It’s about time

After a lot of looking around I finally picked out our Christmas present and put $100 down on it and put it on lay away. My parents asked me a while ago what we wanted for Christmas and I really couldn’t come up with anything. So Mom asked what we needed and what we really really need is a new mattress and boxspring.

Ours are old hand me down’s from Cory’s parents that if I remember correctly are as old as us. It’s just not healthy and Cory can’t even sleep in the bed anymore. He starts out some nights in bed but after 2-3 hours of snoring, moving around and trying to get comfortable he heads to the couch. We have not slept a whole night in the bed together in months.

The side I sleep on has a huge hole in it where the coils have just given away and the side he is on has a huge uncomfortable lump that is right where his back is. It is so uncomfortable to sleep on. So it has been a long time overdue. Mom and Dad are giving us $300 towards the set. I was initially going to just get a mattress because it’s so expensive to get a set but Nothin Fancy Furniture have queen size pillow top mattresses on for $299 and this weekend they are having a no tax event. [...]

Dropping the ball

Somehow I really dropped the ball yesterday. I am not sure why but I thought I had posted. However I didn’t. Who am I kidding anyways? I can’t blog everyday, I never have been able to for very long.

Yesterday I think it was because I went to the dentist and wasn’t feeling the greatest when I got home. Only one more appointment for all my dental work to be done. Yesterday he filled my tooth that I had the root canal on, the molar that broke. He sort of rebuilt it, it’s in the back and I don’t really care what it looks like as long as it functions.

I am a bit sore today. I also had 3 more fillings on that side done. Took a while for the freezing to wear off again. My appointment was at 1 pm I was out by 2:15-2:30 pm but my whole right side of my face was still frozen when I went to bed. [...]

Benefiting from the kindness of strangers

Tell us about one time that you benefited from the kindness of strangers.

A few years ago my ex-boyfriend and I used to work for a delivery company as a second job to make some money. Delivering pizza’s KFC, Chinese food, etc. We started a few months before Christmas as we both needed a little spending money for Christmas and both had cars. We convinced our families it would be okay as we would always be doing it together. We each had cell phones and in between calls would hang out together in a parking lots or near one of the KFC’s we delivered for.

We had a lot of fun at first and the tips were great. His car broke down at one point and he came with me and we just split everything. We realized we could really do it either way though the people we worked for preferred us each in our own car so that they could have us both working at the same time. I was actually pretty good at it and became pretty quick. [...]

The Winter Blues

Anyone else tend to suffer really hard from the winter blues? I know I tend to. Each year I start the winter with high hopes that I will get out, go skating, go sledding, go skiing or snowboarding and keep active and busy and beat the winter blues. Unfortunately that never seems to happen or very seldom. Sometime around the half way mark I go from wonder at the first few seriously pretty snow falls, which I always tend to look forward to at this time of year, to just being fed up with it all and wanting so so so damn bad to be warm again!

Last winter was a particularly brutal one. We had a number of paralyzing snow storms which brought the whole city to a grinding hault. It usually happens at least once a year every year but last year it seemed to be endless. There are other years in my recent memories like that as well. For me, I think the worst thing, and sometimes the best thing, depending on how you look at it, is still having to go to work, despite the fact that my car is buried in a 10 foot snow drift that I have to spend 3 hours shoveling out of before I hit endlessly treacherous roads where I slip and slide my way into the parking lot, only to have to do the whole thing over again to drive the few blocks home. Seems pointless… why do I not just walk you say? Come on… I know that’s what your thinking. [...]

United Way

For the month of November every year my work, Blue Ocean Contact Center does a huge fundraiser that lasts all month for United Way Halifax. I am a huge fan of United Way since they work right in the community fighting poverty and helping to improve the health of Haligonians as they do in many communities all over North America and worldwide.

Each project at work sets up ways to help fund raise for the United Way from a change bucket, to an auction, to bake sales, to a scavenger hunt, to pie in your face (one of my projects contributions to the effort) where you pay $5 to throw a pie in the face of a coach or IST member, to our companies newest addition a general store. This year our goal was 51,500. I am happy to say when I left yesterday evening we were already at 90% and still had some of the days activities to count up. [...]

Blogging skills

What is the one skill you see in other bloggers that you wish you had?

When I visit a blog for the first time the thing that tends to strike me the most is how often you post. More so then the quality of your posts or what you post about. I enjoy reading about other peoples thoughts and feelings and about their day in general but if you write really infrequently or there is months at a time between posts I tend to loose interest.

Oddly enough the thing I admire most in other bloggers is the one thing I can not seem to accomplish myself. Sometimes it seems no matter how hard I try or how much I wish it. I just never seem capable of accomplishing it. Sometimes it is that I can not seem to get in the mood to write but often I don’t really have anything to write about and can not come up with ideas. [...]