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  • The End of Summer

    I noticed tonight that it is starting to get dark before 9 PM. Seems like summer is almost over. That brings out mixed emotions in me since I have been pretty much house bound for the last two and a half weeks.

    On one hand I am extremely sad that summer is almost over and that I will not get to go swimming at the beach or at a lake again this summer. On the other hand I am excited for fall and ready for the 30° weather to go away. I am sure I will regret that since the winter is supposed to be an especially brutal one. Last winter was bad but this one is supposed to be worse.

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  • What’s in a name?

    I have to admit I am being lazy and writing up some of my blog posts ahead of time right now. So that I do not fall back into the rut of not posting for weeks, and this is one of them. C’est La Vie! So, what’s in a name? By this I mean A Story About A Girl or storyboutagirl.org. I feel like giving a bit of a back history about the domain name, my blogging and whatever else I can think of related to this.

    If you have read my about section then you may already know that the name is based off of an Our Lady Peace (OLP) song called Story About A Girl off of their Gravity album. If you want to check out some of their songs you can check out their iTunes page.

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  • Ross Farm Museum

    I have really been itching to go to some museums this summer. I love history, especially the local history. This morning after we got up we decided to head to a farm museum that is about an hours drive from the city, called Ross Farm Museum. So we headed out of the city with Cory’s cousin Scotty and went for a little drive. From the brochure:

    A Brief History…
    In July 1816, six companies of Nova Scotia Fencible Infantry disbanded at Halifax and spread out onto free land offered for past service. Captain William Ross, leading the men, was asked by the Earl of Dalhousie, Lietenant-Govenor of Nova Scotia to take 172 disbanded soldiers and their families and start a new settlement called Sherbrooke (now called New Ross).

    The Ross Farm Museum is located on 60 acres (25 hectares) of the original 800 acres (325 hectares) given to granted to Captain Ross. Five generations of the Ross family lived and worked on the farm between 1816 and 1969, when it was turned into a museum by the New Ross District Museum society after purchase.

    You can see heritage breeds of sheep, chicken, pigs, cattle, oxen and horses that were common in rural Nova Scotia farms in the 1800’s at the Ross Farm Museum.

    Domesticated animals are an important part of everyday life at the museum. The oxen help cultivate the land, harvest crops and move heavy objects. Many objects from the early days of farming in Nova Scotia are on display at the museum.

    Rose Bank Cottage

    Above is Rose Bank Cottage, the main house on the farm. It’s a working farm, meaning that they still farm the land, bake, blacksmithing, and tons of other stuff. It’s been a really long time since I have been here and have been wanting to go for a long time.

    Main bedroom

    This is the main bedroom in the house, all furniture is period furniture from early 1800’s to the late 1960’s when the house was turned into a museum. It was made locally and came from the house or other houses in the area. Not all of it belonged to the Ross family however I believe this bedstead did if I remember correctly.

    Churning butter

    The butter above was churned fresh while we were standing in the cottage watching. It was really cool to watch. There was biscuits and real butter and lemonade after the butter was churned. Unfortunately due to health regulations  they are not allowed to serve the fresh churned butter, so it was store bought for us.

    See the rest of the images >>

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  • Good news after all!

    I’m going to start with the not-so-good news so that this posts ends on a high note. I have a wicked cold. Cory has had it for about a week and a half and it turned into pneumonia again for him. I am hoping that it will not get that bad for me. I had a flu shot, which I know has nothing to do with a cold but for some reason when I get one I tend to get sick less overall through the winter. So here’s hoping…

    Because of said cold, I called in to work sick today at about 10 this morning. I got a call about 11 from my project manager asking me if I felt well enough to come in for a few hours, I wouldn’t have to be on the phones or anything, she just wanted to discuss an opportunity with me that will help develop my “leadership” role as she put it and that they were having a meeting about it with our head office and wanted me to be there. [...]

  • Work Related
  • The hassle of getting around

    Tomorrow will start week #4 on crutches. I am still really babying my leg. I am scared to put too much weight on it because I can’t handle the pain when my knee gives way or the sharp pain in my knee when I bear too much weight on it. The majority of the pain I was experiencing at rest when not moving or putting weight on my leg is gone, which is good.

    I am learning the hard way that my work place is not so accessible to people with disabilities. It seems as though it is, a number of doors have the automatic door buttons, there is 2 elevators, a larger stall in the bathroom, etc. But there is more to it then meets the eye.

    For example, of the doors with automatic door buttons, only three out of 6 that I go through on a day to day basis have the button and only one of which actually fully works. The other 2 you have to move to the side of the door to press the button and they only open about 1 out of 5 times on their own, the other 4 times you have to then move to the door and pull on it then the automatic  part takes over and they open the rest of the way. They (the buttons) are on the correct side at least, it is not behind the door as the ones upstairs are… seriously, wtf? [...]

  • Health & Wellness
  • Symptom or side effect?

    Getting to and staying asleep has become a bit of a chore lately. I have been waking up every few hours and suffering fro what I can only assume is some sort of sleep paralysis. The first time it happened I thought I was either having a bad dream or some sort of paranormal experience. Ya my brain just automatically goes there!

    I woke up out a dead sleep in the middle of the night. I could hear Cory beside me moving in his sleep. I could feel the weight of the cat on my feet and felt completely awake, however I could not move at all. It lasted what felt like minutes to me but I am sure was only seconds. I was really freaked out and had a hard time getting back to sleep.

    I usually take 30mg of Amnitryptoline before bed. It was working really good for a bit. Now when I fall asleep, two to three times a night, I get the sensations of falling. I’ve had this before but not this bad. It happens almost every single night to varying degrees. [...]