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  • Let the TTC begin!

    Eddie and I have been trying a few months now to conceive and so far nothing much has happened. I am 35 going on 36 and with the medical issues I’ve had I am a little concerned about conceiving in general. About 2 months ago I came off of Lyrica, Naproxen and even Reactine. I have been taking a pre-natal multivitamin since then as well as a supplement called Vitex which is supposed to regulate everything and help with conceiving.

    I am so happy that Eddie and I are on the same page with this and he is willing to do whatever it takes for us to have kids. We have decided we want to consider adoption as well. We have called the adoption hotline for Nova Scotia and have been invited to an orientation session. We can not make this one due to our schedules but we are hoping to make the next one in May in our area. [...]

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  • Growing older

    Do you enjoy growing old or do you fight against it?

    I guess until recently I have always thought of age as just a number. I have never felt like I am getting older. Just living one day at a time and taking whatever life threw my way. I have always wanted kids and have always looked forward to getting older but never put much thought into it. I just figured it would happen one day and that there was always time.

    Lately that philosophy has been coming back to haunt me a little. Sometime in the last year, I suddenly realized that I was substantially older (6 years) then my mother when she had me. All of a sudden I didn’t know where the time went and it has made me want to fight against growing older with all my might.

    Before 30 I was really enjoying getting older and was looking forward to the things that come with it. Dating, finding my soul mate, buying my first new car, moving into a house, getting married and starting a family. I had no desire to fight it and was excited about growing older. [...]

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  • Need to get my ass in gear!

    I finished the week with no major issues and have taken an extra hour a day next week to help catch up on some bills and stuff. I am feeling increasingly better and am really encouraged to keep going. I am still coughing but it’s manageable for the most part now. I am excited to be back to work and looking forward again to the cooler days of fall.

    Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of time to really think about where I am in my career. Which really is just a job not a career, but at least it’s one I really enjoy. It can become tedious though as I am sure even a career can be. I have been thinking though that with my knowledge of technology in classrooms (such as SMART Boards, projectors, etc) and with my love of kids, of education and of children with special needs, that I am really not 100% where I want to be. [...]

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  • Half way through the week…

    And so far not much to report. Middle of week 5 and I still can’t stop coughing for the life of me. I am starting to hurt all over (especially my chest and back) and started coughing up a small and I mean small amount of blood today, just trace amounts. I called 811 which is our non-emergency health and information services where you can speak to a registered nurse, who advised me that this is typical when the lining of the lungs and even throat is irritated by whooping cough and/or pneumonia and not to panic as long as it stayed really small amounts.

    She told me that if it becomes more, I’m uncomfortable with it or I am coughing up clots then I need to be seen right away. I gotta say it freaked me out a little bit. She warned me too that the pressure from coughing can cause a bleeding nose or vomiting, the vomiting of which I have already done a lot… 5 times from 9-6:30 yesterday and once in the night. I have such a headache and am so tired of this. I guess it’s just one day at a time Look At This. [...]

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  • Stir crazy

    I am getting so bored. It is September 6th and it is almost 30°C outside or it feels like it anyway, I think it is like 22-23°C and feels like 26-27°C. It’s beautiful and I am sitting on my couch with all the windows open watching the Simpsons and playing games on the computer. It does not feel like fall yet. It’s so warm outside.

    I just want to be outside. We went this morning to the Harbourview Weekend Market in Dartmouth with Cory’s cousin to look around. This weekend is the 50 Mile Yard Sale which is an event that goes on every year. My best friend Erin and I usually go every year. We all decided yesterday not to go since we did not have much money left and need to use what is left for gas till the end of the month and can not spare the gas. I am disappointed. I really wanted to get out all day and enjoy the day. Doesn’t even bother me that I would be doing all the driving. It would have been worth it. [...]

  • Health & Wellness
  • Whooping Cough Week 4

    So this is almost the end of the 4th week with whooping cough (pertussis) and I am feeling a bit better and am back at work. I am still coughing a lot and need to take breaks at work from being on the phone which really seems to aggravate the coughing.

    I find I have had a really bad headache for a few days but I am eating and drinking some. Trying to eat smaller meals since I tend to throw them up if I don’t. My back and chest are sore from the coughing and I think I pulled a muscle in my abdomin a bit just under my rib cage.

    Here is a small clip of what it sounds like when I cough.

    I don’t always have the “whooping” sound and if I do it varies from mild to more severe. All I can say is coughing hurts a lot right now! I wake up a few times a night coughing and tend to sleep in a more upright position on the couch. [...]