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  • Spring? Maybe?

    It actually went up to 7°C today! It’s beautiful out, didn’t manage to melt much snow however it was better then the -10 or so with the windchill yesterday and cold northerly wind. I am so happy and excited for spring to be here. Hopefully there will be very little snow from here on out. We still have so much that needs to melt. I’m praying for no major flooding.

    I was approached by a friend of a friend of my Mom’s to possibly put together a website for a historical society. They want to use WordPress or something like that to put together a site or revamp an old site that they have. I am really interested in doing it however they are asking for a quote and I have never charged for anything before and have absolutely no idea how much to charge for a site. [...]

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  • You know you live in the Maritimes when…

    I was woken up at 8:30 this morning after 4 hours of sleep to go out in the middle of a snow storm to get groceries. This was Cory’s brainchild not mine. So in my PJ’s I bundled up in my too small winter jacket and hat and mittens braved the snow covered roads in my trusty little Cobalt LT and went shopping. Seriously?! WTF!

    To my own credit I suggested doing this last night, but he wanted to go out to a friends and his exact words were “oh it won’t be that bad”, tell that to my car that kept sliding everywhere. Stupid, stupid idea. We made it home covered in snow and half frozen but in one piece.

    Overall the province got more then 30-38 cm (11.8-15 in), with Halifax getting about 35cm (14.8 in), since about suppertime it is now freezing rain on top of that. A plow has not gone down our road since earlier and our car is buried and the road covered in snow still. Hopefully the truck that does our parking lot comes before morning. The plow dumped a bunch of snow at the entrance to our parking lot. [...]

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  • Winter anyone?

    This is going to be a short post tonight cause I’ve got very yummy Candy Cane ice cream melting in a bowl and I am doing this on my iPhone because my IP was somehow blocked while working on a project I am going to “unvail” shortly.

    Supposed to be getting freezing cold temperatures tomorrow. It’s currently -11℃ (20℃ windchill). It’s supposed to go down to -16℃(-26℃ windchill) in the morning and warm up to a balmy -13℃(-21℃ windchill) in the afternoon. Notice my sarcasm there…

    Oh and there is about 2-3cm snow already with 10cm more expected between tonight and Sunday morning then another 20cm more expected Sunday during the day and 5cm or so over the beginning part of the week.

    All I can say is brrr… And what a mess it’s gonna be. Thank god for good snow tires. [...]

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  • The first time you drove a car, what was it like?

    We had our first real snow of the season yesterday. It’s so beautiful when you get those first soft snowflakes. The world kind of seems surreal. It’s dark but all the lights around you are more pronounced. You can taste and smell the freshness in the air, the chill. It’s so exhilarating!

    That being said, driving in the snow. Not so exhilarating! Especially for those of us who are naturally anxious or panicky by nature. Why? Well, I had a bad experience driving in the snow. More then one actually. But I’ll just tell you about the one.

    A few years ago I lived about 5 minutes from a small ski hill called Martock, just outside of Windsor, Nova Scotia. I really was in my element there. I love snow, I love skiing. I would literally spend hours on the hill. My younger brother and I really bonded over it. We finally had something we were equally passionate about and equally good at. For him it was snowboarding and for me it was skiing. I did try to learn to snowboard and plan on trying again this year, but I was not very good. Either way we had the time of our lives on that ski hill. [...]

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  • B is for Bravo

    No prompt today. I have a funny (part) of a conversation from a call yesterday at work. I was asking for a serial number for a product. Just to keep it completely anonymous I am not saying who I work for or what the product is. You never know…

    Me: “Can I please have the serial number of your ______, please? It will start with B like Bravo”
    Customer: “What?? B like Basil? What do you mean”
    Me: “The letter B like Bravo, sir”
    Customer: “B like Basil?? What’s that? Basil, what’s that word. I’ve never heard of it before.”
    Me: “B sir, B like Bob.”
    Customer: “B like what?? Bob, you mean Robert? B like Robert?? Robert doesn’t start with B.”
    ***a pause while I rack my brain for what to say***
    Customer: “B like Boy?”
    Me: “Yes sir, B like Boy.”
    Customer: “What the fuck… B like Robert, Robert doesn’t start with B, what the hell. Why would you say Robert…”
    Me: “No sir, I said Bob, B like Bob, short form of Robert. Bob. The Letter B”
    Customer: “I’m not stupid. I know Robert’s the short form of Bob. Robert doesn’t start with B though. I’m not stupid.”
    ***Well ya, I’m not going there…***
    Me: “Okay, can you locate the serial number? It’s on the top of the ______?”
    Customer: “Why’d you say Basil for, I mean that word… it’s just odd. Why would you say that”
    ***sounds like he is almost ready to cry at this point… I know I am…***
    Me: “Sorry sir, I was saying Bravo not Basil, Bravo – B R A V O.”
    Customer: “What the… I don’t know why you keep saying Basil. I told ya I don’t know…”
    ***for some reason I felt the need to explain myself. Bad choice.**
    Me: “Never mind sir, it’s B like Boy. I was just saying the Phonetic Alphabet for B.”
    Customer: “But why’d you say Basil, if it’s B like Boy?”
    Me: “I wasn’t saying Basil sir. Either way it’s B, the second letter of the alphabet.”
    Customer: “Well why the fuck didn’t you say B?” ***mumbles “Basil” really softly under his breath, sounding very exasperated***
    Me: “I’m sorry sir, I did say B”
    Customer: “What the hell…”
    Me: “Can we move on, sir…” [...]