A new chapter in life…

It’s been a tough emotional weekend which I really don’t want to get into too many details about, but it has resulted in me moving in with my Aunt and her two kids and my parents taking Max for now.

They are coming up this coming weekend to help me pack up my stuff and they are taking it home. As you can probably guess. Cory and I have decided to break up. I am moving out.

I am not gonna get into details right now. I don’t want it coming out like I blame him because I don’t. It’s just one of those things that happen I guess. I am trying to keep it together and so far feel I am doing a fairly good job. Considering I am currently sitting on a single bed in a Tinkerbell room at my Aunt’s lol wondering where the hell everything went wrong.

Anyways, at this point in time the idea is for my brother to move up here with me when he is finished his course. He was taking a 12 week course through social services and then is planning on coming up to look for a job over the summer. So if all goes as planned then him and I will look for an apartment together in August or September.

Should be interesting. I am not sure how this will work out. He is a handful. But I love him and I am hoping it will be really good for him to get up here, get a job and face real life for once. I am just hoping I know what I am doing…

On another note. My Canon EOS Rebel T5 arrived today. I skipped out on work (voluntary leave) early to pick it up before going to my Aunt’s. I am excited to use it, too bad I have no money to drive anywhere.

I have a 40-45 minute drive to work now so maybe I will see something along the way.

10 thoughts on “A new chapter in life…

  1. It is amazing that you have written this post and are taking this change of your life with grace. Things happen and whenever you’re ready, share what you wish and don’t share what you don’t want to.

    Photography is a wonderful hobby. I own a Canon EOS Rebel T2i but I haven’t picked it up in years. I hope you find joy in your new camera!

  2. Thanks, I am doing my best to just take it as another step in the process. Its a bit hard.

    Photography really is a lovely hobby. I hope one day to take it beyond a hobby I haven’t even used the camera yet but hoping too soon!

  3. I’m so sorry about the breakup. I hope you feel ok about it and that it was a good decision for you. Good luck with everything and of course have fun with your new camera.

    1. Thanks Susanne, I do feel okay about it and that it was the right decision. I am excited about moving in on my own (well sorta on my own) and moving on with my life.

  4. I’m so sorry about the breakup! I admire you for the way you handled this situation; some may blame their partners entirely but you faced the breakup as something that really does happen sometimes even to the best of couples. I know that no matter what the reason, it’s not an easy situation so I hope everything becomes okay soon and good luck with everything.

    Photography is a great hobby! Enjoy your new camera and I hope you learn a lot from using it! Show us your pictures when you get to take some

    1. It is true that a lot of people like to lay blame on their partner in a breakup. But for this one it was definitely both of us. He’s a good guy and it just did not work out.

      I love photography and am really hoping to get into it more now. I have hardly picked up the camera though. I find it a bit intimidating. I have a few that I took the other day. I am going to work on either a gallery site or a photo blog tonight I think.

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