Wow, that’s insane!

We finally got an update on our car. Can you believe that the damage shown above is approximately $8000 worth of damage? Well, it is. So basically they have to replace the whole front bumper, the grill, the part underneath the bumper (I believe it’s called the air dam or something like that), the light assembly on both sides in the front and all the bulbs, wires etc, the right front quarter panel and the right front passenger door as well as the hood It looks like we won’t have the car back for at least another 2 weeks!

They deemed it not drivable due to the damage. So we have the rental car the whole time. Good thing we have $5000 in coverage. Hopefully, we wouldn’t come near hitting $5000 for the rental though, honestly, I have no idea how much a rental costs. At least the insurance company has been really easy to deal with and the same with the autobody shop. We drove the car over (though found out later we shouldn’t have) on Monday morning. By Tuesday they had us in a rental, a 2019 Chevy Cruze RS Hatchback. It’s a nice car and very comparable to our 2019 Hyundai Elantra GT. It has a lot of the same features.

The insurance company also opened a claim for my injuries in case I needed physio, or anything else. Thankfully I am feeling way better then I did in the first 72 hours after the accident. I still have a little pain in my hip and knee and some in my abdomen but thankfully not even enough to need any of the pain meds they gave me. I may go get assessed at the physio clinic as they suggested next week just to be sure but I think I am most likely fine. Sometimes it’s hard to say though. Just going to keep an eye on it and see.

I’m still in awe at the cost of the repairs though! I figured in the $4000 to $5000 range maybe if pushing it but $8000 seems crazy. It’s because they have to repair it with brand new, original factory parts from the dealership. Not sure if they are getting them from the dealership we got the car from because it’s a Ford dealership or if it’s maybe the Hyundai one in Kentville or Yarmouth but either way they are coming from the Hyundai factory so that’s good. That’s one thing that I would have insisted on anyways.

Favorite holiday traditions

Image Credit: Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Saint Nicholas Day/Feast of Saint Nicholas

It’s December! I can’t believe how this year has flown by. My mom came up with an idea this year of having a good old fashioned Christmas on the Island. A family member bought a cafe in Freeport, Nova Scotia on beautiful Long Island and it is not being used right now so we are going to get some family together and any local residents who want to join us and we are going to have a pot luck with Santa and Mrs. Claus and yes, yours truly and my husband are going to be Santa and Mrs. Claus

One of my favorite holiday traditions was something we did when I was a kid growing up in the mid to late 1980s on a Canadian Forces Base in Baden-Söllingen in Baden-Württemberg in what was then West Germany called Saint Nicholas Day or Feast of Saint Nicholas and especially the tradition pictured above (sort of) in which children put out their shoes on the evening of December 5th. This is a tradition that is common in many European Christian countries.

If I was a good girl that year then on the morning of December 6th I would wake up with my shoes filled with sweets. Usually an orange, some chocolate, and a candy cane or two. I would often find one or two little wooden Christmas tree ornaments like the ones shown below. My parents still have most of them. Apparently the tradition is bad little boys and girls would wake up with a lump of coal and they would know that they have to atone for whatever they did to cause them to get the lump of coal before Christmas (or at least that was what I was told about the tradition though I have heard much more sinister things as I have gotten older lol… google Krampus)

Image Credit

This is a tradition that I absolutely loved as a child and loved when I was older and the one filling the shoes for my little brother and watching his face light up when he found them on the morning of December the 6th. I even believe we put coal in his one year This is one tradition that I hope one day to pass down to my own children.

German Wooden Pyramids

We also had a second tradition coming from our time in Germany which was putting out and lighting pyramids, we had two or three of them. I believe my parents may still have one or maybe two of them. One was a 4 or 5 tier pyramid and the second I am pretty sure is the exact one shown below.

Image Credit

You would put these candles in the candle holders and as the candles heated up and the heat would rise the pyramid would slowly start turning. It was really beautiful and I would sit transfixed in the living room for hours as a youngster just watching it with the lights off and the pyramid causing colors and shadow on the ceiling. I loved it more than the Christmas tree. I can still smell the candles.

German Candle For Pyramids, Red
Image Credit: Houzz

I remember often falling asleep on the couch and mom or dad carrying me to bed as I would not go until I allowed it to lull me to sleep. Both traditions are traditions my parents kept up when we came home from Germany for both myself and my brother who was not born until we were back in Canada (kinda). I plan to eventually order one from Germany. I found a YouTube video below of a pyramid. Our other pyramid looked a lot like the one in the video only it was I am pretty sure 4 (maybe 3 or 5) tiers. It was more than 2.

I guess these traditions just really remind me of my childhood and of a time I was truly and blissfully unaware of life’s uncertainties and of things that now make life a little less easy.

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Tell me in the comments below or post a link to a post on your own blog about your favorite holiday tradition(s).

First day back

I did okay today, my first day back since being sick and getting in the accident on Saturday. I have to say I had some anxiety about the drive, especially the drive home in the dark. I will admit the drive there involved some tears. I was really anxious and every bump I hit caused the tears to just roll down my face and I was questioning whether or not I was ready to go back or still too soon after the accident but I was okay once I got there and got out of the car. I stopped in Annapolis Royal for something to bring with me for lunch and a bit of a break from the car. After that, I got back in and drove the rest of the way to Bridgetown.

The day went by fairly fast and other than having issues getting up on the task chair at my wicket (I work in a bank) and just some pain and soreness from being up and moving around a lot for the first time since either being sick or the accident, I made out okay. Now I am cuddled up on the couch under my heated blanket, watching TV, writing this and waiting for 9:30 to come along when I have to go get Edward at work. I think I am more anxious about that than anything because the last time I picked him up at 10 is when I hit the deer and I am terrified of it happening again. This area has so many deer and they are really bad at night. Almost every night we see them especially at certain times of the year. We have black bears as well, no moose thankfully but big raccoons and porcupines as well.

My anxiety has been getting the best of me lately. Not to the point that I feel I need help or medication but just to the point where it’s a bit of an annoyance as I get anxious or panic over stupid stuff. Stuff I know I have no control over and just need to not worry about. If they are going to happen they are going to happen kinda thing. I am going to keep an eye on it. Not really a fan of being medicated for my anxiety or depression, I would much rather talk to someone or go to therapy, sometimes talking helps a lot.

On my way home I was okay. I kept thinking about how dark it was and how easy it would be for something to run out in front of me, but nothing did. It’s just my subconscious’ reminder to keep on the lookout I guess or an over-reactive imagination maybe? Who knows.

I stopped on the way at the store in Cornwallis (a decommissioned navy base I live next too) at the mall and YMCA and noticed as I drove up that there were a lot of people outside and just inside the doors. Then I saw one of the girls that work in the store and knew something was going on. I parked and got out and as I approached a guy said everything was closed for the moment. I never did get the pizza I meant to pop in the oven. Guess I’m gonna have to find something else for supper

I left and went home and got changed and as I was doing that I could hear sirens and a fire truck go by. Not sure exactly what happened but hope it’s not anything too serious, a false alarm or something maybe.

Tomorrow I am actually working at the branch of my bank in Annapolis Royal from 1 to 5 pm. I have been wanting for a long time to get into some other branches. I like the variety and since it is even closer to me then my main branch works out well. Plus as my manager said for tomorrow it would mean a shorter shift and not as far to drive since I am still sore. She’s been wanting to get me into other branches as well. I like the idea of floating around where needed. Honestly, I do. Maybe one day it will get tiring but for right now I really do like the variety of it. So I am excited about that