Motivation, or lack thereof.

How do you get motivation to do things? I really seem to have a hell of a time with it. For instance today is really sunny and I just felt like being outside so I went for a bit of a walk. That walk turned into a 12km, 3 hour walk. It felt so good. My motivation. I just wanted to be outside. However I don’t always feel that way.

I am not sure how to motivate myself to do that every day. Maybe not a 3 hour walk everyday but a 1 hour walk everyday and maybe a 3 hour walk once a week. Even though I feel really motivated today to do it everyday. Tomorrow might be different. I have such a hard time with motivation and consistency sometimes. READ MORE

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is finally here after a long hard winter. Since I am going to be off for the rest if April and all of May (and June and July should be slow at work) I decided to make the best of them.

Cory and I bought fishing licences and since he had two rods already we went and bought some additional tackle and bait since most of his is gone and went fishing. I have not fished since I was like 12! We headed out and called his buddy Rodney who met us there with his step-daughter who’s about 5 or 6. READ MORE

Updates & Hosting!

I have moved the contact section under “About” so if you are looking to email me please go there.

I am now offering both free (512mb) and paid hosting on my reseller account. Paid hosting starts from $5 (1GB) a year to $20 (10GB) a year. I can also personalize that a bit more if more space is needed. Secure payment through PayPal. I will be moving this to my domain at some point when I have the time to create a theme for it or customize one. READ MORE

The story of how it all began

I’ve always been a very independent person. One of the things I have loved the most since I got my licence was driving. The idea of just being able to get in a car, throw in some gas and just go wherever you feel like going. I love the power of the road under me. I love the the scenery speeding by. Being able to blast my music and just drift wherever the road may take me. Then stopping and getting out and enjoying the view.

There was always something about having the freedom of a car. I always felt lucky that I have had a car since I was like 20. My own car, 100% owned by me (and the bank of course). Driven only by me. Something that could just give me the freedom to go wherever I felt like it whenever the mood struck me. Good or bad. READ MORE