Always look on the brighter side

I have to admit I was starting to get a little stressed out and frustrated about our finances. Both of us leaving our full-time jobs in the city, packing up and moving halfway across the province was starting to seem like a bit of a bad move financially for us. Even though we did it to eventually get financially ahead. I left a good paying job with good benefits to working full-time for myself and my mom transcribing court cases. I am essentially self-employed now and it is piece work basically. Which means losing our health and other benefits the bank provided and now having to consider paying for them on our own.

We depleted all our savings, maxed out our one credit card in the hopes of a better life, a life with less stress, more fresh air, more sunshine and a simpler life. When we left the city initially Eddie also had a job to go to. It didn’t work out. He got a part-time job which he loves but we were struggling. Then we realized he was a good typist and good at transcribing. Just as good as I am pretty much. That helped a little. My parents own our house that we are living in, have no mortgage and want very little for it all inclusive and didn’t mind that we would need a few months to get to the point that we paid what they were asking for. So we paid as much as we could making sure we paid at least the utilities. And continued to work as hard we can.

Today has been a wonderful day. We found out from the bank that I am getting a payout from my pension plan. Just over four thousand dollars and I am getting a small refund from our taxes. His ended up paying off half what he owed CRA and I lost a little of mine for what I owed but now I owe them nothing and am getting back some still and his is more than half paid off. So now we can pay off our credit card and replenish our savings. So yeah, today is a good day. Always look on the brighter side. Things will eventually work out if work your hardest, do your best and sometimes, just hope for a miracle.

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