Work, Medication & Relocation

I am about half way through my third week back at work. I am doing six hour shifts this week. So far I am doing okay. Not great but okay. I am still having considerable pain but I am just glad to be back. I started Lyrica about the same time I started back at work (the night before). That is not going so great so far, not that I really expected much. It’s not really helping at all with my pain during the day. At night it makes me so sleepy that I am unsure if I am sleeping okay because of that or because it is helping my pain. I think more just that it is knocking me out

I started at 75 mg and was supposed to increase it after about a week slowly up to no more then 300 mg. I haven’t gone up at all. The reason is that I don’t think I would be a fully functioning human being if I did. I can barely tolerate the 75 mg. I tried last night just the one time to increase to 150 mg, today I struggled with every word at work, I was staring off into space and I felt as if I had cotton balls in my mouth. I am not doing that to myself again tonight so back to 75 mg I go.

I am going to see if I can get a prescription for 25 mg from my doctor and try going up more slowly from 75 mg. I can see why I hate this medication the first time I was on it. It really does a number on you. I am so dizzy as well. I am scared to drive and won’t drive right after I take it. So I take it at night. I am not sure it’s going to work for me but I need to give it some more time I think. It’s hard because I am tired of dealing with the pain which is still pretty considerable. I have pain which is sometimes feels like a stabbing pain and other times a burning or searing sensation down my leg. I have pins and needles and a numb sensation that happens often. I am also getting a lot of swelling still.

I want so badly to just ditch the crutches and walk but I am scared to as well. Sometimes I wonder if that part is in my head. If I am just limiting myself because I am scared. The medication is making me unsteady and dizzy, plus my leg tends to give out from underneath me but should I just stop using the crutches? I am trying to slowly come off them. I can put most of my weight on my leg with them. Without them though I tire so quickly and I hurt so much more. I really am not sure what to do there.

Anyway, so as you can guess from the title of this post, Edward and I have been considering relocating for a little bit now and guess what? We are moving! We’re doing it! Edward found out today he has a job in Digby at Gidney Fisheries! He starts November 19th and gave his notice at his current job today. He was concerned how his boss would take it but he took it pretty good and was happy for him.

I also put in my resignation at the bank today, or at least that was the plan. Instead though I am going to see if I can take a leave of absence at their suggestion. Apparently they have an option when moving to another city or town in the same or different province that you can take a transfer leave which gives you 90 days to apply to and get a position in the same bank with another branch, location or department. If you don’t get one then on the 91st day your employment ceases as if you resigned but it also gives you a chance to keep your benefits and seniority while I attempt to find something and 90 days in case nothing is available right away. I read somewhere I have to give 4 weeks notice to do this but they suggested it so hoping no one notices

When I mentioned I was resigning my manager asked me to give him about an hour before I put in my resignation and talked to his manager then came back and told me this. They said they hope I can stay with the bank. They have branches in both Digby and Yarmouth. Yarmouth is only about an hour’s drive. We could settle somewhere between Digby and Yarmouth if I got something there eventually. In the meantime my parents have offered to rent us the cottage they just bought for quite a bit less then what we are paying for rent here.

They bought it outright so no mortgage. We would pay the utilities and a small rental fee all in one, the utilities will be on budget plans that will be the same each month, they plan to keep them in their name I think and we just pay them one amount to cover it all and even if we don’t and we pay the utilities ourselves in our name we will still be ahead. We’d be looking at half to two thirds what we are paying here once everything is said and done. About a $200 to $350 savings a month over our current living situation here. Edward will be making a bit more then $2/hour more there then here, plus after 6 months he will have full benefits.

If I stay with the bank I will still have everything I have here (full benefits plus lots more) but be $1 to $2 less then I make here. So in the long run it would even out pay wise. I have a lead on a job outside the bank as well and have been talking to a recruiter for a domain registration and web design/hosting company that has an office in Yarmouth and one here in Halifax, they are really interested in me. I have actually worked for them before.

They are looking for both domain specialists (sales) and technical support in Yarmouth. I enjoyed it the first time I worked there but I left to go to Afghanistan and when I came back they weren’t hiring and I moved on to somewhere else and honestly never considered them again till now. I know a few managers and other employees. In the meantime I can do some transcription work for my mom who has a lot of work right now and could use my help.

