Finally, it’s about time

I believe I mentioned purchasing a car a few months ago on my blog. Well the day we picked it up from the dealership, June 21st, one of the key fob parts of the integrated key fobs (totally off topic, every time I write out or hear the word fob, it makes me laugh, I don’t know why…) did not work at all. Within a few days the second one stopped working.

Since then I have been in contact with the dealership every few days at first then pretty much weekly from then on, trying to get them to fix the issue. Which is that I need two new key fobs. At $150.00 for each fob, which is essentially in this case the top part of the key and has the lock, unlock button and trunk release buttons and another $100.00 to program them I could not justify paying that myself within a few days of buying the car, especially since one of the key fobs did not work the day I picked the car up and they promised me they would deal with it.

It has been quite a battle since then. Including getting the Better Business Bureau involved and contacting a lawyer’s office for advice. Yesterday they finally called me back within an hour of the BBB contacting them with my complaint, with a “solution”. This was to install an after market remote lock system in my car and providing me with 2 additional key fobs to remotely lock and unlock the car. Now they mentioned this to me once before in all the calling back and forth and I told them no then, on advise from the Ford dealership near by who said it would likely void the extended warranty I purchased on my car when purchasing th

After mulling this over for a few minutes (very few at that) I said no, I was not happy with that and I wanted it fixed properly. I explained why. One, this would mean that I would have 2 fobs on each key chain as the original one is literally part of the key, as you can see below, if you turn it over the buttons are on the other side.



Two, being that I just purchased the car, and picked it up and that it was a certified used car from a dealership and not just some Joe Blow off the streets, this stuff should have been inspected and ensured that it was working. The ad for the vehicle said it had remote keyless entry with two integrated key/key fobs. Once would only assume that meant they worked!

The fact that the one key did not work at all, 100% dead, would not so much as even elicit a squeak out of the car (the horn sounds when unlocked and locked in 2 short beeps) or lights to flash (the tail lights and head lights flash twice as well), then that means that either they knew about the issue and planned on not telling me, or that the technician who checked out the car in the inspection either did not bother the check the keys, checked one but not the other, tested only once (as the second key was intermittent) or knew but did not tell the sales team.

Which is not my fault! The lawyer said it was a breach of the contract they signed saying everything was checked out, either out of neglect to properly check things out or that they knew but did not plan on telling me.

And three, why would I allow them to install something in my car that was not being done at an authorized dealer, by an authorized technician and that would likely void the warranty that added an extra $1500 to my car loan! Simply because they were too cheap to fix it properly through an authorized dealership (which they themselves were but did not have the equipment to re-program the car) and wanted to cut corners.

I confirmed with the insurance company that it would void the warranty and that put a HELL NO to the whole thing. I put my foot down, called them back this morning, threatening to take it to the media and also to officially involve the lawyer who has so kindly given me free advice but advised they would be glad to take the case on should I want to pursue it, if they did not fix it properly. He called me back an hour later with the okay to take the car to Ford and have them fix it and foot the bill to Mazda (who I bought the car through).

I called the Ford dealership and spoke to the woman in the service department there who confirmed that the fobs were on order and she would call me as soon as they came in.

So take that City Madza for trying to pull a fast one on me! Never ever ever again will I ever buy a car from you.

Fall is sort of peaking its head out.

It’s been a really warm September over all. We had a few cooler days but mostly in the high teens and 20’s (Celsius) which is higher then normal for this time of year. It’s been beautiful though and I am not complaining. In some places the leaves are starting to change now near the end of September but other areas are still so green. It’s like living in two worlds.

Since I spent a good chunk of September sick I did not get out a lot with my camera. However I did a few weekends ago go to Oak Island like I mentioned before. It made me sicker for a day or two after but I am glad I still went. I was able to take some pictures but really nothing has changed much since last time I was there. It was still a nice drive there and nice walk through the island to the money pit.

Oak Island

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Today we went for a bit of a drive through the Musquodoboit Valley. It was so pretty to see the leaves that have started to change. It’s really putting me in the fall mood. Too bad the weather is not yet co-operating.

Musquodoboit Valley

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Need to get my ass in gear!

I finished the week with no major issues and have taken an extra hour a day next week to help catch up on some bills and stuff. I am feeling increasingly better and am really encouraged to keep going. I am still coughing but it’s manageable for the most part now. I am excited to be back to work and looking forward again to the cooler days of fall.

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of time to really think about where I am in my career. Which really is just a job not a career, but at least it’s one I really enjoy. It can become tedious though as I am sure even a career can be. I have been thinking though that with my knowledge of technology in classrooms (such as SMART Boards, projectors, etc) and with my love of kids, of education and of children with special needs, that I am really not 100% where I want to be.

I am determined now that I am going to go back to school if I can get a student loan and take Early Childhood Education (ECE) and also take American Sign Language and then ASL Interpretation. ECE and ASL Interpretation are both 2 year courses and regular ASL courses (levels 1-8 I believe) are the pre-requisites for the ASL interpretation which I would have to do first, maybe while doing the ECE if I can handle it. My ultimate goal I think would be working as either a teachers aid or an ASL interpreter or possibly be able to do both.

