What’s in a name?

I have to admit I am being lazy and writing up some of my blog posts ahead of time right now. So that I do not fall back into the rut of not posting for weeks, and this is one of them. C’est La Vie! So, what’s in a name? By this I mean A Story About A Girl or storyboutagirl.org. I feel like giving a bit of a back history about the domain name, my blogging and whatever else I can think of related to this.

If you have read my about section then you may already know that the name is based off of an Our Lady Peace (OLP) song called Story About A Girl off of their Gravity album. If you want to check out some of their songs you can check out their iTunes page.

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Ross Farm Museum

I have really been itching to go to some museums this summer. I love history, especially the local history. This morning after we got up we decided to head to a farm museum that is about an hours drive from the city, called Ross Farm Museum. So we headed out of the city with Cory’s cousin Scotty and went for a little drive. From the brochure:

A Brief History…
In July 1816, six companies of Nova Scotia Fencible Infantry disbanded at Halifax and spread out onto free land offered for past service. Captain William Ross, leading the men, was asked by the Earl of Dalhousie, Lietenant-Govenor of Nova Scotia to take 172 disbanded soldiers and their families and start a new settlement called Sherbrooke (now called New Ross).

The Ross Farm Museum is located on 60 acres (25 hectares) of the original 800 acres (325 hectares) given to granted to Captain Ross. Five generations of the Ross family lived and worked on the farm between 1816 and 1969, when it was turned into a museum by the New Ross District Museum society after purchase.

You can see heritage breeds of sheep, chicken, pigs, cattle, oxen and horses that were common in rural Nova Scotia farms in the 1800’s at the Ross Farm Museum.

Domesticated animals are an important part of everyday life at the museum. The oxen help cultivate the land, harvest crops and move heavy objects. Many objects from the early days of farming in Nova Scotia are on display at the museum.

Rose Bank Cottage

Above is Rose Bank Cottage, the main house on the farm. It’s a working farm, meaning that they still farm the land, bake, blacksmithing, and tons of other stuff. It’s been a really long time since I have been here and have been wanting to go for a long time.

Main bedroom

This is the main bedroom in the house, all furniture is period furniture from early 1800’s to the late 1960’s when the house was turned into a museum. It was made locally and came from the house or other houses in the area. Not all of it belonged to the Ross family however I believe this bedstead did if I remember correctly.

Churning butter

The butter above was churned fresh while we were standing in the cottage watching. It was really cool to watch. There was biscuits and real butter and lemonade after the butter was churned. Unfortunately due to health regulations  they are not allowed to serve the fresh churned butter, so it was store bought for us.

Fresh churned butter

Here is the finished product, it is hard to tell from the picture but it is a nice bright buttery yellow and it smelled really good. Notice the stamp on the top? They had little wooden thing they put it in that measured out 1/2 lb and stamped the farm name on the top.

The women churning the butter told us that they did that so that if you were purchasing the butter at the market years ago it was tamped, that way if you were not happy with it you would be able to identify the butter and ensure you purchased butter from another farm.

Cream seperator

Above, according to Cory, I did not hear them say this, is a cream separator apparently. I Google’d it and it does appear to be correct. I love old machinery and whatnot.

One Room School House

This one room school house was across and down a little bit from the main house, Rose Bank Cottage. It is original to the area and time period but was moved to the current location from off of the original 800 acres.  It’s interesting to see because my mother went to a school that was almost identical in her town. They all had a very similar and simple design.

Chalk Board

A long way from a SMART Board© interactive whiteboard eh? I can’t remember the last time I saw a chalk board in a school around here, a regular dry erase board maybe but mostly not. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong century.

Rose Bank Cottage & Barn

This is the barn that was next to the house, inside was all kinds of wooden things that they made on the farm; rakes, spoons, snow shoes, etc. Things that would have been used around the farm, and actually still are, they are also sold at the gift shop when you first come in.

Wagon ride

We took a hay ride, minus the hay through the farm as it is a long way all the way around. This is the wagon we got into. The horses are well trained. Thank god!

J.J. Morley General Blacksmith

Above is a working blacksmith. They had tons of stuff inside, the light was kinda bad and my flash was not working well so I only got decent pictures of the outside of the building. I am not sure if this is original or not, but they hand a mixture of original and replica stuff inside. I wanted a horseshoe so bad!

Another view of Rose Bank Cottage

Another view of the Ross Bank Cottage with Rhubarb in front. When we went inside to watch the butter churning at the end when they gave us fresh biscuits and butter there was home made strawberry rhubarb jam as well. Mmm… so good!

Baby kitten

Just before we got onto the wagon ride this little guy wandered up to us for a rub up against our leg, before I could get my camera he ran back under one of the barns and hid. They told us that people drop kittens off in the middle of the night, I guess figuring that they will be well cared for, but they get so many.