Overall this is a move in the right direction for us I think. We will be getting out of the city which we both want. We are tired of it here. We will be living in an area we love doing things we love. We’ll miss our friends in the city but plan on still doing a once a month game night with them and they can come visit and we will be in the city a lot still. We have to keep our doctor in the city as there is currently a shortage and over 50,000 Nova Scotian’s who don’t have family doctors. Plus we like him and want to stay with him anyways

So anyway, in the long run though it will mean saving more and much faster. We can save a down payment now, it would actually be possible. I plan on taking the full amount we would pay for rent up here each month, pay my parents what they want and take the rest and put it in a savings account. Something we can’t easily access. Also it will be good as well because the cottage is 2 bedroom, or will be in a few months when we make it back into a two bedroom. So we will start the process again for fostering/adoption. We are so excited!

October & Forza Horizon 4

I can’t believe it is half way through October already. Fall has just flown by! It’s the 14th already but it seems like September. Our weather has been so nice I don’t even have winter tires on the car yet. Speaking of cars, Eddie downloaded Forza Horizon 2 for me while ago when it was free with Xbox Gold. I never played it but was looking for something to do the other day so I decided to play and loved it. I noticed Forza Horizon 4 was released October 2nd for Xbox One and was part of Xbox Game pass. I decided to get a 14 day free trial as we had it once before but the games weren’t that great. I downloaded Forza Horizon 4 and started playing and I am in love!!!

I honestly can not get enough of this game! Seriously. I’ve only been playing 4 days and I am at level 50 already. For me that’s pretty impressive because I get bored of things easily but there is so much to do! There are races, an open world to drive around in and things to find including rare cars (barn finds) that you can fix up. It’s like a giant treasure map. I can’t believe we had Forza Horizon 2 all along and I never played it.

The shots are of my actual cars, it has a great photo tool and the scenery and graphics in the game are amazing. I have played racing games before and enjoy them but never really played anything that I couldn’t put down. That’s what all started this. We were over at Eddie’s sisters place and the kids wanted to play on the Xbox and of course the adults got involved and started racing each other and the kids. It was Forza Motorsport 5. She mentioned they downloaded it for free a while ago so when we got home I went looking. I saw we had Forza Horizon 2 but didn’t really think I would be interested because I was looking for a track racing game.

Eddie mentioned to me that it was open world sort of like GTA but without the violence. So I decided to try it and now I am hooked. Seriously he may never see his Xbox again


Insulin & Glucose Monitoring

I am such a baby sometimes. I hate pain. I hate pricking my fingers to test my blood sugar, hence the Freestyle Libre FGM (Flash Glucose Monitor) on my arm. There have been points in my journey so far with learning how to control my blood sugar levels where I have literally had panic attacks when trying to or thinking of checking my blood sugar  with my Contour Next One or giving myself an insulin injection. It’s not so bad now that I am only taking Basaglar once a day and only need to test when my blood sugar levels are changing rapidly  or don’t match how I feel and otherwise can just scan my arm.

When checking my blood sugar with my blood glucose meter instead of the FGM I found it quite painful each and every time I tested. My fingers were a mess as I imagine any diabetics who doesn’t use a FGM or CGM would be and who tests often. They were bruised and sore and sometimes when I pricked my finger and got no blood and so I would squeeze it would not only come out of the hole I just punctured but also sometimes out of old ones as well. It got so painful I would skip checking and wait until I felt really horrible before checking which is why I decided I wanted to see if Manulife would cover the Freestyle Libre and asked my doctor about it after his receptionist who uses it told me about it. Now when I have to use my old machine to test since I do it only occasionally I find I’m not as hesitant and somehow it doesn’t seem to hurt as much.

As for insulin injections I find that they really hurt almost all the time. If the needle itself doesn’t hurt going in then the insulin burns like hell when injecting it. Very rarely is it pain free. I only inject in my stomach because that was the only place they taught me to. I watched videos on my own of injecting into the outer thigh and in the back of the arms but to be honest I am not flexible enough for the back of my arms and am terrified it will hurt, which it might not since out of the 8 or 9 Libre sensors I have applied only the last one I did a few days ago hurt or bled, it did both. The other ones not one of them hurt or bled more then a tiny bit under the sensor. As far as the outer thigh I tried one leg once and thought I was going to pass out from the pain. Then again I am a bit of a wuss.

