Today is my good friend Susan’s Birthday and tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday. I met Susan through her best friend Kristy who is one of my best friends as well. Along with my husband Edward and my best friend Erin we have all become pretty close and try to spend an evening together once a month at the very least. Yesterday we all went over to Susan’s along with Kristy’s brother Johnny and a friend of Susan’s named Luke and we played Cards Against Humanity and had birthday cake.

We had a wonderful time! I love Cards Against Humanity. It’s really fun to play when drunk apparently too Most people who know us would think I would be the 3nd last person on earth to play Cards Against Humanity, Erin would be the second last and Susan the last but we always have so much fun when we do. Edward loves it as well. We went over about 6 pm and stayed till about 11:30 pm we left at that time only because my best friend Erin was our ride home.

The last time that I drank was almost 2 years ago at my bachelorette party. I always get really sick when I drink, like violently ill. So I don’t usually drink. I am not sure exactly why but thought it might have something to do with my blood sugar raising to quick and too high. It’s happened for years but since I was diagnosed with diabetes I started to wonder if it had something to do with that since I likely was diabetic a while before I was diagnosed. Last night I decided I wanted to drink a little because I was tired of always being the one who wouldn’t touch alcohol not because I am against it, but because I couldn’t handle it. Since Eddie only has a learners it meant we had to leave our car at Susan’s which was okay because we only live a 15 minute walk from her place.

I ended up having some Sangria that she made which was really really good as well as Kristy made some jello shots with grape and berry blue jello. I had enough to get pleasantly drunk but not enough to get hung over. I decided that since I had Freestyle Libre that I could keep a close eye on my blood sugar to make sure I didn’t end up in the high teens or 20’s or higher. It seemed to work out well and other then a mild stomach ache overnight I didn’t even have a hang over today which made me incredibly happy. That little device is the best thing in the world! It was a very pleasant evening I didn’t take any pictures, didn’t bring my camera and wouldn’t put anything

Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday. Mom is not very keen on celebrating birthdays but it looks like we might be going to my Aunt Ferne’s after supper tomorrow at my parents to have some cake and ice cream. From May to the end of July is just a pile of birthday’s. Denton, my brother’s is June 21st, mine July 6th and Eddie’s July 11th and then our 2 year anniversary is coming up August 27th. I love summer because of all the birthday’s and celebrations and not just the weather

Rissers Beach

One of my favorite camping spots, beaches and boardwalks in Nova Scotia is called Rissers Beach which is a beach about 20 minutes from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Ever since the first time I visited which was about 10 years ago I have loved going there. It’s a provincial park that has a campground, boardwalk, beach and much more. We have camped there a few times over the years including the summer before last in 2016. It’s a white sand beach that is fairly safe as it is really shallow for quite a ways out, has very little for riptides and was rally popular with the locals before being opened in the 1970s.

Sorry about the thing on my lens on the photo above in the top left corner. It’s gone it seems from later photos so I assume it was a hair or something that just blew onto the lens the blew away again. I love how blue the water was when we went. It was a beautiful hot sunny day. It reached 30°C and with the humidity was closer to 35. Perfect beach day. The water was nice and cool but not freezing considering it was only the 1st of June. Some spots it was actually quite warm.

The image above was just before we got to the sand in the one above. It was up along a wooded path that runs alongside the beach. It’s nice to walk. Some parts of it go over marsh and are actually boardwalks:

I love the hill in the background in the picture below. Edward loves it too. Every time we come here and walk it we fall in love with the place all over again. It was a picture perfect day. Seriously it couldn’t have been any better. It would have been too hot I think for walking around Tancook Island as I mentioned was originally planed in my last post. Maybe sometimes things are meant to be. We’ll get to Tancook before the summer is out.

The boardwalk wraps around a wooded and marsh area. I love the colors in the grass and sky. I love how serene and pretty the place is. Even when the campground and beach is full of people you can still walk around the boardwalk without constantly bumping into people.

