Updates & Hosting!

I have moved the contact section under “About” so if you are looking to email me please go there.

I am now offering both free (512mb) and paid hosting on my reseller account. Paid hosting starts from $5 (1GB) a year to $20 (10GB) a year. I can also personalize that a bit more if more space is needed. Secure payment through PayPal. I will be moving this to my domain simpleillusionsdesign.com at some point when I have the time to create a theme for it or customize one.

If you know of anyone in need of free or cheap hosting send them my way if you’d like. I’d be greatful! I may look into setting up a referral system as well later on giving you something like 15% or 20% off of your own hosting if you refer someone.

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  1. I love the font you used for “coming soon” on your new design website! I’ll have to run off and download it. (Though that’s really unnecessary I don’t currently have Photoshop!) Wish you tons of luck with your new businesses!

    1. StoryBoutAGirl says: Reply

      Thanks! I’m not even sure what font that was it was just one the plugin had from the google fonts thingy

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