In the stomach the injections hurt most of the time but at least I am used to it hurting and know what to expect. They welt which is likely the Dermatogrphia according to the endocrinologist I was seeing and the allergy specialist. At least it didn’t end up being an allergy to the insulin like they initially feared. They also bruise often and I get large lumps. I am chubby around the waist area which I was told would lessen the pain but it doesn’t really seem to. The insulin I am on I read can burn a lot more then some of the others. It’s kind of hit or miss.

Another issue I find is I am really unsure about dosing and when to increase or decrease my insulin. My doctor started me on 50 units of Basaglar because I was on 60 of twice a day Levemir (I don’t remember how much in the morning and how much at night but together it was 60 units a day) and because of the welts which would itch something crazy so he switched me to Basaglar. After reading horror stories of it not working or major reactions to it or it burning like crazy which it can sometimes I wasn’t overly enthused but it does seem to have worked.

It worked to well at first, 50 units was too much. I think the 60 of Levemir was too much as well. I was told as a Type 2 diabetic I would require more insulin then a Type 1 typically as a Type 1 diabetic especially younger Type 1 diabetics are not insulin resistant like I am that they just don’t produce it and that I likely do but am resistant to it and therefor need more because my pancreas either doesn’t create enough or that it was not being utilized by my body correctly (or something like that). It’s all rather confusing to me.

Either way. I am still unsure of dosing. I decreased it myself as no one really told me to but I knew it was too much when I was having 3-4 or more hypo’s each day. I was going down as low as 2.4 mmol which is way too low and was frequently under 4.0 mmol. I find anything under 4.5-4.7 and I start getting symptoms of a low. Not sure if that is right or not but that is what it seems so I have decreased it down to 32 units each night before bed. I did this on my own by decreasing 2 units each night if I had 2 days in a row with more then 1 low. I just googled it to be honest. I mentioned this to my family doctor and he said 32 was fine and agreed to decrease or increase it by 2 units if I went to low to often (I didn’t count it if I did something stupid like forgetting to eat, etc). And up 2 units if I had mornings in a row that I was over 6 mmol when I woke up.

Right now I am staying mostly between 4.3 and 9.0. But I would like to try and get the 9.0 which is mainly after meals or if I snacked a bit to much down by controlling what I eat better and exercising more. I know that exercising which I admit I don’t do much of could change things more because I may be lower overall if I get more exercise throughout the day which I am by walking more.

I find it frustrating that I am not getting much support by my doctors. I don’t know if I have too many or too little people helping me honestly sometimes I think too many and to much is getting lost between them with no or little communication or if it is to little because the Endo is no longer following me since I am not pregnant and am where she wanted to get me to before getting pregnant so now she does not want to see me again until I am pregnant which is a whole other ball game and a whole other post for another day. If you are new to my blog and don’t know you can look back through some of my TTC posts. Even though there is more to it then what I have blogged since well it’s been a year and a half since my post a few days ago and the one before it.

Right now I feel overwhelmed with information I have gotten from reputable sources (I don’t look at the others I go to sites like the Mayo Clinic or the American, British or Canadian Diabetes associations and some of the other well known better sourced sites) as well as information I have gotten from support groups on facebook and blogs which I know to take with a grain of salt and to research and check with my doctor or pharmacist who is a diabetes educator and was trying to help me sort through some of my confusion this winter and last summer when I first started insulin.

I started out with NovoRapid first 3 times a day (meals) around this time last year and then they added in Novolin NPH twice a day and then they switched kinds and at one point dropped the NPH and just did the Novorapid again and then the added Levimir and said that I was controlling it enough and with the issues I was having with the welts and itchyness they said I could just do the Levemir and then at some point in the last 3 months switched that to the Basaglar.

I am happy with the Basaglar and hope that I do not have to start taking the NovoRapid again (the only one I do not have a reaction to) but I guess only time will tell. In 3 months I have to have my A1C repeated and if it’s high I will have to go back on it again. So hopefully I can figure out the eating right, the exercising, and the insulin and glucose monitoring. I would have thought after a year of insulin and 18 months of glucose monitoring I would have figured it out by now.

Wisdom Teeth

My wisdom teeth have been bothering me off and on for years but I have never bothered to get them out. About a year ago after starting work at Scotiabank and going to the dentist for the first time in about 4 years my dentist advised me that my lower right wisdom tooth needed to come out. I apparently didn’t have one on the lower left. I was scheduled in to a dental surgeon to have it removed about a month later. After rescheduling a few times and then being booked into the hospital to have all 3 out. II finally had it done March the 28th of this year. I booked it for a wednesday because I was already on a week of vacation and would have a few days to recover. I sick the week before and was concerned I would have to cancel again but as I was feeling better by the time the appointment was scheduled they said I could go ahead. It was a stomach bug about a week before.

