Leave of Absence

After a lot of stressing, talking, more stressing and more talking; Eddie and I have come to the conclusion that I need to take a Leave of Absence from work for the summer.  Three and a half months to be exact. Returning September 1st, 2016. It was not an easy decision to make and stressful in itself because we just bought a new car and our payments are more, where was I going to get money since there is no paid leave here?

But thanks to my mother and my sister-in-law it is going to be possible. My mom contacted her boss and asked if I could take in some typing (transcription work) to do at home and my sister-in-law has asked me to babysit her kids part-time. Between the two I should make just enough and can do it from home for the summer and still have enough to pay my part of the bills. In September I’ll re-asses. I got a doctors note and yesterday was my last day till September.

I was so tired of having to talk myself into going to work every day. Mentally it was so taxing I am sure it was adding to making me feel sick all the time gabapentin 300 mg high. I am looking forward to using the summer to spend time with my nieces and getting to know them better and with getting my health better, loosing weight and really putting myself and my soon to be husband and our families first.

I am will have more time to do the things that matter and will have less stress and anxiety and panic. I am looking forward to spending more time planning the wedding as well and not leaving it all up to my mom to plan.

I am also considering going back to school in the fall and maybe only returning part-time. We’ll have to see…


New car and wedding planning!

So we bought a new car today! It’s not brand new but it is a 2015, a Nissan Alitma SV. It was a really good deal. It has 67,000 km on it but they extended the warranty free of charge so we had another 100,000 km which is what the original warranty for a new Nissan Altima would be.


The pictures are not the greatest but they were just quick ones Eddie snapped with his phone. We will get some better ones this weekend hopefully. It’s a really nice car and so much bigger then the Fiesta!


I can’t wait to take it to New Brunswick and maybe into the US with us next weekend. I hate putting that many miles on a car we just bought so fast but we are just going into Maine. It’ll all depend on if we can get the plates switched from the old car to the new one before next weekend.

In Nova Scotia you have 30 days but I am unsure if that may be an issue at the border as the plates are registered to another car and I don’t want to take that chance. I have the money to change them over so I was thinking of going Monday or Tuesday to Access Nova Scotia to get them changed over.

Today was my day off as I am off Friday and Saturday now so we went down this morning and picked up the car. We actually bought it in another town, Bridgewater as that was the were we went originally for a different car, a 2014 Ford Focus but they could not make that one work with our budget and because this one had a bit more kilometers on it (67,000 compared to the 23,000 the Focus had) we got a good deal on it and with the extra warranty we will still have warranty for pretty much our whole loan period. It also brought down our interest rate but the payments went up some. Our insurance stayed pretty much the same.

Tonight after I took Eddie to work my Maid of Honor; Erin, my Bridesmaids Kristy, Susan and Jen and I all got together at Jen’s apartment downstairs , she’s actually Eddies sister and my soon to be sister-in-law to go over the decorations with her and my soon to be nieces. It was a lot of fun. We came up with some DIY ideas for the wedding. I can not wait to try them out. Jen suggested doing a mock table to get an idea so we are going to get some supplies.

Erin came up with the idea of going to the Clay Cafe to make the vases for the flowers for our centerpieces. I love the idea. So instead of glass vases we would make clay ones in white, purple and grey and maybe green (colors of our wedding) and then paint or engrave “Kirsten and Edward ♥ August 27th, 2016” on them. I am pretty set on Gerber daisies and baby’s breath as our flowers. Mom said they can be dyed any color.

Jen found a really cool idea of cans, like soup cans, that you poke holes into in designs and then you can paint them and stick lights in them or you could use a candle. I love the idea! They might not sound like much but they are really pretty. I really like a rustic theme. I haven’t figured out how to embed Pinterest posts in here or I would post a few of the ideas. If anyone knows please let me know and I will edit this and add them! I’ve tried the embed option but the code doesn’t seem to work.

Getting settled in

I am really excited for the summer. I am looking forward to saving up some money while living with Aunt Ferne and the kids and then moving into my own apartment in August or September.

Right now the plan is to save up the damage deposit and a months rent. I mentioned that my brother is planning on coming up. He’s going to come up the end of July or whenever his course is finished and start looking for a job.

I am excited that he is moving in with me. It’s my turn to take care of him. My parents have been doing it for his whole life (24 years) and it’s time for me to take over and help. I think he will do good up here.