Next week I am going to call student loans or email them if I can find an email and see if I am eligible for a student loan and then I am going to get started applying. I should likely be able to continue working full time (well maybe reduced to 20-30 hours in the summer months) as most of it is correspondence as long as it would not affect me getting a loan.

I really think I can do it and I really think I should do it. I am a little concerned with going back into debt, however if I keep my grades up there are grants and funding programs that I may qualify for which will help me pay it off along with the increased earning potential. Plus I just want to be doing something that I think I would really enjoy. The bonus would be more income coming in for when Cory goes on permanent disability in 2 years.

I feel like in some aspect my life is not quite complete and I need to fill that void by doing what I feel I would be really good at and born to do. If I end up never being able to be a mother at least I will be able to still be able to make a difference in at least one child’s life before I die.

New computer and back to work, again…

First off, I just want to say thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I usually reply to every comment but quite honestly right now I just do not have the energy. But thanks again to Kristina, Holly, Sam, Arlene, Christa, Nancy, Raisa, Sakura and Carolynne for the well wishes gabapentin 400 mg. The good news is, I am finally starting to feel better!

I have been back to work for 2 days now. I had a whooping cough test done last week and it actually came back negative. I was told that does not necessarily mean that I did not have it, however since I had been coughing for many weeks (6 I believe at that time), that the bacteria could be gone from my system and just the cough remaining or I might not have ever had it at all.

I had seen a respirologist last week since the cough was still remaining. She said it sounds more like an asthmatic cough now and she did a lung function test and told me I needed to be back on medication for my asthma. Because of the severity of the cough, the possibility of having had whooping cough, and the length of time I have had the cough she decided to throw everything but the kitchen sink at me.

So I am on two puffers; Symbacort and Ventolin (both because I can only take 8 puffs of Symbacort in a day and she figured it might not be enough so she added Ventolin as a backup), I am also o

n 3 pills; Singulair and Prednisone as well as she put me on Nexium to make sure that there is no acid reflux which could be making the cough worse. I also have to do a sinus rinse with saline solution plus Pulmicort as I have a lot of post nasal drip which she figures may be why I am coughing up mucus a lot.

I ruptured some blood vessels in my throat and/or lungs which resulted in coughing up blood, which was scary as crap. But I am now feeling better and so I went back to work Tuesday. I am going to see if I can apply for backdated employment insurance for the days I missed due to this. Money is tight right now so I am hoping I can do it, with Christmas coming up. I am not too far behind on bills but owe my brother big time now

I did have some good news in all of this. Dell approved my application for financing and it took less time for the application to process and for the computer to ship and be delivered then it did for their so called “48 hour approval” which turned into months… But I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 5000 series Windows 8.1 computer with 1 TB hard drive and a 15.6 ” HD touch screen display, which I absolutely love! I’m paying less then $25 a month so it is affordable. Too bad I am paying almost double it’s worth by financing but sometimes you have no choice. The other computer can now have some much needed RNR.

I have been playing around with the computer and figured I might as well come on and post something. I have been playing a game on the computer called Kinectimals Unleashed which is kinda fun. It’s an xbox game originally I guess. I am hooked on playing it. I will try and catch up on my favorite blogs this weekend. I am going to be pretty early since work is tiring me out. I am just so happy to be doing better though!

Half way through the week…

And so far not much to report. Middle of week 5 and I still can’t stop coughing for the life of me. I am starting to hurt all over (especially my chest and back) and started coughing up a small and I mean small amount of blood today, just trace amounts. I called 811 which is our non-emergency health and information services where you can speak to a registered nurse, who advised me that this is typical when the lining of the lungs and even throat is irritated by whooping cough and/or pneumonia and not to panic as long as it stayed really small amounts.

She told me that if it becomes more, I’m uncomfortable with it or I am coughing up clots then I need to be seen right away. I gotta say it freaked me out a little bit. She warned me too that the pressure from coughing can cause a bleeding nose or vomiting, the vomiting of which I have already done a lot… 5 times from 9-6:30 yesterday and once in the night. I have such a headache and am so tired of this. I guess it’s just one day at a time Look At This.

Work is going pretty good otherwise. We have two coaches who will be going on maternity leave, one in February and the other I am not sure when. It makes me really wish that Cory and I were healthy enough to even think about it right now. But there is so so much other things on our mind. But it just reminds me that I am 34 and not getting any younger. Scares the crap out of me. I don’t want to look back later and wondering where the time went and why we did not have kids.

I am looking forward to going to Oak Island and I refuse to not go. I better be feeling a bit better (though I would go anyways) as I have been waiting for this since my Mom told me they were going a few months ago. I am just going to have to bundle up warm, take my inhaler with me (for the asthma which is worse right now thanks to the whooping cough) and go slow. I am so excited to go! My boyfriends sister is coming with me and we are meeting my family there and some friends of the family who are going too. I need to get some batteries for my camera cause it definitely coming with me!