Week 7

So I am on week 7 or so of overtime. Mostly 11 hour shifts 5 days a week. I really thought I’d be exhausted by now but I have more energy in one way then ever.

I walked all week this week on top of it while my car was down at my parents getting fixed and tires put on it. Which only cost me $121! $110 for the tires and $11 for the oil leak! And I was so scared. I sent $500 to mom and she sent $370 back yesterday. My pay today was over $980 so $500 went on my bankruptcy. Which leaves me $350 left to pay then my trustee can file for discharge next month! I am almost officially out of debt. And I’m ecstatic about it!

I started putting $10 a pay into Canada savings bonds through employee payroll deduction but after next pay when my bankruptcy is paid off I am going to change that to $25 a pay then later $50. Time to start saving!

Cory and I seem to be “trying” again. We gave up for a bit we were getting frustrated. 8 months and nothing. At least I didn’t get pregnant and miscarry. That was more my concern. Another 6 months and we are gonna ask my doctor to refer us to a specialist.