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  • What is the definition of terrorism anyways?

    I think people take for granted that they are safe from huge terrorist plots or large massacres when you live in a small city or a town that things like that just don’t happen to. But the truth it is it can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. No one is immune. No city or town is safe. Not in the world we live in today. This has been proven time and time again.

    Sometimes things like that seem so far removed from where you are. You hear about it, you empathize and sympathize for the people involved but you know that it is unlikely it will ever happen where you are, your safe, your loved ones are safe. You can’t help but put it to the back of your mind and move on. But is that a mistake?

    Well, my city Halifax, almost became one of those places today that we hear about in the news all the time. Having it happen in your country as it did this past year with the attacks on a military members such as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo in Ottawa on October 22nd, 2014 and the ramming attack two days before that on October 20th, 2014 where Warrant officer Patrice Vincent and another member of the Canadian Military were rammed by a car and Patrice was killed, is hard enough to comprehend and completely senseless. But how can you ever justify opening fire on a bunch of civilians in a shopping center on Valentines Day (or any day)? [...]

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  • Benefiting from the kindness of strangers

    Tell us about one time that you benefited from the kindness of strangers.

    A few years ago my ex-boyfriend and I used to work for a delivery company as a second job to make some money. Delivering pizza’s KFC, Chinese food, etc. We started a few months before Christmas as we both needed a little spending money for Christmas and both had cars. We convinced our families it would be okay as we would always be doing it together. We each had cell phones and in between calls would hang out together in a parking lots or near one of the KFC’s we delivered for.

    We had a lot of fun at first and the tips were great. His car broke down at one point and he came with me and we just split everything. We realized we could really do it either way though the people we worked for preferred us each in our own car so that they could have us both working at the same time. I was actually pretty good at it and became pretty quick. [...]

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  • Fall is sort of peaking its head out.

    It’s been a really warm September over all. We had a few cooler days but mostly in the high teens and 20’s (Celsius) which is higher then normal for this time of year. It’s been beautiful though and I am not complaining. In some places the leaves are starting to change now near the end of September but other areas are still so green. It’s like living in two worlds.

    Since I spent a good chunk of September sick I did not get out a lot with my camera. However I did a few weekends ago go to Oak Island like I mentioned before. It made me sicker for a day or two after but I am glad I still went. I was able to take some pictures but really nothing has changed much since last time I was there. It was still a nice drive there and nice walk through the island to the money pit. [...]

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  • Autumn and Halloween

    Just a short post… I am really looking forward to this Autumn and to the Halloween season. I am looking forward to the cooler weather, sweaters and adventures. I love to hike and walk around in the fall much better then in the summer. I can taste hot chocolate on a cool day already. I just can’t wait. I am ready for summer to be over!

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  • Memories

    I’ve been really sentimental lately and thinking of the places I’ve lived, and the people I’ve known in my life who are no longer here. With the passing of my Uncle Mark on October 23rd, I have been thinking a lot of him and my Nan and Gramp.

    I was over at HeartBox ME! Posting a ghost story about my Grampy which took place in their old house that my Mom and my Aunts and Uncles grew up in. It was passed down to my Uncle Mark. He sold it a while back but now I keep thinking of the house and wishing I could afford to by it and maybe rent it out or let my parents live there if they wanted to (not that I would ever have the money to do that).

    Guess what? I found it online and it’s for sale (come to think of it I do remember my Mom mentioning it was for sale when my Uncle died. But I found it and it’s for sale again. They are asking for too much if you ask me. But they did do a beautiful job on the inside of it. They unearthed the original floors and exposed beams and redid them. It looks really pretty inside. [...]