A year in review?

I wish. I can’t remember what I was doing yesterday. Never mind at the beginning of the year. Here are a few things I do remember:

  • • One hell of a hangover on Jan 1st, 2013
  • • Cory overdosing on anti-depressants sometime towards the end of Jan.
  • • Moving in together Feb 1st, 2013
  • • Going on a leave of absence near the end of Feb till June because my vertigo was so bad I could hardly stand.
  • • Uncle Mark passing away in Oct

I’m sure there was more but those are the few things that stick out. I had a pretty good Christmas and enjoyed spending it with Cory and my family.

My day at work today was really slow and it gave me some time to look up some things related to one of my New Years resolutions, to go back to school. Geri g financial aid for going back to school seems impossible.

Basically there isn’t any that I can find that would apply to me since I am not right out if high school and since I defaulted on my student loan.

So I think I’m going to have to just save up the money for the ASL courses and then when it comes time for the more in depth stuff I am gonna most likely try to apply for a line of credit or personal loan of some sort.

My bank, PC Financial seems to have some good terms and a low repayment rate of about $60 a month. Guess that may be the way to go. I’ll keep looking into it.

3 thoughts on “A year in review?

  1. You know, I always have a hard time with these “year in review” posts because sometimes I don’t even know what the hell went on from one moment to the next. In an attempt to keep better track of all of that, I did get a “One Line a Day”-diary/memory book which is really easy and conveniently sized. All I have to do is write down one or two super significant things of that particular day et voila! It really helps put things into perspective when you’re looking back and sometimes it has me going “Oh yeah! I remember that happening!” when I’d otherwise had completely forgotten all about it.

    Right now I’m looking into going back to college myself. I got my BA degree in The Netherlands, and I’d really like to get a Stateside degree of some sort too, but for now I do cannot apply for any form of financial aid either. It’s a little frustrating to figure out how to manage the insane tuition fees, isn’t it?

    1. I love the “One Line a Day diary”! It sounds like a good idea. I can never remember what I did the day before never mind month by month. And happy New Year to you too!

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