Why am I sick again?

I spent the first few days this week sick at home… again. It just feels never ending. We left Mom and Dad’s on Monday and I was supposed to work from 12-8 pm. However, I woke up that morning throwing up. Since I had a 2 1/2 hour drive ahead of us that I would have to do (Cory has never really driven that far and was not feeling well either). I called in to work to let them know I would not be there. It was not an easy decision to make. I only had about 2 hours of sleep because I was so unsettled, my stomach was upset but I was not getting sick.

I ended up moving from the bed to a very uncomfortable futon around 4 when I realized it was 4 and I had to get up and drive in 2 hours. I should have probably realized at that point that that was not going to happen but I was stubbornly trying to figure out how to manage it. In the end I gave up when I started throwing up. I decided to crawl back in bed and attempt the drive a little later on in the day.

And what a drive it was! I had to go the old route (more then 3 1/2 hours) because it was slower then the highway and the motion of the car was making me really sick and the last thing I wanted to do was get sick in my new car. I made it as far as Kentville before getting sick. After that I had to stop abut 4 times. When we got home I crawled into bed assuming I had what Cory was getting over and that I would be fine in the morning. I wasn’t though.

Now I have the cough back that I had a few months ago where I cough till I either pee my pants (I wish I was kidding) or I throw up, or both. I feel so miserable. The last 2 days I was coughing a lot up which was making me sick as I probably swallowed as much as I coughed up. Now I have a really deep dry hacking cough that vibrates everything around me. I feel really tight and wheezy as well so I assume it is my Asthma flaring up again.

I am still taking Singular once a day (a pill at night) and my inhalers Symbacort and Ventolin. I take the Symbacort first and after reaching 8 “puffs” then I switch to Ventolin as they told me in the Pulmonary clinic. I had stopped regularly taking Symbacort and Ventolin, though I kept taking the Singular. I am guessing I stopped too soon. They told me not to but I always end up doing that, as my symptoms die down I tend to automatically wean myself off them. I don’t even do it purposely. It seems to be ingrained in me to do it and I don’t even think about it. I guess I have to be really careful about that.

I haven’t even had then energy to pick up my computer other then to click the Netflix icon when there is nothing on TV to watch or when I am not sleeping. I did go to work yesterday and today but I have no voice again either. It’s really really hoarse when it is there and the more I talk the hoarser it gets and the more out of breath I get and the more I cough.

I am hoping that next week will be a bit better. I almost feel that I am getting another cold, before the one I have is even gone. I am stuffed up again and sneezing (which usually happens just at the beginning and not 4-5 days into it). I am not sure what I am going to do if I am not feeling better…

Dropping the ball

Somehow I really dropped the ball yesterday. I am not sure why but I thought I had posted. However I didn’t. Who am I kidding anyways? I can’t blog everyday, I never have been able to for very long.

Yesterday I think it was because I went to the dentist and wasn’t feeling the greatest when I got home. Only one more appointment for all my dental work to be done. Yesterday he filled my tooth that I had the root canal on, the molar that broke. He sort of rebuilt it, it’s in the back and I don’t really care what it looks like as long as it functions.

I am a bit sore today. I also had 3 more fillings on that side done. Took a while for the freezing to wear off again. My appointment was at 1 pm I was out by 2:15-2:30 pm but my whole right side of my face was still frozen when I went to bed.

This morning it was out but sore. That combined with another cold and the loss of my voice again I ended up just doing emails at work today. I missed Monday and Tuesday because I could not talk or breath again. My asthma is back and so is my cough. If you add in yesterday it was a really short week for me and I spent most of it and last weekend in bed.

It was during one of those days in bed that I decided to try doing a blog post every day, not that that lasted all the long. Cory is gone away for the weekend and wont be back till Sunday so I have a weekend to myself. Just me and the cat. Who I am about to kill if he attacks me one more time…

New computer and back to work, again…

First off, I just want to say thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I usually reply to every comment but quite honestly right now I just do not have the energy. But thanks again to Kristina, Holly, Sam, Arlene, Christa, Nancy, Raisa, Sakura and Carolynne for the well wishes gabapentin 400 mg. The good news is, I am finally starting to feel better!

I have been back to work for 2 days now. I had a whooping cough test done last week and it actually came back negative. I was told that does not necessarily mean that I did not have it, however since I had been coughing for many weeks (6 I believe at that time), that the bacteria could be gone from my system and just the cough remaining or I might not have ever had it at all.

I had seen a respirologist last week since the cough was still remaining. She said it sounds more like an asthmatic cough now and she did a lung function test and told me I needed to be back on medication for my asthma. Because of the severity of the cough, the possibility of having had whooping cough, and the length of time I have had the cough she decided to throw everything but the kitchen sink at me.

So I am on two puffers; Symbacort and Ventolin (both because I can only take 8 puffs of Symbacort in a day and she figured it might not be enough so she added Ventolin as a backup), I am also o

n 3 pills; Singulair and Prednisone as well as she put me on Nexium to make sure that there is no acid reflux which could be making the cough worse. I also have to do a sinus rinse with saline solution plus Pulmicort as I have a lot of post nasal drip which she figures may be why I am coughing up mucus a lot.

I ruptured some blood vessels in my throat and/or lungs which resulted in coughing up blood, which was scary as crap. But I am now feeling better and so I went back to work Tuesday. I am going to see if I can apply for backdated employment insurance for the days I missed due to this. Money is tight right now so I am hoping I can do it, with Christmas coming up. I am not too far behind on bills but owe my brother big time now

I did have some good news in all of this. Dell approved my application for financing and it took less time for the application to process and for the computer to ship and be delivered then it did for their so called “48 hour approval” which turned into months… But I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 5000 series Windows 8.1 computer with 1 TB hard drive and a 15.6 ” HD touch screen display, which I absolutely love! I’m paying less then $25 a month so it is affordable. Too bad I am paying almost double it’s worth by financing but sometimes you have no choice. The other computer can now have some much needed RNR.

I have been playing around with the computer and figured I might as well come on and post something. I have been playing a game on the computer called Kinectimals Unleashed which is kinda fun. It’s an xbox game originally I guess. I am hooked on playing it. I will try and catch up on my favorite blogs this weekend. I am going to be pretty early since work is tiring me out. I am just so happy to be doing better though!