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  • Blogging skills

    What is the one skill you see in other bloggers that you wish you had?

    When I visit a blog for the first time the thing that tends to strike me the most is how often you post. More so then the quality of your posts or what you post about. I enjoy reading about other peoples thoughts and feelings and about their day in general but if you write really infrequently or there is months at a time between posts I tend to loose interest.

    Oddly enough the thing I admire most in other bloggers is the one thing I can not seem to accomplish myself. Sometimes it seems no matter how hard I try or how much I wish it. I just never seem capable of accomplishing it. Sometimes it is that I can not seem to get in the mood to write but often I don’t really have anything to write about and can not come up with ideas. [...]

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  • Finally, it’s about time

    I believe I mentioned purchasing a car a few months ago on my blog. Well the day we picked it up from the dealership, June 21st, one of the key fob parts of the integrated key fobs (totally off topic, every time I write out or hear the word fob, it makes me laugh, I don’t know why…) did not work at all. Within a few days the second one stopped working.

    Since then I have been in contact with the dealership every few days at first then pretty much weekly from then on, trying to get them to fix the issue. Which is that I need two new key fobs. At $150.00 for each fob, which is essentially in this case the top part of the key and has the lock, unlock button and trunk release buttons and another $100.00 to program them I could not justify paying that myself within a few days of buying the car, especially since one of the key fobs did not work the day I picked the car up and they promised me they would deal with it. [...]

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  • Would you rather…

    I saw this post on Carolynne’s blog and it looked like fun, she challenge other people to answer so I am


    …Watch Star Wars or Star Trek?
    Star Wars

    …Read on a Kindle or paperback book?
    Kindle (or rather a tablet that I tend to use more as an e-reader than a tablet most of the time)

    …Go to a play or musical?
    A play, musicals usually annoy me. With the exception of RENT which I loved.

    …Go to the theater or a movie?
    In Nova Scotia they are one and the same, but yeah a movie.

    …Hike or bike?

    …Wear jeans or chinos?
    Jeans, I don’t even know what chinos are…

    …Have a Margarita or Pina Colada?
    Can I say neither? I don’t drink.

    …Drink a glass of Guinness or Fat Tire?
    Same as above.

    …Crash with friends or stay in a hotel?
    Depends on who the friend is lol. But most likely a hotel. I like hotels. [...]

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  • A look back into the past

    Sometimes to know just how fortunate you are and to know how far you have come over the years can be really empowering. I don’t really use Google + much but I decided the other day to work on my profile a bit and start adding people.

    While doing this I clicked on images and there was blogger.com images there. I remembered then that I had a blog on Blogger at one time. It’s not much. Just four posts from 2008/2009. A little less than six years ago. This would have been just a few months before I went to Afghanistan in 2009 and the month I came back.

    All four posts are quite something for me to read. I am going to include one here. I am going to warn you though, it deals with abuse by a significant other (one of my ex’s) and it deals with thoughts of suicide so read with caution if you do read it. Looking back on this I am really proud of myself. That I kept on going, that I realised my own self worth and that I fought to get out of the relationship. [...]

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  • The End of Summer

    I noticed tonight that it is starting to get dark before 9 PM. Seems like summer is almost over. That brings out mixed emotions in me since I have been pretty much house bound for the last two and a half weeks.

    On one hand I am extremely sad that summer is almost over and that I will not get to go swimming at the beach or at a lake again this summer. On the other hand I am excited for fall and ready for the 30° weather to go away. I am sure I will regret that since the winter is supposed to be an especially brutal one. Last winter was bad but this one is supposed to be worse.

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  • Whooping cough

    So I was right all along, there is something more to this then a panic attack. I went to my family doctors today to follow up on the chest x-ray from Thursday and he said that it shows that I have some fluid in my lungs and while I was there I was coughing and he said it is definitely whooping cough, right down to the “whoop” after the fits of coughing.

    He went over what to expect with me and told me that it could last for weeks and even get a little worse before getting better. Based on when I initially got sick I should be in week 3, which is stage 2 of the disease. The first one to two weeks (stage 1) are usually a low grade fever, some minor coughing, and runny nose. All of which I had. In the next stage (stage 2) there are fits of numerous, rapid coughs until your lungs have no air left, which is when the “whoop” usually comes in as you are forced to inhale.