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  • My cat, the elastic thief

    I thought this was too cute not to share. My cat the elastic thief. I am careful about keeping elastics hidden because he will steal anything not nailed down. However I failed to take into consideration his determination and apparently how smart he is too!

    Since not much has gone on in the last 10 days I have not bothered to post, figured it was about time. We are getting a snow storm (go figure) again this weekend with up to 50 more cm’s of snow. However the last few days have been really warm (well above 0°C anyways) and some of the snow is melting, still lots there and more to come but we had a few days of spring like weather, more to tease us then anything I am sure.

    I have been doing good at work and have had a whole month without a cold or getting sick somehow and work is starting to slow down some and the work is starting to make more sense to me. I had a few weeks of feeling so lost and not understanding what I was doing that I just wanted to quit but believe it or not a 30 minute chat with a colleague helped immensely and I am understanding more and catching on more. [...]

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  • Dropping the ball

    Somehow I really dropped the ball yesterday. I am not sure why but I thought I had posted. However I didn’t. Who am I kidding anyways? I can’t blog everyday, I never have been able to for very long.

    Yesterday I think it was because I went to the dentist and wasn’t feeling the greatest when I got home. Only one more appointment for all my dental work to be done. Yesterday he filled my tooth that I had the root canal on, the molar that broke. He sort of rebuilt it, it’s in the back and I don’t really care what it looks like as long as it functions.

    I am a bit sore today. I also had 3 more fillings on that side done. Took a while for the freezing to wear off again. My appointment was at 1 pm I was out by 2:15-2:30 pm but my whole right side of my face was still frozen when I went to bed. [...]

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  • Hurricanes and fireworks

    Yesterday was Canada Day. Much like Independence Day in the US, it’s our day to celebrate our country and OUR confederation, where we became the federal Dominion of Canada on July 1st, 1867.  There is usually day long celebrations including concerts, events and fireworks. Every town and city celebrates.

    I worked from 9-5 (which I get double-time for, yay!) and then we went to Cory’s sisters place for a barbecue. We planned on going to the fireworks in the evening but didn’t end up going, we did watch some from our balcony though.

    I am not too bummed about the fireworks, Sunday is my birthday, I will be 34 (I am getting old) and we are going to Digby, to the beach camping for the weekend with my family. We are supposed to be setting off fireworks sometime over the weekend. [...]

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  • A nice quiet New Years Eve.

    I never posted last night cause we didn’t get home till 2 a.m. For the second New Years eve in a row we spent it with Cory’s friend Shawn and his girlfriend Megan. Last year we had a fondue at our place, at the time Shawn lived down the hall from us in our building. This year we went to Megan’s place which Shawn is slowly moving into. Sort of like me moving in with Cory at the beginning of last year. Hard to believe Feb 1st will officially be a year since we moved in together.

    We spent the evening having a few drinks and mostly watching “fails compilations” on YouTube. It actually was really enjoyable. We had a few joints (something I have not done in a long time as I don’t want alcohol or drugs in my system other then the meds I was prescribed), some beer and coolers, pizza and veggies and chips and also played a few games of crib. Cory is not much of a drinker so he did not drink and drove us home. [...]

  • Recipies
  • Cooking for Christmas!

    One of my favorite things about Christmas is spending a day, a weekend and sometimes even a week cooking up stuff for the Holiday season. It has been a tradition in my family (as with a lot of families) for as long as I can remember. This year we have made, 21 1/4 dozen cheese, onion and bacon perogies (that’s 255 perogies), 6 1/2 dozen macaroons (78), and 6 1/2 dozen (78) ginger snaps.

    I decided to post pictures and the recipe that my family has used for a long time. It was passed from my Aunt to my Mom years ago when my Mom and Dad got married. My father thinks it’s the recipe that his mother, passed down to my Aunt and that her mother most likely passed down to her so it’s been in the family for generations I think. I took the pictures so I’m not in any of them my Mom is. But since we made like 5 batches of dough I did to a lot of it myself too. [...]

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  • Car = 1, Kirsten = 0

    So much for getting Max this weekend. My car has won out again. For any of you complaining about not having a car and thinking about getting one keep in mind your car payment is probably only 1/4 of what you’ll spend on your car each year! The gas, insurance and car maintenance can add up to more then the actual payment… So think about it carefully!

    So what’s happening you ask? Well we have a gas leak. What’s that mean you ask? It means a car that is absolutely useless to me and is sitting in the parking lot indefinitely, not to mention the 1/4 tank of gas leaked onto the pavement. Its not safe to drive. I did manage to put a container underneath to catch the gas. Damn car. I hate you! We really don’t have the money for this right now. And my parents have already helped us out so much they can’t really help much more right now either. [...]