Root Canal

I am so horrible sometimes at keeping up with posting, where did the last 3 and a half weeks go? I am feeling much better but after getting over getting sick about 2 weeks ago I got another really bad infection in my back molar that broke about a year ago. I kept having to put off the root canal as I kept getting infections or getting sick. So after 2 more weeks of anti-biotics I had my root canal done on Saturday.

It went okay. I was in so much pain leading up to the root canal and then mid week last week they had to drain the abscess twice. I was terrified of the pain I would be in after the procedure as well as what it would be like during it. I have heard so many horror stories. Luckily all I felt during the whole thing was when they stuck the needles in to freeze me which I will not lie, was not pleasant but since the freezing works fast it did not last all that long. READ MORE

So happy the weekend is here!

I only worked an extra hour a day this week, but it has tired me out. I am working 9-5 next week and plan on taking extra hours if they end up offering them, just to try and catch back up on everything and get ahead again. I got my GST rebate so that’s good. Something extra to help to my next pay which will be a full one with extra hours on it thank god!

I went to Value Village last night with Erin and actually managed to find something for once. I bought 7 tops for work for $50.00, a little more then $7 a top. They were between $2.99 and $9.99 each. I never find anything there so I was really happy about that. I have s little slide show of the tops below. Sorry about the lighting and quality of the pictures, the lighting in our bedroom is not that great and I was standing on the edge of the bed, hard to keep still. READ MORE