original target or were we actually the original target?

I mean if he planned on opening fire at work on Friday, what would make him think he would make it to Saturday for them to open fire in the mall on Saturday together? What the hell was going through their minds? I know as the trial begins that some things that we probably don’t want to hear or know about may come out. Maybe the woman alleging this is only saying it for the attention. Then again, she did not give her name, no one knows exactly who she is. Why would she lie about it?

Either way, none of us can stop thinking about it. Even though we don’t really talk about it outright, I am sure we are all have questions.

Just a short update

It’s hump day and it really feels like hump day. I can’t wait for this week to be over. I have waited on average 1 1/2 hours each evening after work for a cab that tonight never showed up (after 1 hour and 45 minutes). A co-worker offered to drive me home and before I had a chance to call the cab company the driver called me and I answered not thinking and he gave me an earful… so I yelled right back. Won’t be calling that cab company anytime soon.

I’m in awe of human beings. Since I started supporting software I have been called every name in the book. I get people who don’t know how to turn on a computer and navigate Windows or the Mac OS and they expect you to solve everything for them… including errors that have nothing to do with any of our software and clearly say so. Spent 45 minutes today trying to explain to a woman who could not even find the power button on her Mac that I can not explain to her how to install software if she did not know  how to turn on her computer or what a file or web browser was. This is going to be a bit of an adjustment period I think.

Oh yeah, and it looks like I wont be going to New Brunswick for my Great-Grandmothers birthday after all. Pretty bummed about that. But hoping Mom and I can go in the spring. Would like to take Cory there and spend some time in the cabin on the lake that my Aunt and Uncle own. They said pretty much anytime.

What is the definition of terrorism anyways?

I think people take for granted that they are safe from huge terrorist plots or large massacres when you live in a small city or a town that things like that just don’t happen to. But the truth it is it can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. No one is immune. No city or town is safe. Not in the world we live in today. This has been proven time and time again.

Sometimes things like that seem so far removed from where you are. You hear about it, you empathize and sympathize for the people involved but you know that it is unlikely it will ever happen where you are, your safe, your loved ones are safe. You can’t help but put it to the back of your mind and move on. But is that a mistake?

Well, my city Halifax, almost became one of those places today that we hear about in the news all the time. Having it happen in your country as it did this past year with the attacks on a military members such as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo in Ottawa on October 22nd, 2014 and the ramming attack two days before that on October 20th, 2014 where Warrant officer Patrice Vincent and another member of the Canadian Military were rammed by a car and Patrice was killed, is hard enough to comprehend and completely senseless. But how can you ever justify opening fire on a bunch of civilians in a shopping center on Valentines Day (or any day)?

That was what was supposed to have happened today in Halifax at the Halifax Shopping Center. As police have asked, I am not naming the individuals as they do not deserve the attention. However that was their plan for today. For 4 people, 3 were locals and one woman from Illinois to open fire in the Halifax Shopping Center and kill as many people as possible before turning the guns on themselves. Just thinking about it I am in tears. I have friends and people that I know that work there. I have friends and family members and other people I know who go there every weekend. I had plans on going there myself today…

Words just can’t describe the feelings I have, but I am going to try. These individuals are heartless and deserve a hell of a lot more then what they are going to get, that’s for sure. Likely a slap on the wrist and a 6 month prison term. One killed himself last night and another, a 17 year old boy was picked up in connection but there was not enough to charge him on. So 2 are being charged and I hope they get a hell of a lot more then that. I hope they rot their lives away in Jail. I am endlessly thankful for the RCMP, the Halifax Regional Police, the Geneva Illinios Police Department and the anonymous person or persons who tipped off the police to the plot, you guys are truly Heros for taking it seriously and for working tirelessly since Thursday to try and stop it from happening and capturing the people who would have been responsible.

The one thing I am confused about. How can you consider this as not a terrorist attack plot? A plot for a mass shooting in a public place? To me that is terrorism, you are trying to instill terror in the public. They said instead it was “a group of individuals that had some beliefs and were willing to carry out violent acts against citizens”…. by definition is that not terrorism?

PS – So I found out a few hours ago that I work with one of the suspects. Talked to him often. I’m so shocked right now.

Cars & Domains

The beginning of this week kinda sucked…Been dealing with the stupid car all week. Needs a new battery apparently. I’ve also been dealing with Network Solutions trying to transfer my domain name out from them, but apparently they do not want to let it go! It’s getting annoying.

My Mom and Dad came up yesterday for a doctors appointment. Unfortunately, I was working and was not able to see them as they wanted to get home in case it started to snow and could not wait for me to get off of work. Dad was able to test my battery and alternator and he said the power coming out of the alternator is fine, but not the battery. So that confirms the battery needs to be replaced.

In one way I am glad to hear it is only the battery, however if it was the alternator or something else like that then it would likely be covered under warranty and then it would not be my problem and I would not be stuck with paying for any of it myself. Oh well, a battery is not really that expensive anyways. I just really don’t have the money.

I’m sure that people at my work are really tired of listening to me complain about it. As I am sure people on my Facebook are. I am tired of complaining about the damn car myself. So far since Dad boosted it I have been starting it and running it as much as I can. But still have not really been able to drive it much. I was able to get it started last night and drive Cory’s sister Kristy home but that’s the only time that I have driven in 2 weeks.

As for Network solutions I have been trying for over a week to get an authorization code from them for transferring my domain out and I can not seem to get a working one from them. At first I called and they said it would be emailed, the next day it was not there, called again and they said they had no record of it. Asked for it again, next days still wasn’t there, called again and again no record, asked them again and this time I got it, gave it to OfBlue, they tried it and said it was invalid, called Network Solutions back and they sent the same code again, told them it was the same, he put me on hold to check with his supervisor who said it is always the same, but was regenerated and should be okay and get them to try again. Sent the code and a copy of the email with the code to OfBlue and am waiting to hear back from them.

I’m so glad the weekend is here. Now I need to prepare my taxes so I can get a new battery for the car and some winter tires so that I can get it back on the road…

Inspirational women

Over the years I have had many inspirational women in my life. I have been very lucky in this regard. My mom, my aunts, my Grandmothers (Nan and Grammy A.), my great Aunts and my great Grandmother (Grammy), among many other various family members and family friends. So I definitely haven’t lacked female role models… So I’d like to introduce my Great Grandmother (Grammy).


This picture was taken in April 2010, which would have been two months after her 101st birthday! And guess what? She will be celebrating her 106th birthday on February 27th! Which also happens to be Cory’s 35th birthday as well. And I will be going, as long as the weather cooperates. I did the math which means she was born in 1909. Can you imagine the changes in the world she has seen and the things, both good and bad she has seen? The other people in the picture are my Mom and Me. I feel bad about missing Cory’s birthday but I missed Grammy’s 105th birthday last year and I am sure he understands

I’m in awe of her honestly. Up until about 2-3 years ago she was still getting around completely unaided, she still lives alone in the house her and my great Grandfather lived in for over 50 years before he passed away (though her Grandson lives next door) and was going up and down her basement stairs on her own doing her laundry. She now has a walker which she, half the time, refuses to use and has someone cook, clean and do laundry. She still “fights” them to do the dishes and fold her laundry.

As far as her life, I don’t know much about her really when she was younger. I know she and my great Grampy had two children, my Grandfather (Mom’s Dad) who I never met, he died before I was born, when mom was 4 and my great Aunt who is awesome and has been an inspiration and influential in my life as well. As for Grammy, I love listening to her tell stories which she surprises us with from time to time or what my great Aunt tells us about her. It’s a real treat when she tells us things about her life and we treasure every minute of it.