A bad case of food poisoning!

So I was woken up at 8am by Cory pretty much screaming my name. I went into the bathroom and he was pretty much doubled over in pain and pooping blood! Talk about scaring the shit out of me.

Last night we got hungry around 12am and decided to order from Alexandra’s a local pizza place. He got a donair sub and I got garlic fingers with bacon on them. Prior to that we both had spicy fries and Jane’s chicken fingers for lunch. Not very healthy I know… but that’s beside the point!

Anyways about an hour after eating the donair sub he was in the washroom and was there most of the night. By this morning it was just blood. He was terrified but at the same time was embarrassed I think to tell me. Eventually he did and I forced (not that it took much) him to go to the Emerg.

Since the donair sub was the only think that we did not have in common. Since I think they (donairs) are disgusting. If I wanted to eat a piece of leather on a pita bread I’d go eat a piece of leather on a pita. But anyways. It was the only thing it could have been and it corresponded to the pain and all that too well to be a coincidence.

We spent from 8am to 3pm in the hospital hoping like hell it was nothing more then food poisoning. Now I’ve had food poisoning before but I had never heard of it causing you to essentially poop blood, nothing else, just blood. Talk about scary.   All the stuff that went through my mind…

So now he is at home curled up on the couch with me here and watching Pawn Stars (love it!) and resting fairly comfortably right now. He is restricted to a clear liquid diet for 2-3 days which should be interesting, he’s a guy, they love food.

And I love you babe. So much.

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