iPhone 5c or 5s?

My buttons on my iPhone 4 are not working well so I was talking to people at work to try and find a trusted place to get it fixed and they told me it would cost less to upgrade to an iPhone 5 through the Apple store in the mall… the question is… iPhone 5c or 5s. I’m told about $99 for one and $199 for the other. $99 is obviously more appealing financially but I wonder if the 5c case is durable enough and how the plasticky case would hold up. I just don’t know.

Work, sleep, eat…

I’ve managed to use  8 out of 12 gig’s of my wireless data since last weekend. Most of it at the hospital today. This not having internet thing sucks. At work we are busy enough now that I get no time to use my tablet, and with no internet at home I either have to read on it or play the 1 or 2 games that do not require an internet connection to play. I really regret not researching the tablet more. I wish now I had gotten an ipad instead.

I ended up not going to work today. But I wasn’t sick though for a change, actually Cory was. I took him down to the hospital because he was passing blood again, and was almost doubled over in pain and was clammy and just not feeling well. They mentioned Colitis again. Sent him home and told him to go to his family doctor without doing any tests. His family doctor said “go to the hospital” if it gets worse again without ordering any tests. Just back and forth and no one will do anything… typical. In the meantime he is suffering through it and looks like shit.

He’s just frustrated, every time he starts feeling better and goes back to work he makes it a few days and then either his CMT or Colitis (if he has it, which I suspect they are right… but it needs to be properly diagnosed with tests) acts up and he ends up home again. It sucks. If it’s not me it’s him.

I really need to do some updates on my wordpress and plugins but my computer only lasts about 20 minutes when not plugged in and I just don’t have the energy to really even care at the moment. I should be looking for or making a new theme too this ones getting old. But I just don’t feel like it. I don’t feel like doing much of anything except, work, sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat… and shower somewhere in there too.

I think it’s gonna be an early night for both of us. 9:40 pm and he is already in bed… and I am not far behind.

So much overtime!

Okay so I’m horrible at keeping up with things… as you can tell by my months of no posts. I just finished a 2 week period of 11 hour shifts, and I am utterly exhusted. They were offering a 5 hour shift (or whatever you felt like working) between the hours of 9 and 2 tomorrow that was email only (which means iphones and music allowed), complete with pizza and other incentives and as desperate as they are for hours they actually told me no because I just had too many hours! I gotta say I was a bit dissapointed! I really wanted those 5 more hours on my pay check, not to mention the overtime…

I guess they felt I was really pushing it after being sick a few months ago. Since starting on amitriptyline though, I have been feeling relatively good. I’ve been sleeping (for the most part) pretty good. My vertigo seems to be mostly under control and the nausea and vomiting is as well. With the exception of one cold and an infection in an abscess in a molar a few weeks ago and a really rough couple of rounds of antibiotics, I am doing pretty good.

I am hoping to use a large chunk of the extra money on my next pay to pay off most of what is left that I owe for my bankruptcy payments. I have $850 left then it is paid off, then I can be discharged! Another $1000 of so on various other small bills then I am debt free !!! So ya, I’m excited. Considering this time 2 years ago I was about $ 50,000 or so in debt with student loans, 2 car loans (and only 1 car…), credit card, overdraft, etc… the lesson I learned ??? Do NOT buy anything you do not have money for up front. Mortgage and car maybe but NOTHING else. VISA, Master card or Amex for emergencies? NO… save up $500 – $1000 for them, put it in a seperate account, with high interest… and you’ll be ready for most emergencies. You do not need a credit card! That’s bullshit feed to you by banks and credit card companies. They want you in debt… how the hell else will they make thier money? You dont need one. I haven’t had one in over 2 years. There is other ways to build your credit like car loans and mortgages that at least you have something to show for them. And really think… do you even really need that? THINK

So yeah, that’s my little rant for the day. Oh, and btw I have a VISA debit card. Which is not credit , you are not borrowing anything, its linked to your bank account and uses your money, no money, no purchase… and that works just fine!

Cory on the other hand… wow I don’t even wanna talk about it. We have to start over I think with him financially. I don’t know if he can still salvage his bankruptcy. I just hope we can. At least one of us is getting there, then we can combine both incomes into trying to get him sorted out. But I refuse to go back in debt trying to do it. He’s gonna have to do what I’ve done. Own up to it. Admit there is a problem. Stop ignoring it and get-er-done. Till he’s ready to face that, I think its a lost cause. I just hope he realizes that soon. I want kids!

What’s that got to do with it? A lot. I’m not getting any younger. We are not getting any younger. I’d like to have kids and have the money to do things together. I know money isnt everything. But its something.