Another rainy, wet & humid day in Halifax

I was hoping to get out this weekend and go fishing or do something with Cory but it seems we are pretty much limited to getting groceries since the only thing we could do is go for a drive and I’m to unsteady driving in the rain and Cory doesn’t like driving. Not to mention gas is too expensive to waste. So home it is.

Monday is Canada Day! I have to work till 5 but then we are gonna take the bus downtown, take the ferry to Dartmouth and watch the fireworks from there. I haven’t been on the ferry in a while. Plus it’s expensive to park down there and will be hard to find a place to park cause the parking lot will fill up quick. I wish we were with my parents camping, then we’d have our own fireworks.

My birthday is a week from today. I already have all my presents (Cory gave me a fishing rod, some tackle and a tackle box and my parents gave me money for my tablet) but I think we’re gonna go out for supper for my birthday Sunday night since he works Saturday. I think I’m gonna pick Jack Asters and The Putting Edge (glow in the dark mini putt) like our first date a few years ago when we were together the first time.

I downloaded this game called Heroes of Destiny on my tablet and I am hooked! I love it! If anyone has an android and likes WoW and/or AOE you should try it.

Who can be down on a morning like this?

It’s 8:25 (at the time I started this post) and it’s 23°C already! It’s bright and sunny. Another scorcher. I wanted so bad to sleep in this morning since this weekend is the last before I go back to work but it’s just so bright and hot, I can’t even sleep. So I came out here (living room) to go on facebook.

Cory’s laying on the couch and he woke up momentarily to say “Hun, I’m so stupid, I set aside blah blah blah”. The blah blah blah part was not cause I wasn’t listening it was cause it was unintelligible lol. Hopefully he will finish explaining that when he wakes up!

I’m wondering what we can do today. Since I was feeling down yesterday and feeling sorry for myself I am determined today is gonna be different. Maybe we can go for a picnic and fishing. I just want to be outside. Should grab some sunscreen from somewhere first. I feel like I am just rambling on…

So I am hooked on this game on facebook thanks to Cory. Pawn Stars. It’s fun owning your own pawn shop and wheeling and dealing! I like the idea of being able to buy and then just sell stuff and make so much money! Speaking of selling stuff. My mother has commissioned me to put together an ecommerce wordpress website for her to sell her knitting and some other stuff a friend of hers makes. I think I may go in on it with them and start making jewelry again. I used to love beading and making bracelets and necklaces and stuff. Maybe it’s time to step out and go a little deeper with that idea.

Anyways it’s to sunny outside to just sit hear rambling on so I guess I should go get showered and dressed.

16 Hours Of Bullshit

I decided to take on the task of fixing one of my parents many computer and the only desktop one they have. I tried in vain to get it working again and could not. My brother says my Dad did it and my Dad says my brother did it (go figure…) but the result was no matter what you did you could not get the internet connected via either an Ethernet cable or the USB wireless adapter they had.

I decided to be ambitious and just backup and reformat everything… a decision I greatly regret tonight. The backup was easy. There was nothing on their to begin with. The re-install was not so smooth. You would think with a desktop and three laptops from 5-6 years old to about 3 months old you would be able to find a working copy of Windows to install on it, right?

Wrong. Since there is only 512mb ram on the computer (really?), I ended up finding and installing Window’s XP with some hiccups. After installing Windows 7 which surprisingly installed (Windows Xp was originally on their and told me there was 3gigs of ram… ). I had to manually find and install the video card drivers, audio card drivers and a bunch of other stuff. Got the computer itself working…

Then came a couple of games they had previously installed. Now I was getting errors saying the sound card was not compatible (on one) or the video card was not compatible (on another). Googled it and downloaded a graphics card emulator but it wont work . I am assuming cause of the way the game loads through Origin I’m guessing but I really don’t know. More googling tomorrow I guess.. I don’t have a fucking clue what I’m doing. I know nothing about games. But now I am ready for bed. So screw it. It’s more than 16 hours later and I am back where I started.

Now my head has a reason to spin. I should have just stayed in bed. I think I get kudos for trying anyways.