2019 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! So, today is January 1st, 2019. Wow, one more year until 2020! Can you believe it? I can’t. I remember being 10 years old in 1990 and watching movies that were set in the future and I remember one of them being 2020 and I remember thinking that was so far away and that we would likely be living on other planets and driving flying cars, etc. I think I likely watched too much of The Jetsons! But honestly, it seemed just so far away and I never really thought much beyond just being old enough to get married and have kids. Now that it’s here it seems like just yesterday that I was that 10-year-old kid.

I have never been very good at making and keeping New Year’s Resolutions and when I did I always made the same ones and then forgot about them a week or two later and I’m sure this will end up being the same but I might as well give it a try. I like to make lists and checking things off is so satisfying but I always get side-tracked and end up doing/getting things that aren’t on my list and not doing/forgetting about things that are on my list. It’s the same at the grocery store. I make a list, I go aisle by aisle and I end up with tons of things in my cart that were not on my list and always end up forgetting half the things that are on my list or deciding that I really don’t want them and getting something else instead. I am sure there is a word for that. Some sort of term

Anyways, here are 5 New Year’s Resolution’s that I hope to achieve in 2019:

1. Loose 36 lbs – I know this seems pretty specific and it is. I want to make it achievable so that would work out to 3 pounds a month, I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but at about 185-190 pounds and 5 foot 1 inch that would make a huge difference, and is achievable for me, especially in the beginning while I’m still recovering. I think it will make a big difference as well in how I feel and help me with better controlling my diabetes. If I can achieve it then next year I will set a bigger goal.

2. Walk 25 km a week – Again a very specific goal, I would like to start walking again and try to get 5 x 5km walks each week which would equal out to 25 km’s a week. I figure that a 5 km walk used to take me about an hour and if I factor in 2 days a week that I just can’t get out for some reason, either needing a break or being sick or the weather being too bad I would like to try and get in 25km a week. Even though I have some apps on my phone I would really like to get a fitness tracker like a Fitbit or maybe something cheaper to start out with to track walking.

3. Try a new food/recipe every two weeks – I am a very picky eater and since we go grocery shopping usually every two weeks for the majority of stuff I figure if I grab one new vegetable, fruit, cheese or another food item each shopping trip that I have never tried and give a new recipe a try with it so that I can add some more variety to my diet and start getting away from processed foods.

4.  Finish our foster care application – Last year, early in the year, I can’t remember exactly when we went to a foster care info session in Halifax. I remember there was still snow on the ground so it’s been almost a year. I am unsure where the application went with the move and all but I want to sign us up for another info session near Digby and get the paperwork filled out, do our background checks and get everything submitted before the winter is through.

5. Save $1040 – We want to purchase a house in a couple of years and to do that we need to save up a down payment. Last year we saved up just under $1700 dollars in about 9 to 10 months and still have about $360 of it, the rest we had to use when I hurt myself to help cover the bills. I would like to save $20 a week for the next 52 weeks so that in the end we will have $1400 by December 31st 2019. Next year if we increase it a little we can have small down payment for a house under $100,000, which is what we are aiming for. It’s going to take us a long time to find a house for that price but they are out there, we expect to have to put work into it and are fine with that, as long as it is livable, the rest is cosmetic and we can make it what we want it.

That’s probably the most specific I have ever been with New Year’s Resolutions, but I want to make them achievable and be specific enough that I have to actually work towards them and not just say “oh, well that was pretty general, does this count?”. I am so excited for 2019!

10 thoughts on “2019 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I love your new layout. Did you draw that yourself? I love your goals and they sound very reasonable. I lot of people will set goals for themselves but never really think about the steps they need to take to get there. I feel like you will succeed in reaching yours.

    I haven’t really made any goals for myself this year because I have no idea what life is going to look like once the baby arrives. I guess I’m just hoping to get outside and moving around more because we haven’t done much of that over the last year.

    As for saving, I had a goal set for myself for years (after paying off my loans) where I would pay all my bills for the month, leave about $200 in my checking account, and move all the rest over to my savings. If you don’t have a TFSA yet I would highly recommend one. I make so much more interest with that account. But then again I also have more money in that account than I have in any other one.

    1. Thanks, no I wish I could draw like that but I am not that talented. I tried my best to choose goals that were right for me and us at this time and goals that I actually wanted to work on. I would rather 5 goals I really want to achieve than 10 goals I put to just fill space.

      Unfortunately, at the moment, it seems just the bills we have to pay are exceeding the amount we are bringing in which ate up all our savings. We saved for something like this, in case of an emergency or illness but this past 10 months of me not being able to work killed us financially. At least I was able to get disability or else we really would have been way in the hole with no way out rather than just dead broke.

  2. I love making to-do lists too, but resolutions were always hard for me! I find it hard to make resolutions that remain relevant throughout the whole year. I like how specific yours are though. I think that the more specific and quantifiable a goal is, the easier it is to keep track of and be motivated by it.

    Walking is a great way to get exercise! I hope that helps with the weight loss goal too. I also think trying a new food or recipe every couple weeks is a fun one. We use a food subscription service, and it’s really helped us make new things every week.

    I think that’s great that you’re doing foster care and are saving to buy a house! Good luck on all of them!

    1. I love making to-do lists too and grocery lists. I hate going to the store without a list or I come home with a bunch of stuff I don’t need and nothing that I actually do need. I’ve had a bad start walking, we’ve had about a week of -5 to -10°C or colder weather with the windchill up to -20°C since the New Years and it’s just too cold to be out for long.

  3. Happy new year! I can’t believe how fast time is flying and it is amazing that we’re close to 2020. Good luck with all of your goals! It takes small steps but taking them, in general, is progress. It is exciting that you’re aiming to buy a house! Oh man, I can’t believe how cheap a house is out there! We need at least $120,000 as a down payment for a decent home in LA. Sending you lots of positive vibes to get things done!

    1. I know! It seems like yesterday that it was the 90’s. Thanks, I really hope to achieve them all. I’ve started saving the $20 a week already so I am happy about that. As for houses they average about $450,000 for a 3 bedroom house across the province new. It’s some of the older houses outside the city that you can get a good bargain on if you look. We only need to put 5% down here at the least though I hope to put 10-15% at least when we do buy a house.

  4. Loving the new layout! It gives off a great vibe and the content is easy on the eyes too!

    It's so much better to be specific with goals so that you know what you're aiming for and whether you've achieved them or not! It also helps to measure or gauge how far you've gone

  5. I love your resolution to walk a certain distance rather than just walking every day. I think your goals are super specific, which of course makes them doable. Best of luck to you on all of your goals!

    1. Thanks Christine! I set the walking goal that way because it’s hard to get out walking outside in the winter here sometime and I don’t have room for a treadmill so I am hoping a weekly goal that I could spread out over a few days or do all in one day would be better. It’s been so cold we have barely gone outside for more than a few minutes for the last 3 weeks.

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