2019 Bucket List

I’m a little late starting this but better late then never right? I’ve decided to create a bucket list for 2019 of the things I want to do this year. I’m not going to break them down by category or anything and they are a bit random, but that’s okay. Here are 10 things I would like to do by the end of 2019.

1. Go on a road trip.
2. Hike 3 waterfalls.
3. Go beachcombing.
4. Create a piece of sea glass art.
5. Find 25 geocaches.
6. Walk or hike 15 km at once.
7. Learn to crochet.
8. Lose 20 lbs.
9. Go on the Bowl of Fundy.
10. Have $1500 still in our savings account at the end of the year.

The image above is not the Bowl of Fundy but it is the exact same type of slide as far as I understand. We have a brand new waterpark in Nova Scotia just outside of Halifax at an older amusement park that was revamped. I am extremely excited to go on all 6 new slides. There are two older ones there as well that they completely re-did. Doesn’t seem like 8 slides is much but since it’s the only one we go I will take it.

One thought on “2019 Bucket List

  1. I think that starting the list later than the beginning of the year is probably better, because you get to do all of this on your terms and now that the who New Year Resolutions are out of the way it will seems better to me

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