My husband only has his learners permit and after booking the day of a few times only to be canceled/rescheduled this time he was unable to come with me. So my mother took me because they have to have someone there with you who can drive the whole time. We got there, parked and went downstairs to the basement of the hospital where the oral and maxillofacial surgery department is located. I am a worrier so the night before I had virtually no sleep and was tired.

We went to see the nurse who asked me about my diabetes, what meds I was on and gave me Amoxicillin and Flagyl (antibiotic) and 600mg of Ibuprofen and sent me to another waiting room. We waited for about an hour past my appointment time when they finally called me for an x-ray.

The nurse then took me back to the room with my mom following and sat me in the dental chair. The doctor came in, he was the head of the oncology department as well as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He pretty much got right too it after asking me a little bit about my blood sugar control and if I had my meter with me which I did. He explained the risks which I will be honest I only paid half attention too. I had heard them at my other dentist before they were supposed to do them and then couldn’t. I signed the papers and then he got to work putting in the IV because I chose sedation. From there it is a bit of a blur until I woke up in recovery. I remember asking if the room was supposed to spin and him chuckling and then that was it.

At least I never felt the needles which is my worst fear I hate needles in my gums, it hurts so much and I hate the freezing I have even opted sometimes to go without for some dental work. Anyways next thing I know I wake up in recovery after drifting in and out a bit. They asked if I could walk I said yes and then my mom walked my out and upstairs and I walked to the car which was 5 min away. I felt perfectly fine. I went to my parents place that evening and my parents picked up my husband later at midnight and took us both home. At mom and dad’s I wasn’t the least bit sore as the freezing wore off. I iced my face anyways and took the pain killers (Ibuprofen and tylenol 3) when I was told to every 6 hours, first one and then 3 hours later the other, staggered like that.

We got home that night I propped myself up on a pillow and slept the whole night, the 2 tylenol 3 I took probably helped as I only took 1 at a time up to that point but following instructions I took 2 around bed time like they said. All the next day, thursday I felt fine. I stayed home, I relaxed on my own, Edward was at work. I watched TV, dosed a bit and played the Sims 3 and 4 some. Friday I was fine I was up moving around drive to get Eddie at work as he worked that Friday. By the time I got home from getting him I was starting to get sore but was still taking the ibuprofen and regular tylenol, switching the regular tylenol up with tylenol 3 only at bedtime at that point. I woke sometime in the night in extreme pain all down the length of my bottom jaw on the right. Top ones were fine throughout.

Next morning, Saturday we called the on call oral surgeon and met him down at the hospital. He said he thought I had something stuck in the socket in the bottom and he irrigated it with a syringe. Up till then I was never told to do that. I think your not supposed to for the first 3 days because of the clot forming. I spit out a lot of blood and I am assuming now looking back that that’s when I spit out the clot, cause apparently I did at some point. He said it looked good to him but because of my diabetes, the fact I was on insulin which makes you more susceptible to infections and the fact I was hospitalized a few months before for a nasty infection for 4 days that he was going to put me on Amoxicillin and Flagyl and told me to keep taking the tylenol/tylenol 3 and ibuprofen and sent me home.

The pain never went away. It radiated up to my ear and all down my jaw and into my throat. I made it to Monday but was in so much pain I was throwing up which was not helping. Monday (Easter Monday) which was a holiday I called the on call oral surgeon again and got a woman this time who told me to come on down and she would talk a look. She said I had an infection still but since I was on antibiotics to keep on them. She also said I had what could have been a slightly dry socket. Which she said is really painful but all they can really do is pain management till it heals on it’s own.

She wrote me a note for 10 days off work and packed my socket with something that tasted like cloves and sent me home with instructions to ice it for the swelling, heat for the sore jaw which she said was a combo of the fact my jaw was open during the surgery much farther then it normally would be for a while and also the dry socket and infection and to keep taking the pain killers and finish my antibiotics and to come back friday to have the packing removed. The worst of the pain seemed to subside within a few hours but my jaw was still sore, I was on a soft food diet and the antibiotics and ibuprofen were doing a number on my stomach so I stayed home, relaxed and tried to eat what they told me too which I had been doing all along.

