Today is my good friend Susan’s Birthday and tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday. I met Susan through her best friend Kristy who is one of my best friends as well. Along with my husband Edward and my best friend Erin we have all become pretty close and try to spend an evening together once a month at the very least. Yesterday we all went over to Susan’s along with Kristy’s brother Johnny and a friend of Susan’s named Luke and we played Cards Against Humanity and had birthday cake.

We had a wonderful time! I love Cards Against Humanity. It’s really fun to play when drunk apparently too Most people who know us would think I would be the 3nd last person on earth to play Cards Against Humanity, Erin would be the second last and Susan the last but we always have so much fun when we do. Edward loves it as well. We went over about 6 pm and stayed till about 11:30 pm we left at that time only because my best friend Erin was our ride home.

The last time that I drank was almost 2 years ago at my bachelorette party. I always get really sick when I drink, like violently ill. So I don’t usually drink. I am not sure exactly why but thought it might have something to do with my blood sugar raising to quick and too high. It’s happened for years but since I was diagnosed with diabetes I started to wonder if it had something to do with that since I likely was diabetic a while before I was diagnosed. Last night I decided I wanted to drink a little because I was tired of always being the one who wouldn’t touch alcohol not because I am against it, but because I couldn’t handle it. Since Eddie only has a learners it meant we had to leave our car at Susan’s which was okay because we only live a 15 minute walk from her place.

I ended up having some Sangria that she made which was really really good as well as Kristy made some jello shots with grape and berry blue jello. I had enough to get pleasantly drunk but not enough to get hung over. I decided that since I had Freestyle Libre that I could keep a close eye on my blood sugar to make sure I didn’t end up in the high teens or 20’s or higher. It seemed to work out well and other then a mild stomach ache overnight I didn’t even have a hang over today which made me incredibly happy. That little device is the best thing in the world! It was a very pleasant evening I didn’t take any pictures, didn’t bring my camera and wouldn’t put anything

Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday. Mom is not very keen on celebrating birthdays but it looks like we might be going to my Aunt Ferne’s after supper tomorrow at my parents to have some cake and ice cream. From May to the end of July is just a pile of birthday’s. Denton, my brother’s is June 21st, mine July 6th and Eddie’s July 11th and then our 2 year anniversary is coming up August 27th. I love summer because of all the birthday’s and celebrations and not just the weather

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yesterday was my Dad’s 66th birthday. Apparently my Mom asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he wanted to go to the Casino Nova Scotia. So that’s where we went tonight to the 3Sixty Buffet. I could kick myself for not taking a few photos of our supper. It was amazing! It was a prime rib buffet with Soup, 2 kinds of pizza (pepperoni and vegetarian), for other entrées they had roasted porklion with cranberry salsa, baked chicken with pesto cream sauce, maple & thyme salmon, mussels with garlic butter, chive mashed potatoes, vegetable rice pilaf, pasta, yorkies, medley of vegetables. There was also a salad bar and desert station with soft ice cream as well as assorted pies, buffet cakes, brownies, ice cream toppings, cupcakes, cookies, assorted puddings, bread pudding and all the free pop you could drink. I’ll admit. I am now stuffed and lets just say my blood sugars a bit too high but not too bad lol

I was careful what I ate and only had a glass of regular pop because we waited in line an hour first and it was almost 8 PM before we ate and my blood sugar was a little low. Then I said the hell with it and had ice cream. It was Mom, Dad, my brother Denton, a family friend Mary Ellen who is here at my parents place until mid-July from Ontarion and Edward and myself. We all absolutely loved the food and you will never guess how much the buffet actually costs per person. $9.99 a person if you are a player’s club member! You can’t even get a value meal at McDonald’s for that! We all signed up for a player’s club membership because it’s free and you earn points as well.

After the buffet Denton, Edward and I played a few machines. Mom, Dad and Mary Ellen didn’t really feel like playing them.  Mom had given us each $20 to play, which is usually what we go with when we go ourselves (which we have only done once so far). It doesn’t sound like much but the few times I have gone other people with me who also only spend $20 can usually walk away with double that sometimes. Me, not so much. I am horrible at playing the slot machines and I usually loose the whole $20 within minutes. Which was no different tonight. Lost it all within 10 minutes on the first machine I went to I will admit though I had a wonderful night with my family and my husband celebrating my Dad’s birthday. The only thing like I said I regret is not taking my phone out and getting a few pictures of the food. I want to start doing that when I eat at someplace new.

