Potluck and Secret Santa

So our annual potluck at Blue Ocean was today. Myself and another member of my project were in charge of it which resulted in most of the day up in our 4th floor boardroom and off the phones. Typically I would be overjoyed to be off the phones, but today with all the running up and down stairs or elevator when I got really lazy and with the crock pots (8 of them) turned on, the boardroom was boiling!

But the food! Wow, we had recipes from all over the world. We have an international team of agents that are from all over. So it was really nice to see all the food. With about 3/4 of the team taking part there was tons of stuff left over. My perogies were a big hit, they were one of the first things gone. Everyone said I need to bring more next time.

I was thinking as well, that next year we should have people make up recipe cards and either do up an email with all the recipes in it or make up enough recipe cards that they can take one from each dish that they like. I did have people put ingredients on each dish, for people with allergies, sensitivities or people who are vegetarian or vegan. I hope to get involved again next year or in something else like Secret Santa.

Speaking of which, we did that today as well. We are technically open next week on Monday and Friday but as a lot of people, myself included, took the week off. So for that reason we did it today. My friend Robin put that together. She did a great job. I got a $25 gift card from Shoppers Drug Mart and a Caramilk bar and a mint Aero bar. The limit was $15 so I guess I have a secret admirer I told Cory that and he just laughed. I drew the guy who sits next to me and he is a golf fanatic. I was unsure what to get him but found a cool range finder at Walmart for $15.

Over all I really enjoyed the Christmas/Holiday festivities at work this year.

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  1. Having the recipes available for people is an excellent idea. I love learning how to make new foods so I would definitely be one of those people picking up a recipe card.

    1. I agree this is a great idea! The only downside is that some people might not want to share their secret recipes.

      1. Ya, I figure as much but still if the majority do then it will still work.

    2. I love learning to make new foods too. I never had the time but I am collecting recipes for someday in the future.

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of work to do to prepare for the potluck! It’s great that you got to try out food from many parts of the world. Leftover means free food for the next few meals XD.

    Having the people make recipe cards/print outs sounds like an interesting idea! It helps save other people trouble from being asked and it’s great to share knowledge.

    It’s awesome that you got a gift card and some goodies for secret santa! Hope the other person likes your gift~

    1. It was really a lot of fun setting it up and tasting stuff that I had never had before. I think that the guy I got a gift for liked what he got. He kept hinting that he knew who got it for him

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