I see the little boy,
Frolicking in the sand.
He looks up and smiles!

His Father is his hero.
He looks up to his big Brother.
His Mom’s his best friend.

The inner child in him,
It amazes me to watch.
He finds incredible joy,

In the smallest of things.
He squishes the sand,
Between his toes.

Laughing and giggling,
He grabs my hand.
Pulls me to the waters edge.

“See that over there?”
He Points.
To a spec on the horizon.

“That’s my island.
There’s pirates, see and treasure!”
Oh, to be so little again.

He captures the very innocence,
Of the human mind.
He allows his thoughts to run free.

Not scared to speak his mind.
The childlike candidness.
In his minds eye.

He doesn’t think much,
About the future.
‘Cause today is what’s near!

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