Snow, snow and more snow.

This picture was taken today at the Windsor Street exchange which is a major exchange in Halifax that has about 7 streets going into it. Thought it was kinda funny. We’ve had so much snow we have 15 to 20 foot snow banks in parking lots and 5 to 6 feet snow banks along the sides of the roads, walking down a sidewalk feels weird cause you can’t see anything.

Storm drains all over the city are buried. Might as well completely forget about fire hydrants, they can not be found. City’s pleading with people to help them dig them out but wont tell us where they are as they say it is a safety issue, to me not knowing where they are is a bigger safety risk. In the last 2 weeks we have had 42 cm (28 fell on the same day) and 13.4 mm of rain.

The problem is since Feb 1st we’ve had 97.1 cms of snow in total. Most of which is still on the ground, all the rain has done is freeze into layers of ice on top of it. There is no where for any of the rain to go as the storm drains are all covered so certain roads have become lakes and ponds. Of course people are dumb and think they can drive through it and are getting stuck. Not fun.

How many days till spring??

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  1. Kya says: Reply

    So much snow. It has to stop at some point right?

    That would be annoying with people trying to challenge the snow…. and getting stuck.
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    1. One would hope lol. It does really suck. Since my cars still not working, I haven’t run into that myself.

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