A Diagnosis Maybe?

I am finally happy with my theme. It’s looks pretty good in the newest versions of IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari. I even checked a few older versions and there did not seem to be anything major. I wigitized the sidebar so I could add a calendar and other stuff. It wasn’t all that hard. Plenty of tutorials out there. I also played around with the comments and restyled them.

I found out today I am going to be off for a few more weeks until I see an ENT. My doctor is referring me so I have to call the clinic tomorrow to see when I am going to get in. He told me the official diagnosis the Atlantic Balance and Dizziness Centre gave him is Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Even though I do not seem to have nystagmus. Which is the rapid movement of the eyes. According to what I’ve read that can happen. But he said there was also other things that can be causing it so he figured an ENT was the best one to figure it out.

I talked to him about driving and at first he seemed to think it would be okay. Then he asked Cory what I was like in the car. And the answer is I can hardly stand it sometimes. I feel like I’m gonna puke, things spin and I feel really disoriented. It’s not all the time. But either way he said basically it would be on the honor system, meaning if I feel good that day (no symptoms) I can drive and if not then I wont. I figured myself it is just easier not to drive for now.

I’m not sleeping at night either, which is not helping. I spent most of last night in pain. I had a car accident last June and just my back and it’s been bothering me ever since. I had pain in my legs too. Unfortunately a side effect of not getting enough sleep is I feel even worse the next day. I am definitely better then I was a week or two ago but still have a little ways to go.

I am hoping to go to bed at a decent time tonight, get up at a decent time tomorrow and clean up, it’s just the dishes and the bathroom and straitening up that needs to be done. I am hoping that even though I feel exhausted, the fact that I have not taken a nap or anything might make it easier to sleep tonight. I need sleep and it’s just not happening. And when I don’t sleep neither does Cory.

It sucks… I am so tired and my head really hurts.

2 thoughts on “A Diagnosis Maybe?

  1. Your theme is really, really cute. I like how simple and playful it is – the colors are great and everything just works together really well!

    I don’t entirely know what’s wrong, but I hope you feel better! I know I have some issues sleeping and driving, but that’s due to anxiety disorders… Hopefully you’ll feel better soon and you’ll be able to get everything back on track!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment about my theme. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with an anxiety disorder and depression. I’m at a stable point in my life right now with it and have been for about 5 years. I haven’t taken any meds in about 4 1/2. I know how it feels to suffer from anxiety and have it mess with things you do in everyday life. It really sucks. Hope your doing well with it. I’m kinda concerned after all this is said and done I might start having issues again when I try and drive.

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