I don’t know why but I am in love with taking pictures of boardwalks. They are so pretty. I love the architecture in them, the lines and contrast between the light wood and the bright colors surrounding them. They just really photograph well I find.

The top of the rails on the side were covered in a moss or a moss like plant. I tried to get a good shot of it. I love how it looked on the rails. It’s growing right out of the wood. It’s amazing what amuses me.

On the road back to Bridgewater we noticed an old mill with a little bit of a waterfall or rapids beside it. I took a picture of the building. I am not sure why. I just found it really neat. I love abandoned buildings too. One day I would like to photograph some of the abandoned buildings all over Nova Scotia. We have so many of them.

Here is the rapids or small waterfall beside it. There was a bigger waterfall on the other side of the road but the bride scared me a little so I wouldn’t go near the edge. I am really not a fan of heights and it was really rickety.

I love how the water turned out in the picture above. I rested it on the rail of the bridge on that side because it seemed sturdier and not that high. It never occurred to me until after that had it given away I would have fallen into that and right over the larger waterfall on the other side of the bridge that I was to scared to go to

All in all it was a wonderful day. I wish we had gotten to Tancook but if we did then we would never have seen all this and I wouldn’t have gotten these pictures. I am sure I would have gotten great ones on Tancook Island as well but either way, we will still get there

Tancook Island, Indian Falls & Blue Rocks

On Friday Eddie and I had planned a trip to Tancook Island which I was really looking forward to. Even though we left on time and should have got there in time ended up driving around looking for the ferry and then parking and ended up missing it by 2 minutes! I was so mad. It was my own fault. I got us lost and I stopped at Tim Horton’s to send him in to get himself a coffee and to ask for directions but somehow we ended up just missing it. After parking and walking 5 or so minutes down to it we watched it pull away :( At first I was just mad and wanted to just go home. It was a 40 minute drive from Halifax though and I was really in the mood to be outside and walking and taking pictures.

Initially we were going to do this on Tancook, it’s not a large island, it’s actually two islands, Big Tancook Island and Little Tancook Island and the only cars really on the island are unregistered cars that are just used to get around the island. Residents leave their cars in Chester where the ferry goes to the island from. It’s really kind of neat from what I have heard. They have one of Canada’s last one-room schoolhouses which is from Primary (Kingergarden) to Grade 5 and only has 5 students. I assume older students go to the middle school and high school in the Chester area.

Since we didn’t end up going we decided to go to Indian Falls instead. We are going to attempt Tancook Island again in 2 or 3 weeks. I literally just googled waterfalls near us and that was the first one that came up. We decided to make a day of it and then go to Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia and then Rissers Beach which is one of my favorite places in Nova Scotia. I am going to split this up into two posts. Indian Falls and Blue Rocks in this one and Rissers Beach on it’s own.

Indian Falls is pretty, it’s not the most beautiful waterfall I have seen but it is still really pretty. The picture below is from below the falls, there is a little path and stairs down the side of the falls which goes to the pool below which you can swim in in the summer.

This image was from the top of the falls, there was a little picnic area and a bench to sit on before going down the path and stairs I mentioned above. It was amazing the volume of water flowing through the falls, though it is not a large falls it has a lot of water flowing through it right now. Likely because it’s still spring.

This next one is my favorite picture from Indian Falls. I was trying to figure out how to capture the water and make it looks silky. Still a work in progress. I still don’t have a tripod but I rested it on a rock for this one. This was just at the top of the falls to the right of where I took the picture above. There was little rapids just before the falls.

Last one is the same spot as above but zoomed in a bit more, again I was just playing around with the settings on my camera to try capture the waters flow and in some spots like this it was sort of flowing back on itself because of rocks in the way. It was pretty.

