A little update…

Two posts, one day… I decided to post a bit of an update about me health-wise. As some of you might know I have been struggling with Fibromyalgia, previously un-diagnosed, for some years now. Since I was about 17 actually. I was finally diagnosed last March with it and with Pre-Diabetes at the same time. I have had issues with vertigo which I am still unsure if this is something on its own or part of the Fibro diagnosis.

I have been on amitriptyline for more then 12 months now, 6 of which I have been at 30 mg, which is a fairly low dose. However, this along with physical and vestibular physical therapy has helped a great deal. I have mostly gotten the pain, vertigo and other symptoms under control. I still have the “Fibro Fog” and cognitive issues, however amitriptyline is know for causing the same symptoms so it is likely compounded from that. I can still function for the most part, I just have to work harder and remove distractions and make sure that I get a really good nights rest.

Overall I am doing really well and am really pleased with my progress find out here.  I am happy that I am able to do all this with only one medication. Previously I was on 6-10 different meds and the side effects were unmanageable.

My next step I have already started, which is to reverse the pre-diabetes if I can and become healthier and loose some weight. I am going to the gym 2-3 times a week still, every night was just too much for my body to handle. I was doing really well with food and healthy eating, however I have slipped a little. When we get paid tomorrow and get the car we are going to go shopping and I am going to make sure I have lots of unprocessed healthy foods, mixed in with the less healthy stuff.

I quit counting calories.  It drove me nuts. I was hungry all the time. I think if I control portions, add lots of healthy fruits, vegetables and whole grains and cut the processed and fast food as well as the sugary drinks down quite a bit that I will still loose weight. I’m not sure about that one. My best friend (a nutritionist and big suppliment and 100% unproccessed fan) disagree on that one. I am sure I should probably listen to her, she knows what she is talking about, however my mind has not yet accepted the reality of it all I think. I am certain I can get there though, somehow.

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