One woman asked if she could take one of them home and after talking to her about it for a bit they reluctantly agreed. I think it must be hard for them cause they just run wild all over the place but at the same time they are not an animal shelter, they are a farm. They say that if you take one home its at your own risk, as you don’t know anything about their health and they do not spay or give them shots. I would think they would not want them running all over the place breeding either…


This sleigh caught my eye. I love them.They were a big part of getting around here in winter before everyone and their dog had a car. I don’t imagine many are still used today. I really loved this one though.


This was quite common in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Peddler’s would travel around the country side peddling whatever goods they could get their hands on, often trading things and re-purposing things. Old school recycling?


The above barrels were being made for apples, some sort of market that will be going on soon. They make barrels mostly for dry goods due to the type of wood available on the farm. We sat and watched a barrel being made almost from scratch. They place the barrel over a funny shaped wooden stove to shape it. It got real hot, real fast. I’m not sure how they can/could stand it!

Cider Press

This cider press was in one of the outbuildings, that housed a ton of old horse drawn farm equipment and machinery. They make cider on the farm as well in the fall & winter. As the farm is open in the winter & fall I am seriously thinking of visiting for some cider and pumpkin pie. Yum.

Pumpkin Patch

Local children plant pumpkins in this pumpkin patch each year and number the sticks, when they are large enough they come back, pick their pumpkin and make pumpkin pie. They have a bunch of school related programs on the farm.

Cutie Pie


This little cutie pie took a liking to me. When we were heading back to the front of the farm to leave she followed us all the way from Rose Bank Cottage back to the parking lot. Along the way she took off after something up a tree. We stopped to watch and then she seemed to realize how high up she was ( I say she cause I just thought of it as a she, but really I never checked lol).

I had to coax her back down branch by branch from half way up the tree. She jumped into my arms and cuddled. She was purring a lot. She then followed us the rest of the way to the gift shop. While we were using the wash rooms in the gift shop she took off into the parking lot which had about 7-10 cars and she got underneath ours and layed down, we found her there interestingly enough when we approached the car. She tried climbing in. I had to put her back over the fence a few times before we could leave.

Another couple had to watch her to make sure she did not run back to the car as I was backing up. She then took off not interested in them at all. I wanted her so bad but there was no point in even asking as we are in a small apartment, have one 3 year old neutered male who I am not sure would take to another cat around. Not to mention I would not want her near him till she was checked out by a vet and confirmed healthy. If we had a bigger place I would have probably asked if we could have her.

Anyways, that was our Saturday afternoon. It was a lovely day at almost 30°C (86°F). We had a really nice time but I was a little sad to leave the kitten there . On the way home we took the old highway (non twinned) back most of the way, we pulled off down a side road that I knew went down to the ocean. The point was to let Cory and Scotty out for a smoke and take some pictures.

However the car decided at that time to act up. When they got out and closed the doors the “passenger door open” light came on and no matter what we tried we could not get it to go back off. Even after opening and closing all doors, checking for gravel and what have you, nothing worked. In turn this caused the dome lights to stay on the whole drive back and the car would not auto lock like it normally does when you go over 15 km/hour and the open door chime went every few seconds all the way home.

Needless to say I was not happy. I called the dealership and left a message to warn them I would be calling again on Monday morning. Since they still have my second key that does not work. But we made it home in one piece and when I tried to see what was going on when I got home it stopped doing it and started working fine. Go figure.

You know you live in the Maritimes when…

I was woken up at 8:30 this morning after 4 hours of sleep to go out in the middle of a snow storm to get groceries. This was Cory’s brainchild not mine. So in my PJ’s I bundled up in my too small winter jacket and hat and mittens braved the snow covered roads in my trusty little Cobalt LT and went shopping. Seriously?! WTF!

Not my car but you get the idea!
Not my car but you get the idea!

To my own credit I suggested doing this last night, but he wanted to go out to a friends and his exact words were “oh it won’t be that bad”, tell that to my car that kept sliding everywhere. Stupid, stupid idea. We made it home covered in snow and half frozen but in one piece.

This was this afternoon, again not my picture but it shows how much we got, and we got more after that.
This was this afternoon, again not my picture but it shows how much we got, and we got more after that.

Overall the province got more then 30-38 cm (11.8-15 in), with Halifax getting about 35cm (14.8 in), since about suppertime it is now freezing rain on top of that. A plow has not gone down our road since earlier and our car is buried and the road covered in snow still. Hopefully the truck that does our parking lot comes before morning. The plow dumped a bunch of snow at the entrance to our parking lot.