Plans for Next Weekend

I am hoping next weekend we will be able to walk the Pockwock Falls in the Pockwock Wilderness Area. I still have the photos from Kejimkujik Seaside to edit in Photoshop & Lightroom but I just haven’t had the time to tackle it. I will eventually do a second part to that blog post. Hopefully there are some decent photos hiding among them. After hiking Cape Split the other day we realized we need to stick to easy ones for a little while

I really want to go take some waterfall photos so I figure it would be a good one to start with plus the photos I have seen online of the falls look pretty cool. The hike itself says it is a 3km, 1 hour return hike to the falls and is easy to moderate. So I think it will be a nice relaxing and easy hike.

I really had fun the other day but it was really to much of a hike for us both at the moment. I’ve been researching some hiking trails in mainland Nova Scotia to try and make a list of the hikes I want to do this summer. I will do another post later in the week with a list of them.

I tried doing a blog post a day on here but even writing them on the weekend and scheduling them is too hard to keep up and after the last few weeks I realized that if I am posting at least once a week I am happy with that and if I can get 2 or 3 then even better.

I am excited for next weekend. I find having specific plans for the weekend such as drives, hikes, walks, etc planned a week or two before gives me something to look forward to all week when the week gets tedious or long. It helps too that I have so much time off planed between now and September.

I need to take photography lessons

I haven’t had a chance to edit the photos yet. I was playing around with some camera settings and most of the photos the white balance is off and they look really washed out or the color is off. I am sure I can somewhat fix them in Photoshop but haven’t had the time to try.

I took the day off tomorrow but am going to Digby so I doubt I’ll have time. On the weekend I’ll try. I’m going to bring my camera with me to Digby tomorrow as we are heading to Yarmouth as well. Not sure I’ll get much pictures as I am going with my mom to a workshop for Victoria’s quilts but I’m brining it anyways. I reset the camera back to factory defaults

I need to sign myself up for some photography courses or something. I have a decent eye and can take good shots but I’ll be the first to admit my camera has a lot more settings and a lot more to it them my old one and other then shooting this on pre set settings I don’t really know what I’m doing. Even some free online tutorials should help.

Observations On A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Driving home one sunny Sunday afternoon from dropping Edward off at work I was driving through the older suburban community he works in on some side roads that have a junior high and a high school on them. This was a Sunday. I remember when I was younger when we were living in Calgary at the time on Sunday afternoon’s especially a sunny one there would be kids out everywhere and I mean everywhere. In the park, on the sidewalks riding bikes, skateboarding, going from house to house playing with their siblings and friends. But you just don’t see that anymore.

It occurred to me that you don’t see kids playing outside much anymore, it’s become a rare oddity rather then the norm. The neighbourhood he works in is full of kids. Tons of them. All ages. There are some elderly people as well but a lot of middle aged parents (my age) with kids in junior and senior high and lots of young families with young kids. Yet all I saw in the 3 or 4 streets I drove down that day was 2 kids jumping on a trampoline in their back yard and honestly was surprised to see that because this particular house is on a corner, no fence around the yard just a chain link one around a pool and trampoline which honestly I had never seen in use the hundreds of times I drove by in the evenings or on the weekends.

It got me thinking though. In my apartment building there is tons of kids and once in a while you may see the odd one playing out in front of the building with a ball maybe or on the rocks in the summer but you don’t see a bunch out at once usually and sometimes you don’t see them at all. I know they are there. My neighbors above and beside have kids. I’ve seen kids in the hall or getting out of their parents cars but you never see them out playing at all. The parks were empty. Sometimes you might see a parent with a single child or two but you don’t really see a bunch of kids playing with each other or out playing hockey in a cul-de-sac or playing basketball, etc. Even just a few years ago you saw that a lot more.

I know this is a problem for this generation of kids but I guess I never really realized just how much until now. Is it because the parents don’t feel safe letting their kids play outside? When I was younger the whole neighbourhood watched you. Our parents were friends usually or at least neighborly. They watched out for each others kids. They picked up a phone and called a kids parents if they were up to no good. They would make lunch for their child and anyone else’s who happened to be at your house or in your yard or just that you were out playing with outside. There were no “play dates”. You just went outside and played and if you were over 10 your parents didn’t always know where you were every second but they knew you weren’t far and would come in when called.

It makes me sad really.