3 more days…

Until December! It’s my favorite month besides July (summer and Birthday gifts, nothing can beat that!), I love the festive lights, the snow, candy cane hot chocolate , cinnamon, peppermint, holly and the smell of a fresh christmas tree!

I decorated my blog before I decorated the apartment. I couldn’t help it. I was looking for some inspiration and found this free theme and I love it! I figured I couldn’t have done better myself right now so why bother. Plus it features an adorable snowman. I love snowmen! I also added a math captcha, I was tired of sorting through the spam akismet stopped for the occasional legit comments that it caught.

I’m heading home to Mom and Dad’s tomorrow. I would have left today, since I have a 4 day weekend (Thursday,  Friday,  Saturday and Sunday) but I have to do a sleep test tonight and bring the thing back tomorrow morning. I’ve always had issues sleeping but since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia my Doctor(s) have been concerned with my sleep and the fact I wake up as tired as when I go to bed. So I’m leaving tomorrow.

Mom promised me we would make some perogies for me to freeze and bring home. I love perogies and I love making them but when you make as many as we do when we make them its an all day affair and it gets messy! I’ll try and remember to post pictures and maybe post the recipe if she doesn’t mind. It’s fairly likely we’ll go shopping in the valley or even back here in Halifax as well.

I can’t wait!!!

4 thoughts on “3 more days…

    1. Lol, we’ve made 11 dozen so far this morningstill have enough potatoe mix (potatoes, bacon, onion and cheddar cheese for at least another 5-6 dozen, if not more. I’m going to post later tonight with the recipe mom uses and pics (or tomorrow if I don’t have enough time tonight).

  1. I agree about Akismet, it sucks :(. I use Growmap antispambot plugin but lately it lets through some spam, or spammers are ambitious enough to click the tickbox.
    Yes, December! I love it! Despite the fact that I have to buy Christmas gifts for people even if I’m not going to have any Christmas myself, since I work.

    1. So far since I installed the Math Captcha I have not had one spam comment go into the spam comments. So I’m impressed and happy. December has always been my favorite month. It’s also the month I gain 10 lbs every year. I just never seem to loose it. It just adds up lol.

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