A blast from the past?

My doctor brought up a very valid point today. 4 years ago this time I was coming home from Kandahar, Afghanistan. I was over there in a military support role (not in the military just a civilian support position with a contractor). In May while I was there I was bitten by a spider. Unfortunately I do not know and likely never will know what kind.

A friend of mine saw the spider crawling on me, it had apparently climbed up the back of my camp chair and down my hair onto my face. I swatted at it and it bit me on the right side of my forehead. I screamed and my friend looked over, panicked and swatted it off of me. It hit the ground and took off running. We could not get it to kill it as we were told to do when bitten by anything potentially poisonous.

We started out to find someone with a vehicle to take me to the hospital. About 5-10 minutes later I felt the side of my face start to go numb from the bite area radiating downwards and outwards. I remember not feeling well but can not remember the exact symptoms beyond the numbness initially.

At the hospital they gave me fluids and I’m really not sure what else. They watched me but said that since they did not know what bit me (even said it might not have been a spider even though we saw it and know it was) that they would have to watch for symptoms before they could do much, but I don’t think they gave me anything really.

For a few weeks I was really sick, sleeping all the time, really bad headaches, throwing up, dizzy, hot spells and was taken back a few times for more IV fluids. There was never any discoloration or anything around the spot other then the initial redness. Eventually I passed out one day from the dizzy spells and was sent back to Canada.

He was wondering if that has something to do with everything I am experiencing now. He said sometimes poisonous bites [or rather the poison throughout the system] can cause issues years down the road. Even more so if it was never treated properly at the time and becomes systemic.

I decided to take it upon myself to research complications of spider bites and if they can appear years later or recur years later. Baaad idea!! I absolutely terrified of spiders. A serious phobia. No way to search the symptoms/effects/complications of spider bites without seeing spiders. Ever been so scared of something that a picture of it makes you want to puke among other much worse things.

He also mentioned Fibromyalgia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [I am not sure if he was relating them to the bite or what]. He is referring me to Internal Medicine now as well as all the other specialist I have been seeing. He is doing more tests to rule out all kinds of things.

He said Multiple Sclerosis is still a possibility but he is also concerned with other things I could have picked up there. Even though I was vaccinated and took precautions such as drinking only the bottled water we were told to drink [there was places every so many feet with cases and cases of water and every fridge in every building had tons of free bottled water] and never ate anywhere but where we were told to.

So I have to have a shitload of blood work again. He is also trying to rule out Lupus, Lyme disease, and other auto immune disorders as well. He sounded really stumped. That’s not a good feeling when your doctor is more confused by your symptoms then you are… Where is House when you need him?

2 thoughts on “A blast from the past?

  1. I think at this point, I would feel very, very frustrated and might give up hope.

    Keep positive though and I think the more you eliminate the closer you are to the problem. Also, I agree, you definitely need a House type doctor

    1. Giving up would be so easy! I know I cant though, I really need to get it figured out before I go bonkers

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