After we left Indian Falls we headed to Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia, a quaint little fishing village outside Lunenburg. We didn’t time it very well because the tide was really high covering the rocks so I didn’t actually get any shots of the rocks. We will have to try that one again as well some other time. It was still really pretty though and we caught this coming into Bridgewater, Nova Scotia (sorry the image is a little fuzzy because I zoomed in and was sitting the camera on top of a running car :

I am not a 100% sure but I think that is the Bluenose II tall ship which was launched in 1963 and was built by many of the same people who built the original Bluenose which was launched in 1921 from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and sunk in 1946 near Haiti. She’s a beautiful ship! I have had the pleasure of seeing her in the Halifax Harbour a number of times and have been on her once in the Harbour (while docked). Below you can just see her in the right hand side at passing by us at Blue Rocks:

That’s it for this post. I will post a second post with the pictures from Rissers Beach in a few days. There is too many photos to put them all into one post. I will group them all together in the gallery later when I add them. This coming weekend will be a bit of a break because Eddie works Saturday. I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off but we are going to a friends birthday party Friday, Eddie works Saturday and he works Sunday. So only Friday we have off together. We will maybe do something more local like a walk at the Salt Marsh Trail maybe which happens to be one of my favorite trails within the Halifax Regional Municipality.

June Goals

I can’t believe it is already the 1st of June, 2018! Time for my monthly goals post. May was a great month overall and I am excited to work on some new goals for June 2018. I am not setting a specific amount of goals, some months will be more then others, but likely between 3 to 5 goals each month. Some harder then others to accomplish.

  • Basics of Photography: The Complete GuideBasics of Photography: The Complete Guide is a five part guide by LifeHacker which I would really like to complete this month. I am not sure how good it is or if I can get it done in a month but I want to try! I am hoping to find some more online guides, tutorials and/or courses that I can take as well. I want to start using the manual settings on my camera more. I also want to buy a tripod.
  • Complete a course for work – We have a portal for work where we can access and take online courses that pertain to the different positions and career paths at work. Since I want to move into a Financial Advisor position in a year or so I want to take a course a month on my own time at home. I want to start this month and try and complete one course this month, they are not long usually.
  • Try something new – This one is a little vague and general and I am leaving it open to interpretation for now. I don’t know what it is going to be. It could be a new food I have never eaten before or a new skill to try or something I have never done before. I will think about it a bit more over the next few days and figure it out and I will put what it is and what I did with it in the June recap.

So that’s my goals for the June monthly goals post. What are your goals for the month of June? I am curious to know what other people want to accomplish.

May Recap

At the end of April I decided to do at the end of each month a monthly recap of the month. So today is the end of May. Wow I can’t believe it is the end of May already! The month went by so quickly. It was a beautiful month. May has always been one of my favorite months. I remember celebrating May Day in school when we lived in Europe when I was younger. I always took part and I loved it.

So I guess I am going to start with my May goals and then I will also talk a bit about other things that have happened during May. I want to make this a monthly thing that I do each month more for myself then for anyone else reading just so later I can look back and see the progress I am making as well as see what happened in certain months but I think it is also interesting as a feature post that shows what is going on in my life.

May’s Goals
  • Walking – I had said I wanted by the end of may to be walking an hour a day and 10,000 steps a day. I am often hitting the goal for 1 hour of walking a day by walking to the bus and walking some extra stops as well as mall walking on my breaks. However as far as 10,000 steps I have learnt that 1 hour a day is not necessarily going to equal out to 10,000 steps a day. I am getting about 6500 though. Which is still much more then I was doing. As for two 5-7 km walks a week. I am getting in one 7-10 km walk a week on the weekend in. So I am not there yet but I am still considering it a win as I am doing better then I was.
  • Blogging – This one I am proud to say I am meeting. I think I am averaging 3 posts a week. I am writing them up on the weekend and scheduling them mostly but I am perfectly okay with that. I am still writing the posts and that takes some time and thought. I have also been playing around with themes to find one I really like. I have one I am happy with but I think I would like to use the Underscores starter theme to build and style my own theme. I already know how to build a theme from scratch but I will be honest I am too lazy too. I used to at one point but then things got a little beyond my skill level and even though I am teaching myself as I go I do not have the time I used to have to do this. I am going to start looking at tutorials.
  • Blood Sugar – I am proud to say I seem to really be getting some good results using my FreeStyle Libre and have been able to really limit my lows and highs and have gotten pretty decent control over my blood sugar. I am not getting nearly as many lows and my highs are getting better and I am having less of them as well. I wish I had taken pictures at the end of the month last month but I am going to be ensuring that I do that on a monthly basis and will likely add that into it’s own monthly post to help me keep track and to see the direction I am going in. Here are some screens from my FreeStyle Libre:

