Ross Farm Museum

I have really been itching to go to some museums this summer. I love history, especially the local history. This morning after we got up we decided to head to a farm museum that is about an hours drive from the city, called Ross Farm Museum. So we headed out of the city with Cory’s cousin Scotty and went for a little drive. From the brochure:

A Brief History…
In July 1816, six companies of Nova Scotia Fencible Infantry disbanded at Halifax and spread out onto free land offered for past service. Captain William Ross, leading the men, was asked by the Earl of Dalhousie, Lietenant-Govenor of Nova Scotia to take 172 disbanded soldiers and their families and start a new settlement called Sherbrooke (now called New Ross). READ MORE

Downtown Halifax

Yesterday Cory and I went downtown yesterday for a walk. I love the downtown area, along the waterfront. Especially at summertime. Here are a few of the images I took. Sorry again, the post is a little image heavy.


Loving the new ride!

I have to admit I have driven the new car a lot over the last few days gabapentin medication. We’ve gone through a little more then half a tank of gas since Friday when we picked the car up. It’s really great to drive.

We went for the drive to Crystal Crescent Beach Saturday, went fishing Sunday at Jerry Lawrence park and then today we went downtown to the waterfront. I took some images, I will get them processed and in a post tomorrow or Wednesday sometime. READ MORE