200th post! + More vertigo and pain.

So my last post was number 200 since March 12th, 2013 when this blog first started. I honestly can’t believe I have had that many. 200 posts in 2 years. Definitely doesn’t work out to one a day, one every 3-4 days maybe? I don’t know… Math’s not my strong point

I started the blog a while back to keep track of my symptoms and journey after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Vertigo. I would love to say they are completely under control. They were for about a year, but the last few months they have been back. I just haven’t been blogging much about them.

It started back around August of 2014. When I got sick with that cough and they thought I had whooping cough. In the last 7 months my vertigo seems to have been slowly coming back and now it is bad enough that I am loosing my balance and falling again and getting nauseous. [...]

I think it’s about time to move…

Cory and I have kinda been going back and forth over the last year or so on moving to a different place. We’ve talked it over and can not really seem to come to the same conclusion with one another on the issue. I wouldn’t really say that we argued over it, however we have had some heated discussions on the topic and have not really came up with any solution.

For me there are numerous reasons as to why I think we should more. The most important one to me is we have mold, and lots of it. The bathroom is really bad. Its behind the toilet were we both have an extremely hard time getting at. Its all around the tub and in the grout between the tiles. Its also under the bathroom sink. There is also mold in the kitchen around and under the sink and behind the fridge and every window in the apartment. We’ve tried mold & mildew removers, tons of household cleaners, bleach, vinegar & water and even pure vinegar and nothing will ever get rid of it never mind prevent it. [...]

Why am I sick again?

I spent the first few days this week sick at home… again. It just feels never ending. We left Mom and Dad’s on Monday and I was supposed to work from 12-8 pm. However, I woke up that morning throwing up. Since I had a 2 1/2 hour drive ahead of us that I would have to do (Cory has never really driven that far and was not feeling well either). I called in to work to let them know I would not be there. It was not an easy decision to make. I only had about 2 hours of sleep because I was so unsettled, my stomach was upset but I was not getting sick.

I ended up moving from the bed to a very uncomfortable futon around 4 when I realized it was 4 and I had to get up and drive in 2 hours. I should have probably realized at that point that that was not going to happen but I was stubbornly trying to figure out how to manage it. In the end I gave up when I started throwing up. I decided to crawl back in bed and attempt the drive a little later on in the day. [...]

Chernobyl and ghosts

I’m sitting here watching Destination Truth on Netflix and one of the episodes was on the Chernobyl disaster. It was really interesting to watch. I remember when it happened we were living in Europe at the time and there was a lot of speculation. I remember drills in school on radiation and what to do, things that I would never have had had we been in Canada at the time.

In the episode they traveled to Pripyat which was the closet town to the plant and reactors. Even more then 25 years after the radiation levels are still deadly in parts in the town. That amazed me. I guess I knew that pretty much but still to hear it and see them have to gear up, reminded me of how bad it was and still is.

The episode was about the ghosts and hauntings that are reported in the town. They went through the hospital which was extremely creepy. They also went through the school which they had a lot of experiences in including a full human figure that showed up more then once on he FLIR thermal imager, a piano that played after they left the room and someone tugging on one girls arm which was clearly caught on camera. [...]

I need a vacation

You would think that after months of off work due to health reasons and only being back about 2 weeks full-time that vacation would be the last thing on my mind… but its not! Everyone at work is going on vacation this month and early next and its made me realize in 16 years of working the only official vacation I took was 2 weeks about 3 years ago!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks but they pretty much have everything sorted out. I do not have [glossary slug=”multiple-sclerosis-ms”]MS[/glossary], which is really good news. The bad news is: I have [glossary slug=”fibromyalgia”]Fibromyalgia[/glossary] and [glossary slug=”diabetes”]Diabetes[/glossary]. Between the two of them they account for almost all of my symptoms and a few I had that I never even really thought of until I was told by other people symptoms they had. For example. I have had “floaters” or black or dark grey spots in my vision for a while. I always assumed it was just part of getting older. Never thought much about it. But apparently they can happen because your sugars get high, the numbness I started experiencing can be from either/or [Fibro or Diabetes]. [...]

A bad case of food poisoning!

So I was woken up at 8am by Cory pretty much screaming my name. I went into the bathroom and he was pretty much doubled over in pain and pooping blood! Talk about scaring the shit out of me.

Last night we got hungry around 12am and decided to order from Alexandra’s a local pizza place. He got a donair sub and I got garlic fingers with bacon on them. Prior to that we both had spicy fries and Jane’s chicken fingers for lunch. Not very healthy I know… but that’s beside the point!

Anyways about an hour after eating the donair sub he was in the washroom and was there most of the night. By this morning it was just blood. He was terrified but at the same time was embarrassed I think to tell me. Eventually he did and I forced (not that it took much) him to go to the Emerg. [...]