Tomorrow I work at 9 AM, and I am training a class so I have to be there. Should be an interesting morning. I’ll be in bed before to long so I can get up early and dig my way out in the light of the day. After all the freezing rain we are getting it’s gonna be one hell of a mess.

As I am writing this, the snow plow guys came to do our apartment’s parking lot, so I had to go out and move my car, there is still a lot of snow and tons of water and ice. Overnight it’s supposed to go to -4°C (feels like -10°C) so you know it’s all going to freeze. It’s going to me a messy week.

On another note, Cory gave me my big Christmas present early. $100 to renew all my domain names (3 currently) and my reseller package. It’s given me the push to really get my hosting moved over to it’s own domain. I am currently in the process of trying to set it up and make it look more professional.

I am struggling on whether to use WordPress or look into using something else. I really don’t want to pay for anything right now till I get it up and running and get more hostees (both free and paid) then I will look into buying or designing a really nice theme and maybe try a different CMS. I’d currently really struggling to find a decent free WordPress theme I can use and/or adapt for the site. I have no idea what to use.

A ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day

I don’t usually like using my iphone to write but since my site is down and I want to blog now I really don’t have much of a choice. This is one of the reasons I am just trying my host before I purchase anything. Just because the price is right doesn’t mean much. So we’ll just see.

Anyways, I love good news! A few weeks ago a woman bumped, and I literally mean bumped into my car in the parking lot of my building. Just some scratches on my bumper. I was upset but whatever… My car’s been hit before and I hit something [someone] once. So it’s by far not the first scratch on my car (I drive a 2008 Cobalt Lt), but still I’ve just had nothing but bad luck. Including a 3x hike in my insurance. So anyway, I got a call from the insurance company saying the estimate is for about $1300.

Since its literally scratches and with the other scratches it seems silly to fix it, I asked if I could just settle for cash instead and they said yes! They are giving me a cheque for $692.90 and I don’t need to use it to get the car fixed! It’s mine to keep and use for whatever!!!

Of course that opened up some doors. I am in bankruptcy. A fact I was at first scared to admit and say “out loud” to anyone. But honestly everyone gets into financial trouble. 1000’s of Canadians file for bankruptcy every year! Over 145,000 according to one site from June 30, 2009 to June 30, 2010! Shocking eh?

So my question was being in bankruptcy will my trustee seize it? And the answer is no! They have no interest in it. It’s mine. That being said I plan on paying about half my fees with it. On top of that I get my HST cheque back too. So I may actually get somewhere this month. I’m so happy about that.

It’s a bit if a relief. I was starting to really worry I was gonna be back in debt before I even got out of it. But then came this little ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day!

Cory went to bed early and I’m not tired yet. I should be working on a WordPress portfolio theme for my new domain. I purchased simpleillusionsdesign.com a few days ago and plan on making it my portfolio site. I am trying to find some of my old designs to use but I believe I deleted everything. Which ticks me off. I have an idea in my mind of what I am looking to do for the design but I can’t come up with a color scheme or any inspiration.

Cory has been so sick still from the other night. He went to his doctor today and his doctor was upset the hospital did no tests and really didn’t exam him more then just pressing on his tummy and saying go home and sleep it off. He’s still in some pain.

I’m still having issues too but don’t feel much like talking about that. So I guess I’m just gonna look around for a bit, visit a few blogs, listen to some music and then go to bed when I get tired enough to go.

All Work An No Play

I have been working for for about 3 days strait on a new theme. I decided to do it completely from scratch, designed it in Photoshop and coded it in html then coded it into a WordPress theme. It’s a large project for me and is keeping me busy. When I am done though I am sure it will be worth it.

I have run into so many small problems along the way, but nothing huge or major. Just annoyances that it takes a while to figure out. I’ve always used pre-made themes and then would change them to my liking. I would sometimes even design something, find a theme similar and then re-do it. Leaving credit in tact of course. This time however I decided to start from scratch and see what I could do.

I’m learning a lot and enjoying it. I’m sure my first few themes are going to be fairly simple and I’m sure there will be mistakes. I’m bored though. So it really gives me something to do while I wait to see if I can go back to work on Tuesday. Part of me wants to get back to work but part of me is scared of it happening again. I can’t afford any more sick days, at least on a Leave of Absence I can take my time and get it all figured out. I got to the doctors on Monday to find out if I can go back to work or not. I am anxious about that. I still don’t feel 100% and would like a definitive answer on what is going on. But I am not sure I will ever fully get one.

I’m thinking though on the side that making WordPress themes would be fun to get into and start selling them. There are tons out there but if your good enough at site design you can make some money off of it.

I really need to figure out a good way to make some extra money and try and get ahead. Being off work has really put a strain on us financially. But I guess it was needed.