Another rainy, wet & humid day in Halifax

I was hoping to get out this weekend and go fishing or do something with Cory but it seems we are pretty much limited to getting groceries since the only thing we could do is go for a drive and I’m to unsteady driving in the rain and Cory doesn’t like driving. Not to mention gas is too expensive to waste. So home it is.

Monday is Canada Day! I have to work till 5 but then we are gonna take the bus downtown, take the ferry to Dartmouth and watch the fireworks from there. I haven’t been on the ferry in a while. Plus it’s expensive to park down there and will be hard to find a place to park cause the parking lot will fill up quick. I wish we were with my parents camping, then we’d have our own fireworks.

My birthday is a week from today. I already have all my presents (Cory gave me a fishing rod, some tackle and a tackle box and my parents gave me money for my tablet) but I think we’re gonna go out for supper for my birthday Sunday night since he works Saturday. I think I’m gonna pick Jack Asters and The Putting Edge (glow in the dark mini putt) like our first date a few years ago when we were together the first time.

I downloaded this game called Heroes of Destiny on my tablet and I am hooked! I love it! If anyone has an android and likes WoW and/or AOE you should try it.

I need sleep

How many nights can a person to without any sleep? I spent another sleepless night last night. I went to bed around 11. But I was tossing and turning and could not get comfortable, it just hurts all over. There is nothing worse then constantly watching the clock tick down the time till you have to get up in less then an hour and then you finally fall asleep. 2 extra strength ibuprofen and 2 extra strength Tylenol later. Only to be awoken by the cat 5 min before you have to get up. Talk about frustrating.

That’s been my nights for the past few months. After 4-5 nights I finally get one night I sleep but I still wake up feeling tired and sore. I just don’t know how to get to sleep. 9 times outa 10, I get up and come out on the couch (still don’t sleep but at least I’m not disturbing Cory’s sleep as much) or he gets up and comes out on the couch (sometimes cause I keep waking him and sometimes cause he’s in pain himself). How do two people with chronic pain sleep together? King size bed… that’s how. Our queen even isn’t cutting it.

A couple weeks ago I was prescribed Cipralex. To be honest I still have not filled the prescription. It just doesn’t make sense to me treating my symptoms with an anti-depressant, I’m concerned about further side effects and about getting hooked on them. I have an appointment in a little less then a month with my ENT so I know I shouldn’t but I think I am just going to wait.

The information I was given by the girl at Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech makes sense and sounds right (and a bit scary since it requires major surgery) but does not account for all my symptoms (the constant pain and fatigue). It almost seems like two separate issues.

I think my family doctor agrees to a point and is getting a ton of blood work. He’s testing for everything under the sun and I have to fast. I planned on getting that done before work this morning but I just had such a horrible night. Now the plan is to do it tomorrow morning. I feel like a pin cushion.


Yes, I’m using that word…

I found out two really disappointing things today. I got home from work to find out my internet and cable has been disconnected. We’ve been struggling to pay bills since I first went off work sick. Between the car, the insurance, the cell phones, the rent, food, gas and everything else I had to let the cable, internet and home phone go for a bit. I’m hoping to catch up in a month or two. So in the meantime, I probably won’t be blogging as much. I still plan to get a couple in per week.

The second thing is that my tablet, which is only an 8 gig, won’t allow me to store apps on the micro SD card that I purchased. This is apparently a limit of Android 4.1.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) as far as I can tell. I did some research on Google and could not find a way around this without rooting the tablet which I do not want to do at this point.

So I guess I’m stuck to keeping my apps to under 8 gigs (well actually more like 4.something). I’m now stuck with 32 gig useless mini SD card. I suppose that I can put some music on there. I’m not really sure how to get my music off my iPhone on to my computer, and then on to here. Especially the stuff downloaded through iTunes.

Anyone know a way to get around this?