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  • Dentist and an old livejournal!

    I went to the dentist yesterday morning for a cleaning. Last time I was there was a month ago. I knew then that I had 4 cavities one of which the tooth broke and I need to either have it extracted or a root canal. The appointment itself was okay. I was just there for a teeth cleaning. The problem was that I have not had a cleaning in years and so she actually froze the left half of my mouth so she could do a really really thorough cleaning without me feeling anything.

    She told me it wears off in 1-2 hours. 6 hours later I was still frozen solid. I could not feel a thing. When it finally wore off in the 7th hour it wore off fast, and I realized 2 things. One I bit the inside of my cheek while it was frozen and it hurts like hell. Second thing I realised was that I had swallowed a little of the stuff they rub on the gums and it froze my throat some and guess what? I stopped coughing for most of the day. Unfortunately when it wore off, I started coughing so bad I got sick. [...]

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  • 2014 is approaching fast!

    Tomorrow is December 27th. What does that mean to me? Tomorrow is the day my cheque clears and I am paying off everything else that I owe. It means that as of tomorrow I owe nothing to no one. I know I have mentioned this before. But it’s a really really big deal to me. This means that for the first time in over 10 years that I have been out of dept. It is almost New Years, so this means I have to make resolutions for next year.

    So what are my resolutions going to be? I have 5 more days to figure that out. That’s not really a lot of time. I have some ideas and am open to suggestions. I am excited for 2014! I think it is going to be a monumental year for me. I am starting it with a clean slate so-to-speak. The playing field is even. So what can I accomplish? What can I work towards? [...]

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  • Updates & Hosting!

    I have moved the contact section under “About” so if you are looking to email me please go there.

    I am now offering both free (512mb) and paid hosting on my reseller account. Paid hosting starts from $5 (1GB) a year to $20 (10GB) a year. I can also personalize that a bit more if more space is needed. Secure payment through PayPal. I will be moving this to my domain simpleillusionsdesign.com at some point when I have the time to create a theme for it or customize one.

    If you know of anyone in need of free or cheap hosting send them my way if you’d like. I’d be greatful! I may look into setting up a referral system as well later on giving you something like 15% or 20% off of your own hosting if you refer someone.

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  • Long weekend…

    And I don’t really mean of the holiday variety. I decided to purchase hosting with some of the money I got from the car insurance on Friday and purchased it. Moving the domain was a bit of a pain since it was my first time and I really didn’t know anything beyond exporting stuff from WordPress.

    I had more of an issue with getting the hosting set up. I purchased a reseller package through Secretkiss Hosting so that I could set up a couple of domains and resell the rest of it. Which I plan on setting up this week. I’ll be offering both free and paid hosting through my reseller account. But getting it all figured out’s been a bit of a problem. Secretkiss Hosting has been awesome though in helping me try and figure it all out. I need to also create a theme for the other domain. Something more “business” like. Oh well… all in good time. [...]