Confessions of a Blogger

1: When did you start your blog?

I started this particular blog on March 12th, 2013.

2: Have you had anyone online presence before? Another blog, YouTube etc?

I have been blogging since 1999, I can’t even remember the site, something similar to LiveJournal, but I don’t remember the site. My first domain I owned sometime in 2001. I also blogged in tons of other places and have facebook, youtube, twitte, tumblr, pintrest, instagram and ficker accounts among others not listed here.

3: Why did you start your blog?

I started first with just sites about things I was into and liked, then moved into blogging when I was going through a period of really heavy depression and social anxiety. I found it helpful. Still do.

4: When did you become serious about blogging?

Sometime around 2006 or 2007. I kept moving around though.

5: What was your first post?

Very first. Who knows. On this blog it was about Vertigo. You can read it here.

6: What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?

Trying to keep active. Sometimes there is just not much to say and other times I just don’t have the time. I also have a hard time coming up with topics even when I feel like posting and I have the time. The blog is mainly about me so I don’t really like doing paid blogging or picking topics I really have no interest in.

7: Where do you see your blog in one year?

Pretty much as it is now. With some new posts hopefully

8: What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?

Finding other bloggers that have something in common with me and who understand me. In the past some friendships have come out of it and maybe some will again. I have never actually met any fellow bloggers yet as I know some of you have. I guess I have never really met anyone I have connected that much with or that I was in their area or them in mine

9: What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?

I would say lack of comments. Especially when I can see people are visiting. Just say hi

10: What is your lasting motivation?

Writing something that I can look back on years later and see how far I have come. Some of my earlier posts from other blogs are still online and I have found them before (nothing recently) but it is cool to read things that I wrote 10 years ago and see what the difference is now. Like I said this is mostly for me but if I end up having a post that makes someone else think or brighten their day. Then that is a pleasant plus. Not sure if that has ever happened but who knows.

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Lazy week and a car, maybe…

I have had a really lazy week this week. I was sick Monday and Tuesday with the flu and didn’t go to work or to the gym. Wednesday I still felt a bit under the weather and yesterday and today I just can’t get my motivation back. I know I need to though!

So, I made a mistake the other day. I am always bugging Cory about getting paid and then taking all his money out and using cash till the next pay. I bugged him to leave it in the bank and use debit. That way we can keep track of what he’s spending it on the way I do. So I nagged him. He took my advise and did it. Only he was behind on his payments on his credit card which is over limit and the froze the remaining 200 and then took it to pay the card. Oops. I felt so bad. But we’ll be okay.

I have some exciting news. I may be getting a new(er) car! Not brand new but 3 years newer (2011), better on gas, cheaper to insure (by $158!), in better shape inside and out then the current one (a 2008 Cobalt Lt) and with more features! Plus it will cost me about the same each month! Wanna see it?

2011 Ford Fiesta SEL

If you said no… To bad! Ha! Anyways, I’ve been pre-approved and the sales guy told me it’s in my price range and is working it into my budget. I am just waiting for him to call me back tomorrow or Monday with the numbers. I’d be trading my car in and putting a $500 down payment. I’m ready excited and so is Cory!

I never thought I’d ever drive or want a Ford but it’s a pretty cool little car and will save me in the long run. It has ambient lighting and Ford sync! The downside? 4 more years in my loan. Essentially they pay the one off and roll the amount owing into the other when I trade the cobalt in.

Works going good. Found out my “position” is basically being extended for a bit cause they don’t need me back in tech (support) right now. I’ve been given another project that is related to work on. Meaning more time off of the phones (anyone ever worked in a call centre can appreciate that). I’m enjoying the new responsibilities. To bad it didn’t come with better pay oh well! The experience is good for me.

Update 5/31/14: I didn’t feel like creating another post right now so I decided to just updated this one. We are going on Wednesday to test drive the car as they did not have a safety inspection sticker on it on account of it just coming in. I can’t wait to get a look at it again. Looks like I will need to put $500 down on it to help get the loan approved from the bank. I will have to look at it all on paper so I can make sure I am not getting taken. Always a concern with car sales man lol. But I am getting really excited. We both are

Lemon and lime

A friend of mine at work got me hooked on slicing lemon and lime in my water. I love it! I have a hard time drinking the amount of water I should be. I find this helps. Its got me thinking about what other people do to help them eat healthier and/or loose weight.

The same friend is on some crazy diet that she lost 27 lbs in 30 days. Which is way to much, I’m sure. She is a fairly big girl but still. I figure just adding exercise and watching calories and eating more fruits and vegetables will he me. My best friend is a nutritionist so that helps too.

Here is my shopping list from today.

  • ● lemon
  • ● lime
  • ● red grapes
  • ● oranges
  • ● celery
  • ● cucumber
  • ● carrots
  • ● large fresh attitude asiago ceasar salad kit
  • ● yogurt
  • ● tatziki

Its more healthy food then I’ve bought in a long time!

I’m also just wondering if anyone else has a success story they want to share? Any suggestions, tips or tricks? You can use the contact page if you don’t want to comment here.