What to do at work?

I spent the last few days creating a new theme for my blog. I was bored. No car to go anywhere. Mom called me today to let me know the car was fixed. The parts and labor only cost $80 for the fuel system. That’s a far cry from the $499 that Canadian Tire wanted to charge me. There was also a spring that was broken in the back and he replaced that for another $80. So overall only $160. I would call Canadian Tire to put in a complaint but I doubt it will help any anyways.

I finished my first 6 hour shift today. Overall the calls themselves were not too bad, nothing I didn’t really already know. It was just me being unsure what we handled and what we didn’t since all the process changes. And what queues to transfer people too as they renamed them all.

I walked to and from work today. This morning it was nice and I quite enjoyed it. It was a little muggy out and it was damp (rained the night before) but not raining at the time I was walking so it was not too bad. But on the way back it was sunny, hot and the hill just killed me. I was so tired when I got home. Hopefully Wednesday will be easier and Thursday morning. I think my parents are picking me up at noon to return the car too me.

I don’t know what I would do without their help. When I noticed the car was leaking gas I almost wanted to blow the whole damn thing sky high. I was so so pissed off, knowing I did not have the money to fix it at all.

I am trying to find things to do at work for the summer. It will get to the point we will only have like a call every 2-3 hours if that. I was hoping to sell my Wii and get an Andriod tablet or older iPad. So that I can play some apps. I really want an iPad mini but can’t afford one. But I’ll ask for that for Christmas. If I can just get something to last me the summer and fall I can sell it on Kijiji later. I also have been finding pictures and saving them for jigsaw puzzles at Jigsaw Planet. I can’t really think of anything else to do. We are not allowed to play anything timed that we can not stop or anything that has chat (so no Facebook games).

4 thoughts on “What to do at work?

  1. Screw the iPad, get an ASUS. Much more reasonably priced. I love mine.

    I think it’s great to read that you might be making headway again, but I did wince at the ice cream bit (that would usually enhance my headache if it was me)

    1. Everyone I talk to are pretty much divided 50/50. 50% say Android and 50% say iPad. I really only wanna spend $150-200 so iPad’s pretty much out unless I can find a decent used one.

      I’ve been struggling and going back and forth between iPad and an Android tablet for a while. I have an iPhone 4 and I loooove it! But need a bigger screen. Someone at work just got an iPad mini and I was playing with it and loved its size and the familiarity of iOS.

      I know Android can be just as good if not better in some cases. Plus added bonus of much lower price (overall). I checked and most – all the apps I’d use are available through Google Play… Such a hard decision. I think a trip to a few store to play with them are in order maybe that’ll make up my mind.

      And ya the ice cream was a bad idea lol

      1. I think lots of people go back and forth on what they want exactly. I’m a floor shopper myself with playing with things in the store. I’m a big supporter of ASUS and android in general. Mostly because I’m not impressed with the proprietary things that come with it. I like flexibility. I like the ability to upgrade without having to buy a brand new device everytime

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