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  • Going home for the weekend

    We are heading home tomorrow to my parents for the weekend. It’s Thanksgiving in the US and we have 2 unpaid days off at work Thursday and Friday, so I will be getting a 4 day weekend.

    Cory and I made plans to drive to Digby after work tomorrow since I am off at 5pm. I am excited since we are staying in Halifax for Christmas and spending Christmas here with his parents. However it looks now like we might get some snow.

    I am scared to drive my car in the snow. It’ll be the first time driving it. I am a nervous driver as it is and hate driving in the snow. On top of that though I only have all season tires on it and I really really should have winters here. I can’t afford them though.

    I thought I would be able to get extra hours at work to save up some money for winter tires before winter started. I didn’t take into account missing a month being sick or that we would not be busy enough for a lot of extra hours. I never really took that into consideration when trading my old car in. [...]

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  • Fall is sort of peaking its head out.

    It’s been a really warm September over all. We had a few cooler days but mostly in the high teens and 20’s (Celsius) which is higher then normal for this time of year. It’s been beautiful though and I am not complaining. In some places the leaves are starting to change now near the end of September but other areas are still so green. It’s like living in two worlds.

    Since I spent a good chunk of September sick I did not get out a lot with my camera. However I did a few weekends ago go to Oak Island like I mentioned before. It made me sicker for a day or two after but I am glad I still went. I was able to take some pictures but really nothing has changed much since last time I was there. It was still a nice drive there and nice walk through the island to the money pit. [...]

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  • Local Folklore – Jermone

    Kristina of Shadowed Beauty gave me me an idea for a post on local folklore so I decided to share a story that has been handed down in my family (as well as families all over Digby and the southern shore of Nova Scotia) for decades about a man named Jerome found on a beach in 1863. This is a “folklore story”  that actually it is true and I know cause my family was involved in it somewhat and it sticks out in my mind as I have grown up hearing it all the time. Different variations but all with the same result.

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  • Hurricanes and fireworks

    Yesterday was Canada Day. Much like Independence Day in the US, it’s our day to celebrate our country and OUR confederation, where we became the federal Dominion of Canada on July 1st, 1867.  There is usually day long celebrations including concerts, events and fireworks. Every town and city celebrates.

    I worked from 9-5 (which I get double-time for, yay!) and then we went to Cory’s sisters place for a barbecue. We planned on going to the fireworks in the evening but didn’t end up going, we did watch some from our balcony though.

    I am not too bummed about the fireworks, Sunday is my birthday, I will be 34 (I am getting old) and we are going to Digby, to the beach camping for the weekend with my family. We are supposed to be setting off fireworks sometime over the weekend. [...]

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  • Memories

    I’ve been really sentimental lately and thinking of the places I’ve lived, and the people I’ve known in my life who are no longer here. With the passing of my Uncle Mark on October 23rd, I have been thinking a lot of him and my Nan and Gramp.

    I was over at HeartBox ME! Posting a ghost story about my Grampy which took place in their old house that my Mom and my Aunts and Uncles grew up in. It was passed down to my Uncle Mark. He sold it a while back but now I keep thinking of the house and wishing I could afford to by it and maybe rent it out or let my parents live there if they wanted to (not that I would ever have the money to do that).

    Guess what? I found it online and it’s for sale (come to think of it I do remember my Mom mentioning it was for sale when my Uncle died. But I found it and it’s for sale again. They are asking for too much if you ask me. But they did do a beautiful job on the inside of it. They unearthed the original floors and exposed beams and redid them. It looks really pretty inside. [...]

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  • Christmas Traditions

    Since we moved to Nova Scotia in 1997, it’s been a tradition every year in December (date varies each year) to go for a drive around the city to look at Christmas lights. We go to Tim Horton’s first for a coffee or hot chocolate, then we drive around listening to Christmas music on the radio. Usually Country. It’s the only time of year I would be caught dead listening to Country music. My father is typically the one driving, sometimes friends of the family come along.

    The last few years with my parents about 230km (143mi – 2 1/2 hour drive) from the city I haven’t had a chance to do this with them and never bothered to do it on my own. Today though, that changed. I spent the afternoon going from store to store at Dartmouth Crossing trying to find my friends daughter a junior drum set for Christmas. My friend (also in Digby like my parents) had no luck finding one down there since Digby’s a small town and pickings are limited. So when I got home around supper time. I said to my Cory (my boyfriend) and his cousin Scotty, lets go for a drive to look at some Christmas lights. They both agreed. [...]