A warning from Ethel?

I mentioned at the end of October about the ghost story involving the house my parents moved into. Well I have a story that I wonder if it might be related to the ghost Ethel. My parents moved last month into a house built in 1849 just outside of the town of Digby, Nova Scotia in Brighton. If you want to know more about the ghost herself, Ethel you can read more here but I have a story that I kind of wonder if it might have been a warning from her. A few weeks ago, about 3 days before we left Halifax to come down to Digby on my last day of work my mom called me to let me know tht they were in the cottage for a few days due to there being no power at the bigger house. She then proceeded to tell me the following story.

They evening before Mom and Dad were sitting in the living room watching TV and they started hearing loud bangs every once in a while. They thought they sounded like gunshots. Other then thinking it was weird for gunshots at that time of night (though it is hunting season) and so close to the house they didn’t think to much about it. It continued through the whole evening, there was aparently other knocking and banging sounds as well but they sounded like they were coming from inside the house and looking around they couldn’t find anything.

They went to bed around 11 pm and at around 3 am Mom was woken from a deep sleep (she takes medication for restless leg syndrome) by a really loud bang that sounded like it was right outside thier bedroom window. They looked outside but didn’t see anything so they went back to sleep. The next morning my Dad got up at 5 am to get my brother up and ready for work as he worked at 7 am. The power was on upstairs but when he went downstairs there was no power anywhere down there.

Dad went down into the basement which is litterally a door in the floor that lifts up with steps going down into a dug out, unfinished basement with my brother to help and they found the breaker box and everything seemed fine with it except they could smell burning. My mom called a friend to see if they could recommend an electrician and he came down and aparently they almost had a fire in the counduit on the outside of the house. It was wired wrong and was actually wired really dangerously. The wires had caught fire and burnt right through. Luckly the whole house didn’t go up at night while they were sleeping.

My mom is convinced that some of the bangs that sounded like they were from the inside of the house was actually Ethel trying to warn them as aparently Nova Scotia Power and the electrician both believe it caught fire and went out a few times throughout the evening and just never fully caught, thank god.

My parents now have fire alarms on every level and in both houses and carbon monoxide alarms as well in both places and on every level. It really scared us all.

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