Happy Easter!

I’m kinda horrible for forgetting to blog. A day turns into two and two turns into two weeks pretty easily! I have been so busy at work. Things are calming down a little. I was actually a little bored today. But maybe that was restlessness mostly from coming back from a 5 day weekend.


I took a few extra days to go to New Brunswick with my family. We visited my Gran who was 105 in February. She amazes me! She still lives in her own home. She just recently, in the last year, started having a home worker come in and help her and stay the night. She fought it all the way. Didn’t want one.


We stayed for 4 nights at my Aunt and Uncles cottages with them and their 4 year old grandson, my Mom, my Dad, my brother and I. It takes about 5 hours to drive there if you don’t stop. It took us about 6 1/2 because we stopped to take pictures.


There was a lot of flooding all over New Brunswick due to the amount of snow they have had. We have some here in Nova Scotia too. New Brunswick however is flooding all over, most of the lakes and rivers. The lake my Aunt and Uncles cottages on flooded pretty bad.


The lake, Lake Utopia feeds into a river and there is a hydro dam between the lake and the river it feeds into. The damn was bursting at it seems. We drove a bit down river from the dam, to a bridge that crosses the river, you can see the dam and hydro mill. The river was flowing so fast and I got the picture below! It was so breath taking to stand on a one lane bridge above a swollen river that was raging below you.


We headed home yesterday and stopped in Memramcook, NB to visit my brother’s birth siblings. He met them for the first time last summer. We spent about an hour with them.

Overall it was a great trip. The only two things missing was Cory, he stayed home to watch Max (our cat) and because he doesn’t like to meet everyone all at once. And the second thing was going to Grand Manan island. It’s one of my favourite places on earth! Well that I have been to anyways.


PS – Clicking pictures will show the colored versions.

Be careful what you wish for!

Who said she was getting slightly bored with her job? Who said she wants a bit out a challenge? Who wanted to move up the corporate ladder?

Oh yeah… I DID!

Some days I want to kick myself! Really? I wanted this? Seriously? Argh…

Okay, so it’s not that bad. I’m just really really busy. Half the time I’m scrambling too keep up.  The other half of the time I feel hopelessly lost.  Its only been a week and I’m have wanted to throw in the proverbial “towel” at least 3 times a day!

The problem is that its basically a new product launch that the company does not seem in the least prepared for. Things change so fast that the ink does not dry on the “cheat sheets” that we print out for the agents before head-quarters changes their minds.

Things are not being explained to us “leads” properly so we then explain them wrong. Same thing goes with the supervisors. Sometimes they are told one thing and we are told another. Everyone’s so confused. Since I have very little experience dealing with them (head-quarters), I’m having a hard time following things.

In the past things usually are sorted out by the time it gets to me.  This time I’m right in the thick of it and its getting messy. Its more then I expected.  I’m determined to figure it out though!

It means I have spent was much time away from work working was I have been when at work. I have not had time to do much else. My blogging time has suffered,  not b to mention my brain feels fried!

I have not had a chance to get on a computer (even at work!), get near a tablet or phone or anything that would let me read the blogs I like reading, etc. 

So far so good.

I found swype to text on my Samsung Galaxy tab today! I had never heard of it before. Cory’s phone has been acting up for a little while, so we decided to look into getting him a new one (got a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini) and then after that I went to get my hair cut.  While we were at the hair place, I got into a conversation with the girl cutting my hair about phones. She told me about swype. I love it! Trying this figure out a way to do this on my iPhone.

I haven’t had the time to post at all this week so far, it’s been a really busy week! We’ve been working really had getting the new agents ready for the launch on Monday. I have spent half the week (or will have by tomorrow) in training either being trained, training or reviewing training files with my co-worker. Tons of meetings, etc. I am happy the week is almost over!

Cory and I are supposed to be going to a movie tomorrow night. We both want to see the new 300 movie. I think it looks pretty good. It will be the first movie we have seen in a long time. I’m super excited to to go! The down time will be really nice.

I’m not sure just how much extra time this extra project at work is going to take up my spare time, but I am really enjoying it. I sometimes feel a little lost and wish I had a bit more guidance.  I am really hoping it will help out with my leadership skills. Its not going completely how I expected though and there is a lot of frustration on the part of the whole team because of some miscommunication, but we are working on it.