In the meantime I am getting settled into my Aunts. It’s a little awkward since I am used to taking care of myself and not worrying about anyone else. Good practice for my brother actually. I am hoping that however long he lives with me I can help him take control of his own life and stop acting like a child.

Given his issues I know that’s probably wishful thinking but anything is better then where he currently is. I know it’s going to take some planning and some homework to get him into the right programs with my parents help but I am hoping that we can move towards more independence and maturity.

He really is a great kid and I love him to death and just want what’s best for him. At the same time it is time for my parents to get a break. They deserve a little alone time. He’s not only hard to handle but he’s a full-time job to a point. Maybe that can change? Hopefully I am not getting my hopes up. But I have noticed a big change in him lately in some ways. For the better.

In the meantime I am going to enjoy the summer. I am putting together a summer bucket list of things I want to do. At the top: indoor rock climbing, whitewater rafting and some hikes to find some waterfalls and take pictures.

A new chapter in life…

It’s been a tough emotional weekend which I really don’t want to get into too many details about, but it has resulted in me moving in with my Aunt and her two kids and my parents taking Max for now.

They are coming up this coming weekend to help me pack up my stuff and they are taking it home. As you can probably guess. Cory and I have decided to break up. I am moving out.

I am not gonna get into details right now. I don’t want it coming out like I blame him because I don’t. It’s just one of those things that happen I guess. I am trying to keep it together and so far feel I am doing a fairly good job. Considering I am currently sitting on a single bed in a Tinkerbell room at my Aunt’s lol wondering where the hell everything went wrong.

Anyways, at this point in time the idea is for my brother to move up here with me when he is finished his course. He was taking a 12 week course through social services and then is planning on coming up to look for a job over the summer. So if all goes as planned then him and I will look for an apartment together in August or September.

Should be interesting. I am not sure how this will work out. He is a handful. But I love him and I am hoping it will be really good for him to get up here, get a job and face real life for once. I am just hoping I know what I am doing…

On another note. My Canon EOS Rebel T5 arrived today. I skipped out on work (voluntary leave) early to pick it up before going to my Aunt’s. I am excited to use it, too bad I have no money to drive anywhere.

I have a 40-45 minute drive to work now so maybe I will see something along the way.

I seriously can’t believe our luck, or lack thereof.

I’m at a complete loss. A couple of months ago a guy backed into our car in the parking lot of a grocery store. Cory and I were inside getting groceries. The guy left a note with his phone number and said he was sorry.

I called him and got his insurance information and called my insurance company to file a claim. A few days later a claims adjuster was assigned and I took my car to a collision center and they sent a quote to the adjuster and an appointment was made to have the car fixed.

Now two and a half years earlier a woman backed up into my old car in my apartments parking lot. I was with a different insurance company at the time and I decided to have the claim paid out as it was minor and I chose not to have the car fixed. Which we are allowed to do here. I never had any issues and was with that same company up till this past December.

Anyways after having the car appraised by the collision center this time I talked it over with Cory and we decided that since the there is only a scrape on the front bumper which is made of plastic and that scrape does not even go all the way through the paint anyways and since there are no dents, no other damage at all and car is 100% drivable and would easily pass inspection, just superficial, that we would get it paid out and put the money to use for winter tires for next year.

I called our adjuster with TD Meloche Monnex our insurance company and asked if this was possible and they said yes. I asked if I did this will the car still need to be fixed and they said no, the money is ours to do what we like with. I received the check and put it in the bank. I ended up using some of it towards glasses and the other towards renewing the license plates instead as I have money saved up in a savings bond I will use toward tires later. All seemed good.

Yesterday while at work I received a call from TD asking me to call them. I called and the guy asked if I had got the car fixed yet. I said no, I had the claim paid out instead and was advised that I do not need to have the car fixed. He said in that case that they would be canceling my insurance and not renewing it for next December! I was so pissed off. I was so mad I did not even yell. I just said “Put a supervisor on please”. I am currently awaiting a call.

In the meantime I received a closing letter for the claim saying they were closing it and a total of $1336.60 was paid out to me. I cashed a check for $668.45, where was the other $668.15?? I called my adjuster and she called me back and left a message and apparently they paid the company for repairs that were never done. Essentially paying out my claim twice.

In her message she mentioned me getting my car fixed myself. Which is the exact opposite of what she told me before. That I did not have to get the car fixed. I am so upset and frustrated with them and can not believe that they would cancel an insurance policy over a superficial scratch to a plastic bumper. It can’t even rust!