What was he thinking?

As more information becomes available about the guy that worked with us that planned the failed massacre plot at the mall on Valentines Day, the more disconcerting and confusing it’s becoming. Co-workers are starting to speak out to the media and more information is being dug up on social media showing his intent to open fire on his co-workers at my work. If you have no idea what I am talking about reading this post explains more.

A co-worker of mine alleges that he talked to her about shooting up the workplace. There is an article in the paper about it from yesterday and another co-worker of mine sent me a link to it on Facebook. But I have questions, questions I hope will be answered soon in one way, and in another way I wonder if maybe we are better off not knowing. [...]

United Way

For the month of November every year my work, Blue Ocean Contact Center does a huge fundraiser that lasts all month for United Way Halifax. I am a huge fan of United Way since they work right in the community fighting poverty and helping to improve the health of Haligonians as they do in many communities all over North America and worldwide.

Each project at work sets up ways to help fund raise for the United Way from a change bucket, to an auction, to bake sales, to a scavenger hunt, to pie in your face (one of my projects contributions to the effort) where you pay $5 to throw a pie in the face of a coach or IST member, to our companies newest addition a general store. This year our goal was 51,500. I am happy to say when I left yesterday evening we were already at 90% and still had some of the days activities to count up. [...]

Harry Potter!

Who’s a fan?? I know I am. I have read all the books and seen all the movies but it has been a little while. I decided to re-read and re-watch all 7 books and 8 movies. I downloaded the first book from the library on my tablet Sunday while I was at the laundromat and have the second one on hold. I started it and am really excited to re-read them again!

I have not decided yet if I am going to read a book then watch the movie, read a book, watch the movie, etc or if I am going to read them all then watch all the movies. I guess it depends on how I am going to get a hold of all the movies. My parents have them so I may grab them when we go there on November 26th or 27th. We are getting the 27th and 28th off for American Thanks Giving as there will not be much if any call volume. So we may leave after I finish work on the 26th depending on my shift and spend the 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th there. [...]

Root Canal

I am so horrible sometimes at keeping up with posting, where did the last 3 and a half weeks go? I am feeling much better but after getting over getting sick about 2 weeks ago I got another really bad infection in my back molar that broke about a year ago. I kept having to put off the root canal as I kept getting infections or getting sick. So after 2 more weeks of anti-biotics I had my root canal done on Saturday.

It went okay. I was in so much pain leading up to the root canal and then mid week last week they had to drain the abscess twice. I was terrified of the pain I would be in after the procedure as well as what it would be like during it. I have heard so many horror stories. Luckily all I felt during the whole thing was when they stuck the needles in to freeze me which I will not lie, was not pleasant but since the freezing works fast it did not last all that long. [...]

So happy the weekend is here!

I only worked an extra hour a day this week, but it has tired me out. I am working 9-5 next week and plan on taking extra hours if they end up offering them, just to try and catch back up on everything and get ahead again. I got my GST rebate so that’s good. Something extra to help to my next pay which will be a full one with extra hours on it thank god!

I went to Value Village last night with Erin and actually managed to find something for once. I bought 7 tops for work for $50.00, a little more then $7 a top. They were between $2.99 and $9.99 each. I never find anything there so I was really happy about that. I have s little slide show of the tops below. Sorry about the lighting and quality of the pictures, the lighting in our bedroom is not that great and I was standing on the edge of the bed, hard to keep still. [...]

Finally, it’s about time

I believe I mentioned purchasing a car a few months ago on my blog. Well the day we picked it up from the dealership, June 21st, one of the key fob parts of the integrated key fobs (totally off topic, every time I write out or hear the word fob, it makes me laugh, I don’t know why…) did not work at all. Within a few days the second one stopped working.

Since then I have been in contact with the dealership every few days at first then pretty much weekly from then on, trying to get them to fix the issue. Which is that I need two new key fobs. At $150.00 for each fob, which is essentially in this case the top part of the key and has the lock, unlock button and trunk release buttons and another $100.00 to program them I could not justify paying that myself within a few days of buying the car, especially since one of the key fobs did not work the day I picked the car up and they promised me they would deal with it. [...]