A nice quiet New Years Eve.

I never posted last night cause we didn’t get home till 2 a.m. For the second New Years eve in a row we spent it with Cory’s friend Shawn and his girlfriend Megan. Last year we had a fondue at our place, at the time Shawn lived down the hall from us in our building. This year we went to Megan’s place which Shawn is slowly moving into. Sort of like me moving in with Cory at the beginning of last year. Hard to believe Feb 1st will officially be a year since we moved in together.

We spent the evening having a few drinks and mostly watching “fails compilations” on YouTube. It actually was really enjoyable. We had a few joints (something I have not done in a long time as I don’t want alcohol or drugs in my system other then the meds I was prescribed), some beer and coolers, pizza and veggies and chips and also played a few games of crib. Cory is not much of a drinker so he did not drink and drove us home. READ MORE