Leave of Absence

After a lot of stressing, talking, more stressing and more talking; Eddie and I have come to the conclusion that I need to take a Leave of Absence from work for the summer.  Three and a half months to be exact. Returning September 1st, 2016. It was not an easy decision to make and stressful in itself because we just bought a new car and our payments are more, where was I going to get money since there is no paid leave here?

But thanks to my mother and my sister-in-law it is going to be possible. My mom contacted her boss and asked if I could take in some typing (transcription work) to do at home and my sister-in-law has asked me to babysit her kids part-time. Between the two I should make just enough and can do it from home for the summer and still have enough to pay my part of the bills. In September I’ll re-asses. I got a doctors note and yesterday was my last day till September.

I was so tired of having to talk myself into going to work every day. Mentally it was so taxing I am sure it was adding to making me feel sick all the time gabapentin 300 mg high. I am looking forward to using the summer to spend time with my nieces and getting to know them better and with getting my health better, loosing weight and really putting myself and my soon to be husband and our families first.

I am will have more time to do the things that matter and will have less stress and anxiety and panic. I am looking forward to spending more time planning the wedding as well and not leaving it all up to my mom to plan.

I am also considering going back to school in the fall and maybe only returning part-time. We’ll have to see…


Our Trip To Maine

Oops, almost a month since I last blogged. I said I wasn’t going to do that…

Eddie and I took a side road trip on our own down the coast of Maine into Bar Harbor while we were in New Brunswick the weekend before last to go shopping for our wedding dress material in Bangor. I took some pictures with my camera. I haven’t even used it much since I got it. I apologize for the image heavy post.

First we started off in New Brunswick as I wanted to take a picture of the mill and waterfall in St.George, New Brunswick.


This is one of my favorite spots in New Brunswick, to get this picture you have to stand on an old wooden platform on an old bridge that in itself is a pretty picture. I didn’t get one of it though


This little gem above was in Eastport, Maine. They had them all over. What a neat idea! I edited the image a little obviously and added some effects as the original was really washed out. This was possible an image taken the day before when my whole family met my cousin Robin and her husband Paul in Eastport but I thought I would include it anyways as it is so neat.


This is a good example of the beautiful Colonial houses we saw along the coast in some towns. I can’t remember where exactly this was taken other then it was across from a park and warf where we took the picture below.


Where we are standing is Maine, on the other side is New Brunswick and somewhere in between? A pretty little fishing boat.


They had a beautiful little boardwalk there with some really pretty little buildings.


My sweet handsome Husband-To-Be Edward. I think this is the first picture of him I have put on here. With his permission of course. The pictures of me conveniently did not turn out


This just makes me think of every book set in New England that I have ever read, a sunny warm day at the beach and walking through a picturesque little New England town.


This is a pretty little hotel in Bar Harbor called the West Street Hotel. Sorry about the angle. It’s way to big to get it in from across the street with the lenses I have.


And this is the lovely Bar Harbor Inn. I plan on staying there with Edward sometime when we win the lottery. What a pretty place!


I can just imagine a band playing there in the summer and a bunch of people on blankets and picnic baskets in the grass below, can’t you?


This old movie theater was just too cool not to take a photo of it! I loved seeing it. All the old theaters around here are either gone or redone and no longer look old.


Two of my favorite things are covered bridges and lighthouses and we ended up finding 2 covered bridges and a lighthouse all in one spot on our way back in St. Martin’s, New Brunswick. I couldn’t figure out a vantage point to get all in one shot. Maybe next time.


I absolutely want to go on a covered bridge/light house hunt through Maine and New Brunswick sometime this summer or next. They are amazing to take pictures of and I can not wait to look for more!