In the first picture you can see I have only had 8 lows over the last 30 days, which may seem like a lot but at one time I had 8 in a day so that is an improvement. In the second picture you see my average glucose levels broken up into 4 time periods. I tend to sometimes have some lows like the last picture shows when I wake up but sometimes I have some highs as well which is why the two pictures actually seem to be a bit confusing. In the third picture you see my time in target over the last 30 days, to me this is the most helpful screen as I can see that 71% of the time I am in target which I believe when I started the Libre back in March was less then 45% of the time in target. I am actually really happy with that screen and would like to aim for 80% by the end of next month. The last picture I will be honest. I don’t understand this one. I am not sure what it is showing me… if anyone knows let me know

Other things

I fell in love with my FreeStyle Libre this month. It has been a godsend! I loved it right away from the beginning but I now see as well how well it can help me control my diabetes and how I can see trends as to whether or not I am heading into a low or a high and correct it. I love that it helps keep my fingers from feeling like a pin cushion I also found out that should I need to get one at some point I could get coverage for an insulin pump. Right now my doctor wants to hold off and see how I make out with only one shot a day at night of Basaglar (a long acting insulin) and if I need to go back on a short acting insulin like NovoRapid and if so then consider a pump.

I purchased a subscription to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom because I plan on taking more pictures and going more places and as I want to get back into blogging more and designing WordPress themes eventually myself I figured it would be a good thing to invest in.

Edward and I hiked Cape Split on May 19 and it was beautiful! I got a lot of pictures which if you haven’t seen them you can see them here. I am really proud of most of them. I am really hoping to get some time to take some online tutorials/lessons on photography and learn some more about taking pictures. I have taken a lot more pictures this month then I have in a long time and we have gone on a walk or hike every weekend. The feature image for this post was from the Cape Split hike from the beautiful woods we walked through before getting to the end of the cape.

As for health I have been pretty healthy considering. I had a bad cold a week into the month and still have a cough, runny nose, etc from it but am feeling much better now and better every day. I have ran out of sick days from earlier in the year already so I am trying to rack up all the extra lieu hours I can and I since I had a lot of vacation time saved up due to going on short term and not using it I have booked off 2 long weekends each month over the summer and a whole week in August.

This one I did not blog about but Edward fell a few weeks ago and hurt himself pretty good. At least I don’t think I mentioned it. He fell at work when he was outside changing garbage’s. I thought he had done some damage to his arm because it was badly bruised and had a huge lump on his arm but it seems mostly fine now and the bruising and swelling and lump went back down. He would not go and get it checked

Dad’s 66th Birthday was last week and we went to the Casino Nova Scotia for the Prime Rib buffet. It was wonderful! I loved it. I actually did not have any prime rib or mussels (I’m allergic to mussels) but there was a ton of other stuff there, soups, salads, pizza, pork, chicken, rice pilaf, vegtables, and lots of deserts. We had a great time and then I lost $20 in less then 5 minutes at a slot machine. Edward took a bit longer, about 30 minutes Dad had a good time and so did the rest of us.

Last week as well a beloved childhood amusement ride and a part of an amusement park my parents used to take me to when we lived in Germany burnt down. The park is Europa Park in Rust, Germany. This was my favorite amusement park we visited while we lived there. The ride was called Piraten in Batvia (Pirates in Batvia) and it was completely destroyed along with some other things in the area of the ride in the Scandinavian section of the park. No one was injured that I know of but it was quite the fire that needed over 200 fire fighters to put out. The ride was apparently open and in use at the time.

If you comment on this post I would love to know one thing (or more) that happened to you in the month of May?