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  1. Syn says: Reply

    Great photos! Looks like a relaxing time!
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    1. Thanks I always find it nice and relaxing strolling along the waterfront. I love it!

  2. Manda says: Reply

    Those are some beautiful photos! And that place looks like something out of a book! Very lovely.
    Manda recently posted…Vlog #1My Profile

    1. Thank you so much, and yes it’s quite beautiful here
      Kirsten recently posted…Downtown HalifaxMy Profile

  3. What a nice place! I love walking around in areas by the sea. I’m not a boat person, I was never close to the sea when I grew up and it fascinates me somehow.
    Susanne recently posted…The animals
    At the farm where we live there is a dog, Bosco, and…
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    1. I love it too, I love being near or on the water, or even in, not that I would want to swim in our harbour though.
      Kirsten recently posted…Downtown HalifaxMy Profile

  4. Isi says: Reply

    Thank you Kristen! It feels amazing to be back. I seriously do not blog unless i have something to say and sometimes i may have nothing to say for a month straight.
    Oh wow, this your downtown? It’s really beautiful! Places like this make me want to move somewhere close to the water. Downtown here is busy street and really tall buildings.
    Isi recently posted…La vie est belle!My Profile

    1. Yeah, I frequently have periods where I have nothing to say and I am not one to blog just for the sake of blogging. I am hoping to start trying to fill the gaps with pictures I’ve taken since I love photography and want to get better at it.

      I love living near the ocean. I have lived in other places but Nova Scotia has always felt like home to me. We don’t have super tall building here because of the Citadel, there is a law in our city that buildings can not obstruct the view from it in certain directions.
      Kirsten recently posted…Downtown HalifaxMy Profile

  5. Karin says: Reply

    Looks like a very pretty area. There’s something about boats and water that instantly puts you in “summer mode”. Lovely photos!
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    1. Thank you, summer is my favorite time of year!
      Kirsten recently posted…Downtown HalifaxMy Profile

  6. Your photos are beautiful. I visited Halifax in 2009 and I loved seeing things in your images that I remember seeing
    Carolynne recently posted…New York CityMy Profile

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