I’ve really come to like Eminem. I love the underlying rhythm of his music. Some of it’s a little out there, yes. But some of his lyrics are really inspirational. Yes there is a lot of swearing but if you look past it. For instance in Mockingbird or Hailie’s Song. It’s really sweet and shows how much he really cares about his daughter and niece(?). I find the songs actually pick me up when I’m down unlike most music. Even though some of my other favorite artists and songs are really great (to me) they tend to either have no affect at all or then bring me down not up. Or make me sad and reminiscent, which is ok, sometimes. But I really like to feel good (obviously) and listening to Eminem seems to really make me feel good about myself. Odd eh?

Totally unrelated:

1. smoked a cigarette – never felt the need
2. smoked a cigar – no gross
3. made out with a member of the same sex – nope
4. crashed a friend’s car – never even driven a friends car. most have no cars
5. stolen a car – nope
6. been in love – yes
7. been dumped – yes
8. shoplifted – no
9. been fired – yes a few times lol
10. been in a fist fight – yes (who hasn’t?)
11. snuck out of ur house – no believe it or not
12. had feelings for someone who didnt have them back – quite often
13. been arrested – never
14. made out with a stranger- nope
15. gone on a blind date – does a double count? never met him before it
16. lied to a friend – yes unfortunely
17. had a crush on a teacher – never
18. skipped school – yes
19. slept with a co-worker – nope
20. seen someone die – unfortunetly more then once
21. been on a plane – yes quite a few times and overseas
22. thrown up in a bar – no oddly enough
23. taken painkillers – daily alomst, and no I’m not hooked
24. love someone or miss someone right now?- yes defiently
25. laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by- yes
26. made a snow angel – yep
27. played dress up – i probably did when i was little i imagine
28. cheated while playing a game -yea…
29. been lonely – yes lots, not at the moment though
30. fallen asleep at work/school – who hasn’t??
31. used a fake id – nope
32. felt an earthquake – maybe… lived in places that have had little quakes but not sure if i’ve actually felt one
33. touched a snake – yes!
34. ran a red light – ya
35. been suspended from school- yes lol… last day of junior high lol… does that count?
36. had detention – yes
37. been in a car accident – yes… and it hurts to think about it
38. hated the way you look- who hasn’t… at the moment though no
39. witnessed a crime- yes… again don’t feel like saying anything about it
40. pole danced – no i can say i haven’t done that..
41. been lost – yes lol all the time!
42. been to the opposite side of the country- yes
43. felt like dying – ya at times
44. cried yourself to sleep – yes recently (as in in the last few months)
45. played cops and robbers – eh? ummm… maybe…?
46. karaoke – with my brother lol
47. done something you told yourself you wouldn’t – all the time
48. laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose – unfortunetly yes
49. caught a snowflake on your tongue – yes!
50. kissed in the rain – that i’m not sure…maybe? brad??
51. sing in the shower – all the time!
52. made love in a park – no i don’t believe i have
53. had a dream that you married someone – might have
54. glued your hand to something – umm… no i don’t think so
55. got your tongue stuck to a flag pole- not a flag pole… some sort of playground equipment lol… like a swing or something remember it just not exactly what it was
56. worn the opposite sex’s clothes – depends on what you mean by that… pants? of course… underwear? no…
57. been a cheerleader – never
58. sat on a roof top – yes
59. didn’t take a shower for a week – only camping lol
60. ever too scared to watch scary movies alone- yes! juju come watch white noise with me!
61. played chicken – no on purpose
62. been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on – oh yeah definetly… funny… now.
63. been told you’re hot by a complete stranger – no i don’t believe so
64. broken a bone – ummm oh yeah… too many to count
65. been easily amused – often
66. laugh so hard you cry – sometimes
67. mooned/flashed someone – no i don’t think so…
68. cheated on a test – ya once… got caught
69. forgotten someone’s name – all the time
70. slept naked – yes
71. gone skinny dipping in a pool – pool no… lake yes
72. been kicked out of your house – no (well been told to go outside till i calmed down…)
73. blacked out from drinking – possibly
74. played a prank on someone – unfortunetly… sorry
75. played poker- online and once or twice for fun… no money wager

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