Need to get my ass in gear!

I finished the week with no major issues and have taken an extra hour a day next week to help catch up on some bills and stuff. I am feeling increasingly better and am really encouraged to keep going. I am still coughing but it’s manageable for the most part now. I am excited to be back to work and looking forward again to the cooler days of fall.

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of time to really think about where I am in my career. Which really is just a job not a career, but at least it’s one I really enjoy. It can become tedious though as I am sure even a career can be. I have been thinking though that with my knowledge of technology in classrooms (such as SMART Boards, projectors, etc) and with my love of kids, of education and of children with special needs, that I am really not 100% where I want to be. READ MORE

First day back at work

So today was my first day back at work. I woke up about 9 am to the smell of bacon cooking in the kitchen. Cory made bacon, eggs, home made hash browns (with veggies) and toast for breakfast. He loves to cook and is fairly good at it (mo on the other hand, well that is a story for another time…).

After getting showered we sat down and ate breakfast together before I headed off to work. I left about 10:30am as I work at 11 am and wanted to get there a few minutes early. I live really close, 5 min by car but like to be at work at least 15-20 minutes before my shift starts to get everything set up on my computer, programs and such. READ MORE

Last two weeks in a nutshell

Okay so I am only really going back to the weekend before last since anything before that and post dentist appointment (last post) is a bit of a blur… I went home to my parents for a visit before they took off last Friday for a trip to Ontario and through the US. Since my brother’s brother was visiting for a few weeks it also seemed like good timing as he lives in Moncton, New Brunswick which is 466 km/289.6 mi from Digby, Nova Scotia where my family is. He is 264 km/164 mi from Halifax, Nova Scotia where I live if you drive around and less then that if you take the Ferry to Saint John, New Brunswick. Anyways…

My brother is adopted if you are wondering and he has 5 siblings between his birth mother and birth father (he was the first born) and was adopted by my parents and I. Since I was 11 and had a say in the whole thing (which was cool), I fee I can add “I” in there. I will maybe do a longer blog post about that later since it will give me something to blog about later this week. But moving on.. Sorry my train of thought is a little awkward and all over the place right now. You’ll see why in a few more minutes. READ MORE

Root canal or tooth extraction

I made it through the dental appointment okay. They ended up not doing anything today as I have an abscess and infection that has traveled into my jaw (again) so I am back on antibiotics every 6 hours. I have an appointment on Wednesday to get my teeth cleaned.

When I explained why I did not come back the Doctor said “Why don’t you start with something small like a cleaning while we are waiting for the antibiotics to clear up the infection and it will get you more comfortable with me and my staff here” which I thought was a great idea. READ MORE

I’m so excited!

So tomorrow we are picking up our new (to us) car! We both get paid so we will have enough for the rest of the down payment so I have made an appointment to fill out the rest of the paperwork, pay the down payment and pick up the Fiesta at 10 am. I have all the paperwork in order for the current car that we are trading in. I am so excited about it.

I took the morning off work to go get it. I will take some pictures of it this weekend and post them. We plan on going fishing and maybe for a drive. This time I have to get my camera out. Last weekend we went for a drive and I brought the camera but never bought batteries for it and it stayed in my car the whole time. We got lost in Lunenburg, Cory and I got in a fight and then no one felt like getting out of the car after that. This weekend will be better READ MORE