All through it the soft diet was a bit challenging because sometimes I could not get enough to keep my blood sugar above 4.6 mmol and sometimes I would have something really sugary like ice cream or yogurt (the non-healthy sugar laden berry flavored kind) which would spike me to 10, 11 or 12 mmol or higher. I felt like crap. But by Friday I was finally feeling better. I went back, saw the same woman, she took it out the packing and sent me on my way saying to still take it easy. I had a doctors appointment for something unrelated with my family doctor but I mentioned everything with my tooth. He looked and said he thought it still looked slightly infected and put me on another round of Amoxicillin and Flagyl just in case.

I was scheduled back to work sunday. All friday and saturday I was fine, slightly sore but okay. Saturday night I got a really bad ear ache which went down again into my throat and I was having an issue swallowing. Looking it up it was the signs of a dry socket acting up which I know I had but thought it was getting better. So I left it, went to bed and work up about 3am in so much pain I was doubled over and could not even touch my face. So sunday morning I called again. Same woman. She told me to come back down.

I did and she said yeah definitely a dry socket and she packed it again with the clove tasting grossness which actually helped a lot. I told her I was still on antibiotics because my family doctor had put me on another round so she said good finish it completely and she gave me another 2 weeks off work. By this point it was 3 and a half weeks since I had been to work. Slowly over the next week the pain and swelling subsided and I went back to work only after one week not two and I worked all week last week with no major issues. A little swelling, bruising and soreness and still now I have to irrigate and watch what I eat but I have not had any pain killers in 3-4 days and am sleeping again through the night (well as much as I did before anyways). I am feeling 98% better. If I move my jaw the wrong way or eat the wrong thing (been eating solid food for the last 5-7 days again) then I get a bit of pain.

I am so thankful they took them all out. I never want to have to go through that again. Good news was was that my work is great and my benefits are great and I got paid for the whole 4 weeks and the whole thing only cost me about $120 for the surgery and all the drugs after because of the benefits.

New computer and back to work, again…

First off, I just want to say thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I usually reply to every comment but quite honestly right now I just do not have the energy. But thanks again to Kristina, Holly, Sam, Arlene, Christa, Nancy, Raisa, Sakura and Carolynne for the well wishes gabapentin 400 mg. The good news is, I am finally starting to feel better!

I have been back to work for 2 days now. I had a whooping cough test done last week and it actually came back negative. I was told that does not necessarily mean that I did not have it, however since I had been coughing for many weeks (6 I believe at that time), that the bacteria could be gone from my system and just the cough remaining or I might not have ever had it at all.

I had seen a respirologist last week since the cough was still remaining. She said it sounds more like an asthmatic cough now and she did a lung function test and told me I needed to be back on medication for my asthma. Because of the severity of the cough, the possibility of having had whooping cough, and the length of time I have had the cough she decided to throw everything but the kitchen sink at me.

So I am on two puffers; Symbacort and Ventolin (both because I can only take 8 puffs of Symbacort in a day and she figured it might not be enough so she added Ventolin as a backup), I am also o

n 3 pills; Singulair and Prednisone as well as she put me on Nexium to make sure that there is no acid reflux which could be making the cough worse. I also have to do a sinus rinse with saline solution plus Pulmicort as I have a lot of post nasal drip which she figures may be why I am coughing up mucus a lot.

I ruptured some blood vessels in my throat and/or lungs which resulted in coughing up blood, which was scary as crap. But I am now feeling better and so I went back to work Tuesday. I am going to see if I can apply for backdated employment insurance for the days I missed due to this. Money is tight right now so I am hoping I can do it, with Christmas coming up. I am not too far behind on bills but owe my brother big time now

I did have some good news in all of this. Dell approved my application for financing and it took less time for the application to process and for the computer to ship and be delivered then it did for their so called “48 hour approval” which turned into months… But I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 5000 series Windows 8.1 computer with 1 TB hard drive and a 15.6 ” HD touch screen display, which I absolutely love! I’m paying less then $25 a month so it is affordable. Too bad I am paying almost double it’s worth by financing but sometimes you have no choice. The other computer can now have some much needed RNR.

I have been playing around with the computer and figured I might as well come on and post something. I have been playing a game on the computer called Kinectimals Unleashed which is kinda fun. It’s an xbox game originally I guess. I am hooked on playing it. I will try and catch up on my favorite blogs this weekend. I am going to be pretty early since work is tiring me out. I am just so happy to be doing better though!